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Window Privacy

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share this project with you. I have a long window next to my front door. I don’t like having to put a heavy curtain there, it makes the room so dark. If I put up a sheer, it lets in the light, but anyone can see into the house.

So what can I do to the window so I can see out of it  when the doorbell rings? I want to be able to see out, but people not see in….and let the sunshine in!

This is the before:


This is the window by my front door. Right now the sun is on the other side of the house, but in the morning the sun comes brightly through this window. So what did I do??? How did it turn out??


Wow what a difference!!! Here is what it looks like from outside looking in:


Do you see how from the outside…it just shows reflection of the fountain, not inside!

So what did I do? I applied this…


I ordered 2 8 FL. oz bottles of Gallery Glass from Amazon it takes you to the least expensive value. Under $7 a bottle. All together with shipping….less than $20.

So…how did I do it?? How do you apply it? Well it is sooooo easy! Can you fingerpaint swirls? Then you can do this.This is the first time I ever had tried this product. It is white, but dries clear.

I started by pouring 1 bottle into a glass bowl. I covered the floor area and window seal with a old sheet. I used painters tape all around the sides of the window.  Now this is where it gets fun….yes, I said fun! Starting from the top, start spreading on the stuff with your fingers. Yes, I said your fingers! I just did little swirls with my fingers, like fingerpainting. If you glop (Is that a word?) it on…be sure to work it in. You don’t want any heavy glops. Just little circles all around. This is a up close look….


This is what it looks like from outside….so far:

DSCN4642 1

Do you see how with just the first coat how you already can’t see in very well? When I was finished with the first coat, I went back added more but smaller circles this time.

I know what your thinking….yes it looks a mess!


At this point, I was nervous…but you know me by now…that doesn’t stop me!


This is what it looks like from outside!

I am so happy with it!! I can see out…they can barely see in, very obscured.

I was thinking…a friend of mine spent loads of money on his side window by door. He got the waterfall look, or rain look. It would be interesting to try that. But alas, my home is Mediterranean style, not mid-century modern.

So what do you think?

another great feature…dries fast…after a couple of days…you can clean using windex!
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Refinishing F.R.Cabinets

I was recently given a kit of the Rust Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit from Rust Oleum to try. I had never tried this particular product,  and was very interested in seeing how well it works. this is what comes in the kit:

Small kit covers 100 sq. ft., large kit covers 200 sq. ft.

    • Both kits are available in dark or light tint bases. Kit contains: Instructional pamphlet, DVD, deglosser, 1 g
    • allon bond coat, decorative glaze (optional), protective top coat, decorative glazing cloths, scrub pads, and stir sticks.

If you remember…I painted my kitchen cabinets and added trim….here is the link: https://wordpress.com/post/kelleysdiy.com/8832. When I had done the kitchen, there was a lot of sanding. What caught my  eye about this product was that your cabinets don’t have to be sanded prior to using painting…

So…before I get started…this is what the cabinets looked like before:



Dark and gloomy. I started out by taking off all the cabinet doors. Remove all the knobs and hardware. If your going to reuse them, just clean and put in a container. You can even use Rustoleum spray paint to spray the hinges a different color. Place them in some styrofoam to keep them in place while spraying.51748-img_0774-syadqo3zhxpfsg-thumbnail-full

But even if you are going to throw them out, keep one of the hinges so you can use the same kind.  If you are doing a larger area, draw a sketch of your cabinets. Number the cabinets on the sketch, and mark the cabinets with coordinating number. As you can see below, I marked each door on the inside area where the hinge was. This way, you don’t have to paint that area, and the numbers will help you remember which went where.


Preparation is the key…as in most refinishing projects.I used Painters Tape to protect other surfaces. the insides of the cabinet were dark like the outside. I painted the insides with 2 coats of white paint. Be sure it’s dry before adding 2nd coat.



It’s starting to look better already! I am going to be fixing the counter top you see above. But, that’s another day.The first step is to clean and degloss the wood. You can see mine has a lot of shine to them. I cleaned the cabinets with soap and water. Let Dry. The next step is to use the Deglosser  (It comes with the kit). The deglosser strips off that shine, so the paint can absorb into the wood. I thought this was going to be a messy job…but it wasn’t. Be sure to wear gloves,and add deglosser to the scrub pad (which is provided ). You then wipe the wood going along the grain of the wood. It’s so easy.dscn4236

Then you take a clean damp cloth and wipe off the deglosser. I was really impressed with this product..it took all the shine off the cabinets without having to scrub hard, or sand. This is what they look like when deglossed:


When you purchase the kit, you chose light, medium , or dark tint kit.  I chose the light tint. It covers colors from white to a light grey. I chose the Winter Fog.



