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Let’s Create Balloon Bowls

Today I am going to show you different techniques to make some really pretty bowls. You can use them all over the house.
The first one I am making is a Glitter Bowl.
I had all my supplies I would need all set up outside….
Here’s what you’ll need for the glitter balloon bowl:
  1. Balloon
  2. Glitter
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue or Mod Podge
  5. Paint brush
  6. Bowl
  7. Pin to pop!


I purchased this balloon pump years ago… is the easiest way I know to blowing up balloons!


So of course, I pumped up the balloon, tied it, then set in a bowl.


So of course…after getting everything outside and set up….all of a sudden it started getting very breezy. It flew over to the neighbors yard…. So if it happens to you…just keep the balloon in bowl by adding a little tape to the sides:


I brushed on the mod podge, then added the glitter! The wind started up again….ugh! Glitter now blew into the wind, and it’s everywhere. Now a smarter way of doing this would have been to add the glitter to the mod podge. At least I thought of that before you tried this project! After the glitter was on…I added mod podge to the top of the let it dry.


You can use confetti from paper or tissue paper. Just cut up small pieces.


You can trim the edges after it has dried with a pair of scissors to make the edges look as you like.

Here is another confetti bowl, this time with hearts….


Yarn Bowl

Put the mod podge in a small bowl. Add yarn in one long strand, and be sure to soak it really good.


Wrap the yarn on top of the balloon in a open swirl pattern:


Let it dry completely:



I didn’t do the one above…I have no idea of the source.


Button Bowl

diy-ideas-balloon-bowl-DIY-Yarn-Bowls-craf5 (1).png

I love this one! I gave it to my little friend who loves crafts!

Rope Bowl


Sequin Bowl

I love bling!!! I had to do this one for my bathroom:


Fall Leaf Bowl

I didn’t make this one yet….But now I know what to do with those artificial leaves.


String Bowl

You can get this string at the Dollar Tree.


This next one is especially for all the wonderful cooks out there:

Yummy Chocolate Bowl


Fill a decorating bag with milk chocolate candy melts and place in a pot of simmering water, removed from the heat. The chocolate will melt within a minute or two. Wipe the outside of the bag dry and snip a small piece from the bottom of the bag. Pipe the chocolate from side to side over the bowl in a criss-cross pattern.

1. Put aluminum foil over a bowl that is the desired size.

2. Melt a enough chocolate to cover the bowl on its lower side.

3. Take the chocolate and spread it over the aluminum foil (it does not need to fill the entirety of the paper surface).

4. Cool the chocolate in the freezer with the bowl.

5.  Slowly and carefully take out the aluminum foil.

6. Place some chocolates or other candy in the bowl to give it an amazing look, and serve!


Allow the chocolate to harden for a few minutes. Store the chocolate bowls until you are ready to use them in an air-tight container in a cool room or the fridge.


The glitter, balloons rope, string, glue, mod podge, sequins and buttons can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Did you know that you can go online at the ‘Dollar Tree’ and order supplies with free shipping by having it shipped to your nearest Store, you pick up…no charge


$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!


51 thoughts on “Let’s Create Balloon Bowls”

    1. Couple of reasons it may have happened:
      Be sure to use a soft rope Craft Rope. One too thick or stiff, won’t stay.
      Be sure to let it dry long enough. If you don’t, when you pop the balloon, it will fall apart. A rope is thicker than leaves, paper, etc. So it will take a day or two or even 3 to dry.
      Test before you pop! If you think it’s done, try pushing the rope up or down, and see if it moves at all! If it’s not, it’s not dry.


    1. That leaf bowl was so easy to make. Be sure to cut off stems. I noticed when I used the cheaper, softer and not so stiff leaves, it took less mod podge and was easier to handle. Maybe I didn’t say that correctly. For example, I tried the leaves on a large garland I had. Very thick and stiff. But a cheaper version of the wreath at dollar leaves are smaller and softer, making them easier to work with. Plus using the large leaves won’t give you the pretty effect as on the one I made.
      Have fun, and Happy Halloween. Any questions…you know where I am ☺️

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