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Mason Jar Easter Craft

Easter is just around the corner, hopping it’s way to us very soon. In celebration of the upcoming holiday, I’ve found some wonderful ways that you can incorporate mason jars into your Easter decorating. Mason jars can be used for everything from vases and candle holders to actual Easter baskets, and I love using them for my decorating, as you all know.

Many of these DIY Easter craft ideas involve candy – we love candy, though don’t we? They’re great for giving as gifts to teachers or family members, or adding to the Easter baskets that you are making yourself. I pretty much love anything that involves candy, especially chocolate and there are many craft ideas in this collection that use chocolate candies and many that you make yourself. There are even cookies in a jar and cupcakes that you bake right there in your mason jar.

From Easter trees and succulent planters to scrumptious mason jar baked cupcakes and loads of ways to store and display candy, this collection is the ultimate in mason jar Easter craft ideas. You know how much I love using mason jars for everything. They’re so very versatile and can be reused over and over again. If you’ve been wondering about how you can repurpose mason jars for Easter decorating – wonder no more. I’ve found the most amazing collection of DIY mason jar Easter crafts and I’m sure you’re going to love them all!So here we go:

Easter Tree Planter


You can use a mason jar to house your Easter tree! Take a mason jar and “plant” a small branch or twig – you can paint it white or leave it natural – and then decorate.  Add some burlap or twine to the top of the jar for added decoration and you can use plastic eggs to hold your “tree” in place inside the jar. You can also do this with any vase you already have also.

Bunny Jar Toppers


You can purchase these little bunnies at a dollar store. Paint the top of the lid in a pastel color, and glue the bunnies on top of the mason lid. You can put whatever you want inside the jar.

DIY Easter Mantel Decoration


It’s a mason jar that is literally filled with Easter colors. Burlap gives it that great farmhouse country look and the pastel eggs are beautiful on top of a battery operated candle. This entire project just screams springtime, doesn’t it? I love the colors and how easy this is to put together. You can have it finished in about half an hour.

Tutorial: keepsakesbymelissa

Bunny Bait Jars


Isn’t this just adorable!!! I love this one!They also make wonderful gifts. Just fill the jars with robin eggs, jelly beans, or other Easter type candy and cover with a cupcake liner. You can tie the cupcake liner on with ribbon or twine for extra decoration. They make a wonderful centerpiece for the dinner table or a great display for the mantel. Put them together in a wooden crate and add some moss for a really nice display.

Tutorial: cleanandscentsible

Speckled Egg Painted Jars


I just love the speckled eggs at Easter. They have such a wonderful rustic country feel to them and would be perfect with your farmhouse décor. These are done with chalk paint which gives them that great vintage look. Once you’ve done the initial painting, you can create the speckled egg look with some brown paint and a toothbrush. It’s really easy and these would make wonderful vases when they’re finished.

Easter Chick


These are perfect for gift giving or you could even add them to your kids’ Easter baskets. You need a yellow cupcake liner to make the wings, a black market for the face and a couple of orange paper flowers and some scrap paper for other features. Then just fill him with starbursts, skittles or yellow jelly beans.

Tutorial: shakentogetherlife

Easter Muddy Buddy Mix


Need another great treat idea for Easter that you can store in mason jars? This muddy buddy mix is amazing and looks so colorful when you store it in clear jars. To make the mix, you need candy melts in different pastel colors, as well as powdered sugar and Rice Chex cereals. When finished, these are not only delicious but also very colorful and look great inside those mason jars.

Tutorial: therebelchick

Spray Painted Mason Jar Planters


Spray paint is the best way to cover just about anything, even your mason jars. If you’re looking for a way to use up a few of those jars, these spray painted planters are perfect. Not only is it easy to color those jars with spray paint, you get wonderful planters for all of your indoor Easter plants and flowers. Be creative and add some bunny designs to the front or just make your planters different pastel colors.

Bird’s Nest Cupcakes


All you wonderful bakers out there will enjoy this! They contain white cake, lemon curd, apricot and pineapple preserves and a delicious cream cheese topping with toasted coconut. They’re perfect for Easter Dinner desserts or anytime you want something light and yummy. They’re also the perfect way to use up some of those mason jars you’ve got on hand – the smaller jelly sized jars, that is.

Tutorial: atthepicketfence

Easy Mason Jar Spring Centerpiece


Just take some paper doilies and twine to dress up those mason jars and then just add some bright and colorful daffodils or tulips and you have the perfect spring centerpiece. These are so very easy and you could use jars in whatever size you have available. I love the idea of using the larger jars for these. Just wrap the twine around the doily to keep it in place and you’re all done.

