My Rose Garden

Three years ago I planted a rose garden in memory of my grandson Gavin. I chose a 32′ site and started shoveling all the gravel away. I then removed 1′ deep all the way around the area. I added bags and bags of rose soil.

This was my first experience with bare root roses.I did a lot of research and found this really wonderful blend of nutrients, that gives your roses a great start, and grows beautiful blooms.

Here are some of my roses…


This rose bush has over 100 buds getting ready to bloom:




Here is my rose garden…



The blend is:

  • 1/4 C Epsom Salt
  • 1/2 C Bone Meal
  • 1-2 C Granular Organic Fish Emulsion
  • 1/2 C  Alfalfa Meal

These ingredients will enrich the soil and the roses…



Colorful Gazing Balls

Since posting the original ping pong ball gazing balls, so many readers were wondering how they would look with bright colors….so here it is in Hot Pink, Neon Yellow, Apple Green, and some turquoise and blue…


This is such a easy craft to do! Have fun with it….you could  also try glow in the dark paint also….. I found the ping pong balls at the dollar store. I purchased the thinnest dowels they had at Walmart only .19 each. These ping pong balls are a bit thicker than regular ping pong balls…and that is even better.  I took one of the skewers…. I had some left over from my mirror creation. With the sharp end I poked through the ball….It worked….

colorful-gazing-balls-crafts-how-to-outdoor-living (1).jpg

(and if you ding the ball while putting in the skewer…. just use the skewer or the dowel and poke from inside to straighten out the ding.)


Next I put all the balls on!I then proceeded to paint the balls and stakes. Tip: Be sure you have the balls positioned where you want them before painting, otherwise if re position them, you will have to paint the area where the ball was covering.


And now you paint the balls in any color you want. Be sure it is Outdoor Paint. when the Paint has dried, I sprayed them with 2 coats of Rust oleum Clear Coat. That will help protect them in the elements. This patio paint is less than $2 at Walmart


Now I was thinking of sticking these out in the garden soil,but it might be better to bury in something else, to protect from the environments. So…After I painted the sticks and balls, I took a old plastic pot (the kind you get when purchasing a plant, but you could use any plastic item. I filled with rocks. I then stuck the balls in that. Then dug a hole to fit the pot and buried it to the rim.


Well, after going  through all that burying the pot….I decided to move it. I had just painted the front doors a gorgeous blue, (actually I liked the blue in the balls, so I had the paint mixed to match. So I then placed it inside a pot by my front door.

The first week, I noticed some neighbors looking really hard trying to see from a distance what they were. So many people have commented on them. When there is a breeze they move ever so gently…


This is a very easy, inexpensive, project that will add so much color to your garden. Wouldn’t these look pretty near a water feature?



DIY backyard fountain- complete with tutorial!

Want to create a fountain in your yard? This is a easy way to make one with just a few items!

Hip House Girl

We made this:

Well okay, we didn’t throw that pot. I just mean that we made this pot into a fountain. It’s a little subtle and hard to tell from pictures, but the water bubbles up in the middle and runs down the sides. It makes quite a pleasant noise. I’ll show you how to make one too, if you want.


  • Ceramic pot of your liking (base of pot must be smaller than the diameter of a 5-gallon bucket)
  • 5-gallon bucket (we used plastic but are now thinking a metal one would be better)
  • Aluminum L-brackets
  • Screen material cut about 4-5 inches bigger than a 5-gallon bucket, and with a hole in the middle
  • Submersible pump
  • The kind of hose that goes with a submersible pump (technical term). It’s sold right next to the submersible pumps.

Step one: find an ugly spot in your yard that needs some beautification…

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Up Cycled Candelabra

I had found this beautiful candelabra at a thrift store months ago. I was drawn to the beautiful rod ironwork  detail on this piece. There were 5 glass votive that came along withi it ..but it was made to hold 6. I searched everywhere online for another votive .Never found so….I had to think outside the box…so..I purchased some of those dollar store solar lights, and took the stake off them.



I put the top inside each opening of the ‘candelabra’…and its solar so when the sun goes down….it lights up and it looks so pretty at night.


I put one of those changing color round solars in the center…everyone, including me, is sticking solar lights into their outdoor projects. If you look at my ‘Fairy Jar Light’ or ‘Solar Lantern’ those are a couple of ways to use them….there are sooo many! Enjoy!