Trash to Treasure

UpCycled Fountain

Just a heads up….I’m re posting this from last year. I just love this ‘trash to treasure’ and I thought it would surely inspire you to think twice before letting something go….even if broken….you can always up cycle it into something beautiful!!

A friend and I were walking the doggies when I came across this broken fountain on the curb.Knowing I could use it some way, I took it home. It’s resin so it wasn’t heavy at all. In the morning I checked it out more thoroughly. The pump didn’t work, the wires were cut, and top piece of fountain was broken. This is what it looked like:

DSCN0992 (3).JPG2

I live in the desert and I have lots of succulents in and out of the house. I purchase the succulents when they are very small in the tiny containers. Like 2″ pots. The price for succulents this size isn’t so high, and I know they will grow.  I purchased this soil knowing I was going to transplant some of my plants.


After I cleaned up the fountain, I put some small rocks into the bottom of the fountain for drainage.

DSCN0994 (2).JPG

I mixed up the soil with some water in my wheelbarrow. I then added the succulents. Then I added some color and sparkle with the gems.


I think it came out nice…As they grow too big for the fountain…I will move to a bigger space. I didn’t cut the pipe in the center that was on the fountain originally. It’s kind of off centered in the bowl….I was thinking of putting my butterfly dish on top, but it broke while I was trying to affix it on the pipe…ugh!

DSCN1006 (2).JPG

Aviary Photo_131122225424001808.png

I love where I put it. There is a Iceberg rose in back of the fountain. It just had dozens of fragrant blooms…yummy!


30 thoughts on “UpCycled Fountain”

  1. Awesome job. I would say that 95% of the projects I do have at least some element of “scrap” or “junk” that I got curbside or was given to me by someone putting in a last ditch effort to avoid hauling their item to the junkyard. In my opinion it makes the outcome of a project more enjoyable and the process more creative. I always enjoy discovering that I am not the only one on this planet unafraid of other people’s trash piles as well. Thanks for sharing the project!

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    1. Do you have a annual free pickup, spring cleanup offered from your Waste Dept (Trash,Garbage) ? This is when I find stuff on the curbs. Everyone gets rid of their junk. But if it can be painted, tweaked into something else, or sometimes needs a good cleaning. I found so many items I upcycled. Look under ‘Garden’ and ‘Trash to Treasure’ in the menu.


  2. I did something similar one time with my own resin bird bath, that you did with the water fountain.
    My bird bath was leaking, due to a small crack that appeared in it. So I repurposed it into a planter and I planted the same thing and gravelled the top.


      1. It turned out really nice. I gave it to someone else later who shared a photo on how it looked with the plants and it looked really beautiful.


  3. Awesome!!!!! I want to upcycle things too but once I get a grab of the item I have to upcycle it fast or it will be left as junk in my house. 😂 great idea on what you did there!!! 😘😘


    1. You sound exactly like me! When I find something, I usually work on it first thing. I don’t have a garage full of ‘gonna do someday’ stuff. It would get so out of hand, at least for me. I have a few tubs in the garage I keep the small stuff in. But usually if I pick something up, I get to it right away!🤗❤️️

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  4. There’s a UK television programme called “Money for Nothing” which you would enjoy. The presenter upscales stuff from tips.


  5. Great idea. We also live in the desert and I’m planning to begin decorating our porch in the Fall. Thank you for sharing this post again. 😊


  6. That is great. What a good eye you had for that piece to pull that off. I’m not sure I would have thought I would be able to make good use of that. Great job!!!


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