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Hacks With Magazine Holders

You know those inexpensive magazine holders and file holders? They make wonderful DIY organizers for every room in your house. Those Dollar Store magazine holders cost  a dollar or so each and you can use them in so many wonderful ways. If you’ve been looking for a great way to organize your craft supplies or you need a lovely corner shelf to keep the television remote handy, you can use those magazine holders to create it.  You can decorate one easily with Contact Paper.

Metal, wood, cardboard, and even plastic – you can find magazine holders in all types of materials and you can use those holders to create some amazing storage for the home. I’m so excited to bring you this organization list. Let’s face it, we can all use a bit of organizing and there are some really wonderful ideas in this collection. Note that some of these projects use wire magazine racks and some use larger wooden pieces. There’s a unique magazine rack organizer for everyone!

Toilet Paper Storage- 


Sometimes the simplest things give you the biggest reason to smile. I’ll admit I really smiled big when I saw this toilet paper holder that is nothing more than a magazine file folder.

Corner Wall Shelf


This little wooden magazine rack turned shelf is perfect for hanging right inside the door. You can put your keys, mail, and all sorts of other things in it. This would also be a great place to keep the television remote and maybe your TV Guide. You just paint or stain the magazine rack and then hang it wherever you need it. The shape makes it perfect for corners and it really does offer a wonderful catch-all station.

DIY Compact Coffee Table


How about a neat little table from those magazine racks? I love the idea of putting together this table for a reading nook. You take those wooden magazine racks and assemble them to create the top. Plus, you’ve got great storage inside each one. Add some legs and you’re all done. Imagine the magazines and other items that you can store in here and what a conversation piece!

Craft Supply Organizer


All my friends out there that knit and Crochet….do you like this idea? Cardboard or plastic magazine holders are so inexpensive and you can use them to create this amazing craft supply organizer. The racks hold loads of yarn, paints, fabrics, or whatever craft supplies you have that need to be organized. You can hang a simple wooden shelf and stack them up or even attach the magazine holders right to the wall. What a great way to get your craft room cleaned up and organized.

Curling Iron Organizer


Use that decorative magazine holder to keep your hair essentials neatly organized. Once they have cooled, just store your blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron inside the magazine holder. Be sure that you’ve let them cool off before adding them to the holder as you could damage your products if you put them up hot. This is a wonderful way to organize the bathroom and you can totally paint the magazine racks to perfectly match the décor in the room.

Magazine Rack Turned Cutting Board Organizer


Remember when I did something like above….but mine was to hold baggies, saran wrap, etc


I thought it was a great idea ….still working out wonderful!

Easy And Inexpensive Flip Flop Storage


If you have the shelving space in your closet, just line up those racks and then add your shoes. If you don’t have shelves available, you could even hang these on the wall. They look great and there are no more worries of your flip flops getting lost or misplaced.

DIY Quick And Easy Pantry Organizers


Toy Manual Organizers


You can use those magazine racks to organize toy manuals or just about any manual for that matter. You know those booklets that come with your washer and dryer? What about the toaster and blender? All of those are important to keep – just as toy manuals are. Take those manuals and put them into magazine holders to keep them organized so you know where they are when you need them. You could also label them. Make one for kitchen appliances, one for living room electronics, and whatever else you need.

 DIY Mail Station


This little mail station shelf is adorable and it’s so easy to make. You’ll use those wooden magazine holders and then add a top shelf. How easy is that? Then, use the shelf for whatever you want and the slots for holding mail. You could have an incoming and outgoing mail slot or separate for everyone in your family – those who typically get mail that is. I love this idea for keeping family mail separate – you could also separate by type like have a slot for bills and one for letters.

 Pantry Perishable Organizer


You can take those wire magazine holders and label them for things that don’t go in the fridge. Make one for potatoes and one for onions. The wire will give your vegetables just enough air to help keep them fresh longer and you can easily pull out the racks when you need to grab the veggies.

