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One-of-a-Kind Vanities UpCycled

Why stick to the norm when you can put your bathroom sink on just about anything? Take a look at a few favorite alternatives for a traditional vanity. Washup on Wheels This vanity is a Pinterest phenomenon. “It’s the sink that made me famous,” says artist Benjamin Bullins. “People ask me where the inspiration came from,… Continue reading One-of-a-Kind Vanities UpCycled

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Adding a Kitchen Backsplash

Just a note...I will be updating this post...giving you a update on the kitchen back splash progress. As of  11/5/16 I am 3/4 of the way done installing.I only have a couple of hours a day to work on it... But here is how the post started... I finished my counter tops in the kitchen… Continue reading Adding a Kitchen Backsplash

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Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

I am in the middle of painting the cabinets in the family room. On these kitchen cabinets I used the regular paint. No Kit. These were my kitchen cabinets before my remodel. Worn out and dark. Not what I wanted in my kitchen.  I removed all the door fronts...32 of them! A good tip: I… Continue reading Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

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Makeover Your Sink, Tub, Tile Beautifully!

Do you have a kitchen, laundry, or bath sink and tub that look like this?   If you do, don't despair. You can use this on any sink in your house, and it will stand up to over 15 years without scratching, peeling, fading, etc. This will be interesting to see if it cleans up… Continue reading Makeover Your Sink, Tub, Tile Beautifully!

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Window Privacy

Hello everyone! This is a re post of a idea I had about a year ago. I keep getting asked for the link, so I thought I would just re post this wonderful idea I created. I wanted to bring it back to you and anyone who hasn't seen this post yet. I did it… Continue reading Window Privacy

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Stainless Backsplash

  I wrote this post last year when I was updating my kitchen. I just realized I didn't have picture of the final outcome. So I am reposting it because it was such a wonderful idea I had to give your kitchen an expensive look on a dime. So here it is again: During the… Continue reading Stainless Backsplash

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Laundry Room Painted Sink

So I'm getting the house ready for sale and find myself looking all around the house for projects that have to be done. Yesterday,  I had a pretty productive day! The first project I wanted to get done was the laundry sink. It is a mess!! This will be interesting to see if it cleans… Continue reading Laundry Room Painted Sink