So here is before…



and after, with 2 coats of the Rust Oleum paint and 2 coats of the topcoat.


I am trying to decide if I want to put on the molding as I did on the kitchen cabinets. I did decide not to use the glaze that comes with it, so I applied the topcoat. It would look so pretty, but I’m not going for that look in here. So more will come. I will be adding on to this tutorial…so come back.

I was looking at different places you could purchase the kits. I found this one on Amazon, and this vendor is selling the large kit for $155  free shipping… here is the link… just highlight and paste. They cut the price by $50 This one is for the dark cabinet paint:


Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations


This one is for the light cabinet paint kit:


Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations

I would love to see pictures when your done!!!!!

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Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

I am in the middle of painting the cabinets in the family room. On these kitchen cabinets I used the regular paint. No Kit. These were my kitchen cabinets before my remodel. Worn out and dark. Not what I wanted in my kitchen. kitchen cabinet remodel, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, painting
I removed all the door fronts…32 of them!
A good tip: I made a rough drawing of the kitchen as to the cabinets. On the paper I numbered each cabinet. Where the hinge was going to be screwed in on back of the door, I put the coordinating number with a marker. This made it sooo easy to remember which cabinet door went where. I removed the hinges since I was replacing. I sanded, a lot of sanding. I then painted the cabinets. I let dry, sanded lightly,then re coated. They still looked plain to me. I wanted to add molding to spruce it up a bit. My neighbor let me borrow his Miter Saw. If I would have done this with a miter box, it would have taken me a lot longer. This was the first time I used a miter saw. It was so easy to make the cuts. I purchased lots of molding. There are so many styles to chose from. I made the cuts, working on one cabinet at a time. I used wood glue to attach the molding. I then followed with finishing nails. I used wood filler to patch the nail holes.
I made mistakes doing the molding…sure…but I finally figured it out.
What a difference new color, molding, and hardware make!
I like them so much better. I’m so proud of myself. It does take a couple of weekends, but the end result was worth it!
If anyone is thinking of doing this and has any questions…feel free to ask me!
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Shoe Storage

Whether you’re looking for creative ways to display your footwear or simply trying to maximize your storage space, these options should provide plenty of inspiration.

This one is from Closet Maid:


This one is from California Closets…masculine shoe storage…


Here’s another from California Closets:


And another from Closet Maid:


Here is a original Leonard Parker Lazy SusanOriginal_Leonard-Parker-lazy-susan-shoe-storage_hgtv_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.1288.jpeg

Jennifer Dyer:


I love that one!!! Look at this one…beautiful



No floor space? How about this on the back of your closet door…



Here is a few cool ideas for DIYers:


This is a simple, pretty way to store your shoes.


Thank you all for looking….hope you have a wonderful day. Did this post inspire you?


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Kitchen Backsplash

Just a note…I will be updating this post…giving you a update on the kitchen back splash progress. As of  11/5/16 I am 3/4 of the way done installing.I only have a couple of hours a day to work on it…

But here is how the post started…

I finished my counter tops in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago. It was tough, kinda, not using them for a week while they cured. I am very happy with the way the counters turned out. The Giani counter top kit is fabulous.

Well, I have been searching high and low for the perfect tile that I like to go onto the backsplash. So many family and friends all gave me their input. Here is the tile I picked out…it matches up with the counters perfectly! But it has the stainless, and sparkly glass in it…I love it! Here it is..


My son said I need more black….I disagree. I don’t want the kitchen too black. This is the present state of the kitchen..


I am very excited to get started on the backsplash and get my kitchen back!

DSCN3650 (2)



The counters were done with Giani Countertop Kit. I did the same with the bathroom backsplash…I love the Giani…I purchased the kits thru amazon…link here:




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Giani Kitchen Countertop Makeover

I finished with the bathroom Makeover…and now it’s kitchen time!!!! This is what I decided to go with….Sicilian Sand Kit…by Giani. I will be doing more counters trying the Rustoleum brand….it will be interesting to compare both of them.


This is the present state of my kitchen:


I had brown/golden cabinets. I sanded them all down, painted, then added the trim on the cabinet doors and drawers…I love how they turned out.

This will be a continued tutorial…posting steps as I go…(so I don’t forget anything).

To start, I used a SOS scouring pad to remove all the grease.  I rinsed well….then sanded.

Now if you have laminate countertops…fill in any seams with woodfiller. There is no need to sand the laminate countertops.