Tutorial: yellowblissroad

Easter Bunny Jar Treat


I love just love this bunny jar idea as a gift for a favorite teacher. You just take a mason jar, fill with mini marshmallows or whatever Easter candy you want, add some rabbit ears and you have the perfect treat gift. You can find bunny ears headbands at most dollar stores right now for $1 each. Just cut away the headband part and you’ve got the ears which you can glue onto the jar lid. Tie up with some pretty ribbon or tulle and you’re all set.

Tutorial: icingdesignsonline

Bunny Munch Jars


Aren’t these little bunnies adorable!  The bunny munch is made of white chocolate popcorn or kettle corn and mini marshmallows. Once you have your munch ready, decorate your jars with this cute bunny printable and add some ribbon or other decorations. These would make wonderful gifts for teachers, hostesses, or anyone that you need a little treat for.

Tutorial: icingdesignsonline

Carrot Mason Jar Centerpiece


Isn’t this just beautiful!!! Just fill about six different mason jars with carrots and add some lovely spring flowers like daffodils and tulips. Then put them all in a wire crate. What a gorgeous display for your Easter dinner table! I love the simplicity of this and how just a few steps and a few minutes give you the perfect spring decoration.

Tutorial: kaleidoscopeofcolors

Spring Mason Jar Vase


I made this one out of a wine bottle…you can decorate a mason jar the same way. Put 3 or them together filled with flowers. The dollar store has spring napkins for $1. It only takes a half of a napkin at most to decorate the outside of the jar.


Easter Bunny Jar Cupcakes


For these cute cupcakes, you will need to purchase the smaller mason jars.. You just bake your cupcakes in the jars – this is a great way to keep them moist – and then when they’re cool, decorate with homemade or store bought icing. Add sprinkles and even a tiny little chocolate bunny to the top for decoration. What a perfect Easter dessert especially for children.

Tutorial: bubblynaturecreations

Easter Bunny Granola


Aren’t these adorable! This yummy granola can be made quickly and when you store it in this bunny mason jar, it’s the perfect companion for Easter breakfast. To decorate the jar, you’ll need googly eyes, a pink pompom for the nose, something for the whiskers and a few other supplies. The granola has oats, chocolate chips, and bunny shaped marshmallows, among other ingredients. This is a great way to get kids to enjoy a snack that’s healthier than chips or plain candy.

Tutorial: yesterdayontuesday

Easter M&M Cookie Jar Mix


Have you ever made cookies in a jar? I just love the idea of giving these out to your friends, and teachers. You normally see them around Christmas, but look how cute these are. It’s cookies in a jar with an Easter twist. Fill the mason jar with your cookie mix and then add pastel colored M&Ms to the top and tie up the lid with a colorful ribbon or some twine.

Tutorial: thefrugalgirls

I hope I gave you so ideas! Most of these are so simple to make. If you have any favorites you have created…I would love to see them!



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Fairy Light Jar

Aviary Photo_131122225835966967.png

I wrote this tutorial months ago, and for some reason it didn’t show up. So I am redoing it for you because there are so many of you out there with small children, and I know they will love this!


I see different versions of these fairy jars all over the internet. They look so cute hanging in your yard.I found these to cut out at Plaid.com. Click on ‘fairies to print’below and it will take you to the print out:DSCN2862 (2)

fairies to print

I started the project by cutting out one of the fairies as close to the picture as possible. I found this great mason jar at Michaels craft store for only $3.00, plus I used my 20% off coupon, so it was a great buy!DSCN1952
You can see above that I used regular Mod Podge on this.But because I used the regular one, when I was finished I sprayed it with Rustoleum 2x Clear Spray Paint to protect it from the elements. Now they have Outdoor Mod Podge  which is easier and less steps.And honestly you can use this formula to protect the pre-painted pieces you purchase as well (or any fairy garden items you decide to add embellishments to). If you want the items to sit outside, this is exactly what you need to use!
This is how I started. I covered the inside front of the jar with  with a brush.This Mod Podge for Outdoors seals and protects your fairy jar from the outdoor elements. I then attached the fairy to the front, right side facing out. My printer was running out of ink, so it didn’t print out as well as it should have:
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (3)
After it was dry, I went over it one more time and let dry. I took my glitter and spread it out on a paper. Do this in on a plate or clean paper, so when your done, you can put the unused glitter back in bottle. I started in the back and brushed on the Mod Podge to the back. I then rolled it in the crystal glitter.
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (2)
I kept going, doing the same until only the front was left to do. I took a smaller brush and applied the Mod Podge around the fairy, not getting any on her silhouette. If you get some on, just rub off with your finger .
You will need this on it if you are keeping this outside.I then took some yellow patio paint and painted around the lid. I found the patio paint at Walmart really inexpensive!
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (5)
I then added some glitter around the lid while the paint was still wet.
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (9)
If you can’t find the same jar with the chalkboard top. Just paint some chalkboard paint on the top of lid.
I then put ‘Believe’ on the jar, a butterfly and flower from the dollar store. I then took a pretty purple flower and put on the front.
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (6)
You can sit this on a table and leave as is. If you want to hang, there are different ways to do that. I ended up not using the ribbon but it shows easier how I did it. I took a piece about 30 long. I folded it in half as seen below.
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (7)
The side with the loop, as seen above, I went in 10 and made a knot. I held the knot to the jar letting the loop hang. I separated the other 2 ends, and wrapped tightly around the lid to the other side and made another knot as you can see below.
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (8)
After you have made a tight knot, pick up the side with the loop.Take the other side with the open ends, and put through the loop. Wrap it around and knot. So now it hangs.
I wanted to add the fairy led lights.These are like the fairy led lights I used. This one has a timer, which is fantastic because I don’t have to open the jar every time I want it to light up. It is so convenient with the timer. They go on the same time each day/night you set it up to come on.This is the kind I used.
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting.1 (1)
It would have been nice if I could have glued the battery pack upside down underneath the lid, but it was too big. So you can either put a led votive inside, or hide the battery pack of the fairy lights behind something. I’m tucking it away in the lattice
.Oh…here’s at night.
Aviary Photo_131122226262226556.png
Your children will love this!!!!!
So in conclusion….Be sure you have enough ink so your pic comes out perfect. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer.

