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Bunny Hunt Spring Wreath

Winter is almost over….I know some of you are looking forward to Spring. To welcome spring…I decided to make a Spring Wreath!DSCN4495.JPG
I had purchased the white basket….filled with hydrangeas. I found it at a garage sale for $2. Those flowers are so expensive to purchase at a craft store.This was a great find. I started pulling them apart. I used the greenery all around the twig wreath I was going to use.
Lots and lots of great stuff I can use on the wreath.
I had this neat little bunny I had from a few years ago….pushing her little one in a cart!
I just love how cute they look….I used thin floral wire to hold it on. I attached it to the bottom right side of the wreath.I added some more greenery I had from a grape vine. Aren’t they adorable. Then a idea struck!!!DSCN4498.JPG
I looked around for something round. I found a empty ‘painters tape’ roll…perfect. Then I grabbed up some lavender grass.
I then put the lavender grass inside and held it down while the glue dried. I applied hot glue to the sides to hold the grass in place…and there you go…DSCN4501.JPG
I made a nest! I put in some pretty eggs!dscn4503
I attached the nest to the wreath. I then started adding the hydrangeas, butterfly and hid eggs among the greenery!
This is what it looks like on my door!
You can buy these vine wreaths at Walmart. You can add anything you already have to the wreath. Just use thin floral wire to attach.
I hope you like this and it inspires you to create a Spring Wreath for your front door!


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Bunny Pot

A young friend came over to my home to create a cute springtime craft!This is what you will need for this cute project. Kids will love to make this!!!!

I purchased the following at Walmart…love that store!
Terra Cotta Pot
Pink yarn
Easter green grass
Cotton ball
1 Sheet of Felt in White, Green, and Pink
1 sheet of Orange Foam
Hot Glue


We put some styrofoam in the pot to have something to stick the ears, sign, etc into. We then glued the green plastic grass in the pot.


We cut out 4 ears with the white felt

Next we drew some pink for inside the ears, and copied it onto the pink felt.We glued the pink onto the front of 2 ears.


We took one of the plain ears, placed the thin wire around the edge of the ear and added hot glue on top of it. We quickly took the front ear (with the pink), and placed on top of wired piece. Repeat with other ear. I made two 2 long U shapes with the same wire and glued to the bottom of inside ears.
Look at those cute ears…..and we made a sign, in shape of a carrot, with orange foam paper and wrote ‘carrot patch’ on it. With the green felt she cut the carrot top and glued on carrot.


We made the same U wire and glued onto carrot and stuck it in the pot,into the styrofoam to hold securely.
With the pink yarn, I started wrapping around my hand. I tied a small piece of yarn in the center. Then I cut all the loops, so the yarn was nice and full . We added a cotton ball for it’s tail


She cut out the bunnies feet with the white and added pink for the pad. We glued them to the to rim of the pot by the bunnies bottom.
Isn’t this adorable….Such a fun and easy project for kids!!

If you make one…would love to see!!!

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Seahorse Bucket

Hi everyone! I am working on a project that I’m very proud of…or will be when finished! I needed to practice making a seahorse for the project. I think this little guy came out so cute….


I had this little galvanized bucket…it seems like forever. I am pretty sure I picked it up at a craft store.


So now I had to try my hand at drawing a seahorse. When I was satisfied with the drawing, I cut it out and pinned it on a piece of burlap, then cut it out!


I had purchased these shells for another project…. I purchased them at Walmart.


Don’t you love these shells… pretty…TIP Alert: I have a really fantastic tip that I just happened upon. Well you know how raveled the ends get with burlap, I tried spraying it with Rusoleum Clear Spray Sealer. It worked!!! The seahorse was so much easier to handle. It stiffened it up just a little bit, but I love how the ends aren’t raveling anymore. I then used ‘Goop’ to put the little guy on the pail. Then I decorated him with some shells…..So what do you think?




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Memories in a Bottle

This is my most favorite original idea! I made this craft a few years ago and posted on Hometalk, and everyone that sees it loves them, so I made more to show a tutorial for you.

When my sons were young, we spent a lot of summer vacations at the beach. They collected a lot of shells! I kept them all these years.