I used this neat little Ryobi sander. Okay, so it’s not the biggest sander but…it sanded all my cabinets in the kitchen down and has worked so well with my other projects. It is inexpensive, which is remarkable considering it’s size. So I started sanding the tiles. These are ceramic tiles with a high sheen. You won’t be able to remove the sheen. What you are hoping to accomplish is just scratching the surface up a bit for the primer to grab on to.Be sure to rinse off all the dust. Wash down again, and let dry. Be sure if you have a counter top like mine, with grout, that you let the grout dry completely. Be sure to patch deep nicks with wood patch. Sand the patch smooth. Giani will cover thin scratches. Remove any loose latex or silicone caulk, replace with paintable caulk.

These are the drying times:

  1. Roll on one thin coat of Primer, then wait……….8 hours
  2. Lightly sponge on all Minerals, then wait………..4 hours
  3. Roll on first Clear Topcoat, then wait………………4 hours
  4. Roll on your final Topcoat, then wait….

1 hour and carefully remove the frog/painters tape. Score the tape’s edge while pulling it up. Wait 12 hours and apply clear acrylic caulk around sink’s rim to seal out water. Wait 24 hours before using your countertops and dishwasher…wait 3 days before setting small appliances back on your countertops.

Giani Granite cures in 14 days.

I have a feeling this is going to be a long tutorial….I just don’t want to leave any important steps out.

So while I  am waiting for the countertops to dry, I will start taping off the cabinets below with plastic. I will also apply 2 rows of tape around backsplash where it meets the counters.


Okay….so here it goes. Now I tore out my backsplash so I didn’t run tape along the back wall.

This is the primer…a little can goes a long way. You only coat once. Giani’s kit comes with everything included except a brush. I need to use one behind the sink where the space is too limited for a roller.( Be sure to wash your brush right away when finished with primer). I covered my new faucet with a plastic bag just to be sure I don’t accidentally get paint on it.


It even comes with two rollers…one for primer…the other for top coat


You roll your roller in one stroke down the side. Now it was a lot harder doing tile in 4″tiles because of   the valleys in the tile and grout. Be sure to get it all covered. I went one way, then went back the opposite way to be sure I got into all the grout.It dries to a tacky finish quickly, so…be careful going back to a area…as it could lift the primer. So go slow…take your time in each area.Do you see the areas to the right and left of roller….I did touch them up…but be sure you do the same.



So now I wait 8 hours….then the fun begins!!! Sponging the minerals on. The minerals are not paint. It is a thinner consistency.

So I started the painting….It’s sponge painting…You can’t make a mistake. If you do, you can just add the black back over it.

So I started pouncing…DSCN3316.JPG

Oh it looks awful! But don’t give up and don’t despair. It will look better with each color you add.


when 4 hours are up…I added the first coat of the topcoat.I first took the foam brush, that was included, and applied the top coat to the edges of the backsplash, behind the sink, and on the edges of the stove and walls.


The roller and foam cover are included in the kit. Roll on evenly…in one direction. Start from the back of the counter (by backsplash) and roll one even coat, all the way down and over and then down the bull nose edge of tile. Important to do this in a even roll.


Be sure you roll a even coat going down the tile edge:



I am thinking of putting some glitter on. If you do this….lightly sprinkle with your fingers. When the first coat is dry…4 hrs…lightly sand over the glitter if it’s sticking out above the topcoat. Be sure to wipe any dust away before adding second topcoat.

I just finished applying the 2nd coat….I am so happy with my kitchen…

Let me know what you think….and..if you have any questions at all…I would be happy to answer them…big or small!!!

I did purchase this kit and the one for the bathroom makeover through Amazon. Couldn’t find in stores. Here is the link:When you right click below…it will take you to Giani Countertop Paint   This kit comes with counter cleaner!



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Removing Recessed Box

In my kitchen, there was this old recessed lighting that just looked outdated and ugly. I wanted a more modern look.


I know there are lots of homes out there with the same box in their kitchen…how about a update…I started by removing the panels, there were two long fluorescent fixtures. I turned off the power and I removed the fluorescent tube lights. It was pretty easy. I then removed the brown frame. I patched all the holes. Then painted the ceiling white to seal the exposed drywall.

I added a 6 light fixture I saw at Home Depot, and put it up. I also purchased a light fixture for over the sink of the same style. I love it! Looks so clean! This was a wonderful remodeling project.
 removing-recessed-box-fluorescent-lighting-home-maintenance-repairs-how-to-lighting (2).jpg
Not only did I bring it up to date, but my food looks better. Oh those other fluorescent bulbs made my food look orange!