Giani Kitchen Countertop Makeover

Kitchen Counters and Backsplash are done!!!


I finished with the bathroom Makeover…and now it’s kitchen time!!!! This is what I decided to go with….Sicilian Sand Kit…by Giani. I will be doing more counters trying the Rustoleum brand….it will be interesting to compare both of them.


This is the present state of my kitchen:


I had brown/golden cabinets. I sanded them all down, painted, then added the trim on the cabinet doors and drawers…I love how they turned out.

This will be a continued tutorial…posting steps as I go…(so I don’t forget anything).

To start, I used a SOS scouring pad to remove all the grease.  I rinsed well….then sanded.

Now if you have laminate countertops…fill in any seams with woodfiller. There is no need to sand the laminate countertops.

I used this neat little Ryobi sander. Okay, so it’s not the biggest sander but…it sanded all my cabinets in the kitchen down and has worked so well with…

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These Will Make Your Heart Smile!

A friend sent me some really adorable pictures that I want to share with you. I hope they make your heart smile as they did mine.

This one is sooo cute! I picked it first because she looks like my Gidget.




The gang is just ‘hanging around’









Weren’t those pictures adorable !!!



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Blue Sky Nomination


I want to say thank you so much Aditi Singh for nominating me for the Blue Sky Tag award. She has a wonderful DIY website…and  beautiful watercolor paintings!!!

My answers to her questions:

  1. Where in the world are you?    I live in the USA
  2. How many languages do you speak?  I only speak English
  3. How is your relationship with your parents? My parents have passed.
  4. What are you best at?  I would say I am best at using my imagination!
  5. What are you absolutely bad at?  I have no talent in drawing, painting a picture. I really wish I was better, but I have learned to just appreciate the gifts God gave me!
  6. Which fictional character would you be best friends with? This is a hard one…I will have to think about this one~
  7. How would define success? I would define success as being happy with your life choices. Content-in a state of peaceful happiness.
  8. What is one thing you wanna do before you die? Travel cross country with my doggies.
  9. What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Don’t stress about the small stuff…it’s all small stuff.
  10. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?  Hang gliding without lessons off the nearby mountains.
  11. Do you think you are a creative person? Yes, I am.  I love creating, designing, and upcyling.

I would love to nominate the following people for this award. They are such wonderful crafters, and I really enjoy seeing all of their creativity. Here they are:

  1. http://malinispace.wordpress.com/
  2. http://craftyboutiquebytam.wordpress.com/
  3. http://renewthisrenewme.wordpress.com/
  4. http://berryvillelibrarycrafts.wordpress.com/
  5. http://anorchidsview.wordpress.com/

The rules:

  1. Nominate 5 people for the award
  2. Give them 6 questions to answer
  3. Answer my 6 questions
  4. Thank the person who nominated you

My questions to you are:

  1. Where in the world are you?  
  2. What is your passion?  
  3. What original creation are you most proud of?
  4. What is your worst project fail?
  5. How are you inspired to create?
  6. When did you discover your creativity?

I can’t wait to hear their answers! Thank you again Aditi Singh for the nomination! And…congrats to the nominees!


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Cute Upcycled Planters With Kids In Mind

Let’s recycle by creating upcycled planter characters with your older children. Whenever I look at something, I try to look outside the box a bit. You can inspire creativity by looking at plastic containers around the house in a different way.  Wondering which characters to make? Here are some really neat ideas:


Aren’t these characters adorable!!!

