Home Improvements

Bathroom Makeover

My home…it was/is living in the 80’s….The bathrooms are  fake marble countertops with matching sinks attached.The size of the countertop and vanity…are not the normal size. This is what they look like….Yuck So, I came up with a way less expensive idea for them. Reface instead of replace….now that sounds like a great option. If… Continue reading Bathroom Makeover

Home Improvements

Makeover Your Sink, Tub, Tile Beautifully!

Do you have a kitchen, laundry, or bath sink and tub that look like this?   If you do, don't despair. You can use this on any sink in your house, and it will stand up to over 15 years without scratching, peeling, fading, etc. This will be interesting to see if it cleans up… Continue reading Makeover Your Sink, Tub, Tile Beautifully!

Home Improvements

Laundry Room Painted Sink

So I'm getting the house ready for sale and find myself looking all around the house for projects that have to be done. Yesterday,  I had a pretty productive day! The first project I wanted to get done was the laundry sink. It is a mess!! This will be interesting to see if it cleans… Continue reading Laundry Room Painted Sink