I started by gathering all the items I would need for the project. These are the items you will need for this easy project….

you’ll need: Clean clear wine bottle, Sand, Shells, Photo, String, Funnel and Cork


I used a funnel to transfer the sand into the bottle.


I added the shells. I remember when my sons were collecting shells…they always found these small ones. The hole is small, so it worked out perfect. My sons always seemed to find those small shells.


I didn’t want that panoramic view, so I cut the sides of picture just to see in back of bottle. Then you gently roll your photo, printed side in. I used a skewer to poke it down and position it.


Next, I took some string and wrapped it around the top.


On the bottle to the left, I took a piece of string and a larger shell, glue both ends to inside the shell. It forms a hoop, to hang on bottle. Pic on right, I just left a long piece of string dangle after wrapping around the top. I hot glued larger shells along the string.


What is so special about this is the pic of the kids at the beach, searching for the shells that are actually in the bottle! Perfect keepsake for memories. You can create your own memories..


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Seashell Monogram Letter

I love decorating with seashells! I had this letter ‘H’ I was waiting to decorate. If it works out, I will decorate the ‘ O M E’ letters I have. So this is what I collected together… The burlap ribbon and net wired ribbon came from the dollar store…The ruffled burlap from Walmart along with the letters.


I started with one of those cardboard letters, lots of depth. I fiddled around with different coverings, but at the end I went with the burlap. I think it’s makes the shells more prominent. I wrapped it with the burlap. I glued up to the top back and hot glued it down. (If your putting this outside, use a glue specifically for that)


I then played around with the net wire ribbon. I love that ribbon. I glued it at the top back, and played with it a little as I went down to opposite corner and glued it down.


I have some sea glass I have been wanting to use……so I played around with it. I knew I wanted a starfish….or 3. So I put the biggest at top left. I put more of the glass in the bottom two sides. I just spray painted some berries I had white….and added that. This will be nice on my summer theme! Don’t we love summer! Oh and by the way, I sprayed the whole thing with Rust oleum Clear Coat.


It picked up the natural colors of the glass, and shells. Now I have to work on the O M E HOME….It will look great during the summer on my mantle! Thank you for looking!



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Gorgeous Crafting With Snow

I am still working diligently on my project for a Challenge I am entering. So I am taking the day off..but..I just had to show you what a friend sent to me. They are amazing!!!

The annual Snow Sculpture contest in Breckenridge, Colorado, attracts contestants from all over the world.   
Talk About A “Snow Job”…!!!!      

This one is my favorite…just because it reminds me of ‘Small World’ in Disneyland. And children…just love kids.


Remember…these are all made of snow…






Is this Michael Jackson???


For all you Readers out there…







I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. Aren’t these amazing!!!!

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Winter Wreath

With Christmas being over, and the season still ringing in my heart, I know I am going  to have a hard time putting Christmas away in a few days. I seem to always do. I had a beautiful Christmas, and I hope all of you did also!

With the winter here for another couple of months, I’m getting started on making some pretty winter decorations.

I’m starting with this is a very easy wreath to make. Fun and easy for children! All you need for this is a box of sandwich bags and a wire hanger. I picked up the bags at the dollar store. Now in retrospect, I should have used the plain baggies that you twist tie with wire.  I will show you later why. Just pull down on bottom of hanger to make a circle.DSCN4132.JPG

Take one baggie, and tie around the hanger….do not knot

As you can see in the photo on the right, the bags a bit thick where it was tied around the wire.This wouldn’t have been so if I used the plain baggies with no fold top.(I should have stuck with my search, perhaps Walmart.)  I have had the flu the last couple of days and have been pampering myself.

So anyway, you go around tying the bags all around the wire..I was watching a movie while doing this…goes by faster.


When you are finished, you need to go around and fluff the ends of the bags, so you have a round fluffy wreath. I then was looking for some ribbon to put on the wreath. I love this wired has sequins and snowflakes …and looks sooo pretty!!


Tie it to the top of wreath around the hangers top….


I had found that pretty snowflake in the center of the wreath at the dollar store at Christmastime. I just hung it on the back of the top of hanger….I think it looks so pretty! What do you think?