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Stainless Backsplash


I wrote this post last year when I was updating my kitchen. I just realized I didn’t have picture of the final outcome. So I am reposting it because it was such a wonderful idea I had to give your kitchen an expensive look on a dime. So here it is again:

During the past few days I have been rethinking my back splash behind my stove. It seems like every time I am making sauces, I end up with some on the back splash behind my stove. My back splash has the glass tiles, but there is stone in it too. It is such a pain  trying to get the sauce out of the stone. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this little problem.

So, I came up with the idea of putting stainless steel behind the stove. (I love the stainless look). I loaded up the doggies and we went to our home improvement store. I went up and down the isles, thinking and looking for something that would suffice for what I was looking for. Then we came upon the plumbing department. Then I came across this:


(I forgot to take a picture of the piece in the box, so when I was done with the project, I put the above left overs in the box above just to show you. ) This looked perfect..and under $7.00. Next I purchased some snipers:


I can always use new tools to play with!! When I cut the metal with the snipers, you can see small indentations. So I went back to the store, (doggies love the store, the people in the paint department always has goodies for them). In the Flooring department I found these end pieces that were with the stick on tiles.

See below how the sheet slips right in and makes a clean edge:


While I was there, I picked up this product I had heard so much about. It glues anything to almost anything:


Love this stuff! Well this is how it turned out:

So what do you think??? It is so easy to clean, and shines so pretty. You know me and sparkle!!! I forgot to mention that I used Krylons H20 latex  spray paint on the galvanized metal. I used this because the galvanized metal will rust. …I let it dry before I put it up, I did not use the Krylon primer, as it would make the H20 paint unable to adhere !!

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC 



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