Source: mimiscraftyworld

 Boxed Food Organizers


spaghetti boxes fit perfectly into magazine holders? I didn’t either – and now I do. I love this idea for organizing spaghetti and other longer pastas in their boxes in the cabinet. Instead of stacking those boxes on each other- and incidentally hoping they don’t come crashing down when you open the cabinet door – you can use a plastic magazine rack to keep them perfectly in place.

Easy DIY Clutch Storage


Notice they are using paper towel holders for the bracelets. I love this idea of using plastic magazine racks to keep smaller purses and clutches organized. Just get the clear plastic holders and stand them upright on your closet shelf. Then add your clutches. You can easily see the clutches so you know just which organizer the one you need is in.

Fresh Fruit and Produce Storage18-fruit-organizer

You can easily keep those fruits in sight with a metal magazine rack. Not only do these help you to store and keep fruits organized, if you buy the decorative ones, they also become kitchen décor.

I happen to love love this idea, and again, I do this one also!!!

 Easy Wireless Router Hider


You can easily hide away that router or modem and your cords when you use a magazine rack. Just stick those items and their cords into the magazine holder, leaving enough room to sit it securely on the desk, and the magazine holder puts them completely out of sight. This is a great idea if you’re looking for ways to tidy up your home office and make your desk seem less cluttered. Source: designocd

Baking Pan Holder


This one is a bit different. Instead of using those magazine holder racks you see at the Dollar Store, this is an old wooden magazine rack. You can find these at thrift stores like Goodwill and many flea markets. Just repaint – if you need to – and use that magazine rack to hold your baking pans. I can’t tell you how many times I have to reorganize my pots and pans cabinet because I have so many baking pans in there that won’t say put. This is a wonderful way to organize the cabinet and keep those pans where you can easily get to them when needed.  Source: cookiescraftsandchaos

Tupperware Lid Storage21-tupperware-lid-storage

If you’ve ever bought Tupperware, you know that the lids are great, but they’re difficult to store. I have so many Tupperware dishes and there are so, so many lids! If you’ve got a plethora of those lids, or any lids to any types of dishes really, you can create a storage compartment on the inside of your cabinet door with magazine racks. They sell those lids holders but honestly, these magazine holders are much less expensive and they do the job just as well.

DIY Easy Charging Station

22-charging-station (1)

This wooden magazine rack was easily turned into an iPad charging station, and I think it’s perfect. If you tend to have a lot of electronics charging at one time – like a tablet for all of your kids all at once – this charging station is perfect. Plus, it’s really cheap. You can find a wooden magazine rack at a thrift store for around $5 or so. Then you just drill holes in the back for the cords and it will perfectly hold all of those tablets while they charge.

Repurposed Magazine Rack Turned Towel Holder23-towel-rack

I love repurposing and love the farmhouse, rustic country look even more. This great toilet paper holder made from an old magazine rack treats both of my passions. Plus, it’s really inexpensive and easy to make. There’s actually nothing for you to do unless you want to refinish the rack – or need to for that matter. I think a distressed look would be great if you want that wonderful farmhouse look, but you can just stick the magazine rack in the bathroom the way it is and fill it with rolled towels if you need something in a pinch.

Source: 2beesinapod

Easy DIY Nightstand From Magazine Holders


This easy to build DIY nightstand is made from wooden magazine holders and it’s wonderful. Honestly, I have so many books and things on my nightstand that this additional storage cubby would be so perfect. You stack the two magazine holders on top of each other – securing them together of course – and then add legs. This is so easy and offers such great additional storage. There are holes drilled into the back so that you can easily charge your cell phone or plug in a clock or other item and hide the cords.

Source: brickcitylove

Another idea….no picture…take a magazine rack and mount on the wall with 2 screws. This will keep your hangers off the doorknobs and they will be ready when you need them!

I hope you enjoyed these organization ideas with File and Magazine Folders!


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      1. I was walking around the house with the file folder trying to think of what I could do with it. I then came up with the idea for the one under the kitchen sink to hold the foil, baggies, etc. It works great!! ❤️️


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