Just a Heads Up!

Hi everyone, I am back, rested and ready to start creating! I just moved into my next fixer and have so many plans for it.   I wanted to give you a heads up on my giveaways. They will start again in December, just in time for the holidays. So don't forget to check it out on… Continue reading Just a Heads Up!


Gobble Turkey Wreath

What better way to welcome guests at Thanksgiving when they come to the door! Gobble Gobble I was at a dollar store and I grabbed some bunches burlap ribbon and a wire wreath!! I started by wrapping the burlap ribbon around the wire wreath I noticed the burlap was unraveling on the ends, so I… Continue reading Gobble Turkey Wreath


Winter Wreaths Made Easy!!

I’m starting with this is a very easy wreath to make. You can use it all winter long. Fun and easy for children! All you need for this is a box of sandwich bags and a wire hanger. I picked up the bags at the dollar store. Now in retrospect, I should have used the… Continue reading Winter Wreaths Made Easy!!


Halloween Pumpkins- Part 2

If you haven't yet carved out some are some of mine and go grab some of those dollar store pumpkins and start decorating!!! This one is painted using black chalkboard paint... This one is from Better Homes and Gardens...Beautiful Bonfire!!!! So how easy is this for a fantastic look....All you have to do… Continue reading Halloween Pumpkins- Part 2

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Halloween Pumpkins Part 1

Halloween is  here! Time to get your pumpkins ready!!! Here are some ideas I know you will love… So many out there are cutting out the artificial pumpkins and making a diorama.. Isn’t that pretty cool…    Wouldn’t these look beautiful on your table! Or another scary one:   You can paint the pumpkins with… Continue reading Halloween Pumpkins Part 1

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Fall Decor Ideas

Hello Everyone! I'm back!! Are you ready to start decorating your pumpkins for the fall season...if you haven't already here are some ideas for you... Isn't that cute!! Here's some more I'm sure you will like... So easy to do with any jar...mod podge and a foam brush. Isn't that cute! Adding glitter to acorn… Continue reading Fall Decor Ideas

Home Improvements

Giani Kitchen Countertop Makeover

Do you have ugly kitchen counters, but not the budget to replace.  Well I have the perfect solution. Giani Countertop Kit. Believe me, I did a lot of research and compared other brands, this one was a winner! Easy to do and cost saving. Giani Countertop Kit can be used on: Formica counter tops and… Continue reading Giani Kitchen Countertop Makeover