Things You’ll Need

Collect discarded plastic bottles and containers from around the house. Spray paint made for plastics, acrylic paints, hot glue and a craft knife will also be necessary along with large beads (wooden or plastic), pom poms, and other decorative craft supplies. Your plant selections will also be part of the creative process.


Cut Openings

Use a craft knife to cut openings in the plastic containers to accommodate the vision of your character and where the plants will be located. Cut drain holes in the bottom of the container as well. Parents should help children with this step.


Assemble the Character

If they will be painted, glue together beads for legs or arms and attach them to the containers now. If they are already colored, assemble bead legs or arms and set to the side for later. Spray paint the containers in the chosen color.

Decorate the Character

Once the spray paint is dry, use acrylic paints, googly eyes, pom poms and other assorted decorative elements to add character to the planter. Watch your  childs imagination go wild!


Fill the Planter

Put a layer of small rocks or pebbles in the bottom of the container to aid in drainage. Fill the container to near the top with potting soil and add the plant. Water and fill the remaining space with more potting soil. Press into place.


Snorting Pig

This little guy is made from a juice bottle. The legs are wooden rings and beads. His tail is a pipe cleaner and his ears are cut from craft foam. Drill holes in the cap for the plants coming through the nose.


I just love this little pig! The succulent inside the nose…one of my favorites!


Powdered drink mix containers glued end to end form the body of this cute caterpillar. Colored beads make the legs and eyes, and a large pom pom forms the nose. The cactus plants make the antennae.


Screaming Lady

A soda bottle painted like a face with yarn hair creates a funny character. Kids are always suckers for bodily function humor! This is fun…


The Minion

This popular character is easy to create from a peanut butter jar. Spray paint the bottom of the jar blue, tape a line to avoid color mixing, then paint the top portion yellow. Add details with acrylic paint. The glasses are split rings and the plant is called a “live wire.”


Angry Man

A simple laundry detergent bottle finds new life as a tribal inspired planter. Flattened bottle caps, googly eyes and a plastic bead mouth complete the look.He looks pretty angry!



Plant selection is important for this creation. Succulents require little soil or water to survive and can be utilized very well in small plastic containers.


So the next time you are about to throw those containers in the recycle bin….look at them in a different way…I would love to hear your ideas and see your creations from recycled items….Please send to my email…kelleysdiy@gmail.com

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

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Fantastic Rust Remover Update

I want to share with all of you a really awesome product. Now you know I don’t usually do any reviews for products. This is no exception. I was given this product to try. I just happen to really like it!!!!

I inherited 2 white outdoor chairs . They rock and will be perfect for my front patio. But first, before I paint them, I needed to remove the rust . This is what they looked like


The feet were worse…

DSCN4671 1.JPG

This product comes in a spray bottle. You spray it on, and watch the rust dissolve right before your eyes! After 10 minutes, if the rust didn’t go away completely, you spray again. No scrubbing at all on these chairs. Look at the difference:

The arms:

The back:

Isn’t that awesome! But if you know me, I am very skeptical so I decided to try on some of my garden tools.


My trusty shovel…..this is what it looks like when the product is dissolving the rust:


I just sprayed the two shovels and two clippers once. The straight edged shovel was so crusty….on really crusty items like this…it’s best to take a wire brush to it first…then spray with this. Look how well everything came out with one spray…


I can see the gold on the clippers again….My trusty shovel is looking great. The other shovel needs just a little brushing with a wire brush, then spray again. You can see what was left on that shovel…I wish I took a before picture.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse off the product when your done. If not, your new paint will brush right off.

Did I tell you I found the shovel underground when I was laying the patio pavers…no wonder it was so rusty.

So the product I used was this:


…and the best part is you can purchase this for under $6 at Walmart! This is a new product that isn’t out everywhere yet.It removes rust from aluminum,chrome, galvanized surface, iron, and steel. Doesn’t harm your hands, or concrete when spraying. Protects Bare Metal Up to 12 months.

This is what it looks like now!!!!


I am no longer going to discard any rusty tools, etc that I see at garage sales!!!

I am still working on the chairs….



If you would like all the technical data for this product you can see it here: https://www.rustoleum.com/~/media/DigitalEncyclopedia/Documents/RustoleumUSA/TDS/English/CBG/Rust-Oleum/ROC-49_Rust_Dissolver_TDS.ashx   Thank you Idybugsrus!

Also, this is the stock # of the product….Walmart #: 557667487 Just click below on one of the Walmart clicks below….and put in the stock#.

Household Essentials Clearance & Rollbacks at Walmart.com!

Prep for Easter & Save at Walmart.com!

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC