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Fairy Light Jar

Aviary Photo_131122225835966967.png

I wrote this tutorial months ago, and for some reason it didn’t show up. So I am redoing it for you because there are so many of you out there with small children, and I know they will love this!


I see different versions of these fairy jars all over the internet. They look so cute hanging in your yard.I found these to cut out at Click on ‘fairies to print’below and it will take you to the print out:DSCN2862 (2)

fairies to print

I started the project by cutting out one of the fairies as close to the picture as possible. I found this great mason jar at Michaels craft store for only $3.00, plus I used my 20% off coupon, so it was a great buy!DSCN1952
You can see above that I used regular Mod Podge on this.But because I used the regular one, when I was finished I sprayed it with Rustoleum 2x Clear Spray Paint to protect it from the elements. Now they have Outdoor Mod Podge  which is easier and less steps.And honestly you can use this formula to protect the pre-painted pieces you purchase as well (or any fairy garden items you decide to add embellishments to). If you want the items to sit outside, this is exactly what you need to use!
This is how I started. I covered the inside front of the jar with  with a brush.This Mod Podge for Outdoors seals and protects your fairy jar from the outdoor elements. I then attached the fairy to the front, right side facing out. My printer was running out of ink, so it didn’t print out as well as it should have:
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (3)
After it was dry, I went over it one more time and let dry. I took my glitter and spread it out on a paper. Do this in on a plate or clean paper, so when your done, you can put the unused glitter back in bottle. I started in the back and brushed on the Mod Podge to the back. I then rolled it in the crystal glitter.
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (2)
I kept going, doing the same until only the front was left to do. I took a smaller brush and applied the Mod Podge around the fairy, not getting any on her silhouette. If you get some on, just rub off with your finger .
You will need this on it if you are keeping this outside.I then took some yellow patio paint and painted around the lid. I found the patio paint at Walmart really inexpensive!
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (5)
I then added some glitter around the lid while the paint was still wet.
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (9)
If you can’t find the same jar with the chalkboard top. Just paint some chalkboard paint on the top of lid.
I then put ‘Believe’ on the jar, a butterfly and flower from the dollar store. I then took a pretty purple flower and put on the front.
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (6)
You can sit this on a table and leave as is. If you want to hang, there are different ways to do that. I ended up not using the ribbon but it shows easier how I did it. I took a piece about 30 long. I folded it in half as seen below.
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (7)
The side with the loop, as seen above, I went in 10 and made a knot. I held the knot to the jar letting the loop hang. I separated the other 2 ends, and wrapped tightly around the lid to the other side and made another knot as you can see below.
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting (8)
After you have made a tight knot, pick up the side with the loop.Take the other side with the open ends, and put through the loop. Wrap it around and knot. So now it hangs.
I wanted to add the fairy led lights.These are like the fairy led lights I used. This one has a timer, which is fantastic because I don’t have to open the jar every time I want it to light up. It is so convenient with the timer. They go on the same time each day/night you set it up to come on.This is the kind I used.
fairy-jar-crafts-decoupage-lighting.1 (1)
It would have been nice if I could have glued the battery pack upside down underneath the lid, but it was too big. So you can either put a led votive inside, or hide the battery pack of the fairy lights behind something. I’m tucking it away in the lattice
.Oh…here’s at night.
Aviary Photo_131122226262226556.png
Your children will love this!!!!!
So in conclusion….Be sure you have enough ink so your pic comes out perfect. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer.
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Cute Upcycled Planters With Kids In Mind

Let’s recycle by creating upcycled planter characters with your older children. Whenever I look at something, I try to look outside the box a bit. You can inspire creativity by looking at plastic containers around the house in a different way.  Wondering which characters to make? Here are some really neat ideas:


Aren’t these characters adorable!!!

Things You’ll Need

Collect discarded plastic bottles and containers from around the house. Spray paint made for plastics, acrylic paints, hot glue and a craft knife will also be necessary along with large beads (wooden or plastic), pom poms, and other decorative craft supplies. Your plant selections will also be part of the creative process.


Cut Openings

Use a craft knife to cut openings in the plastic containers to accommodate the vision of your character and where the plants will be located. Cut drain holes in the bottom of the container as well. Parents should help children with this step.


Assemble the Character

If they will be painted, glue together beads for legs or arms and attach them to the containers now. If they are already colored, assemble bead legs or arms and set to the side for later. Spray paint the containers in the chosen color.

Decorate the Character

Once the spray paint is dry, use acrylic paints, googly eyes, pom poms and other assorted decorative elements to add character to the planter. Watch your  childs imagination go wild!


Fill the Planter

Put a layer of small rocks or pebbles in the bottom of the container to aid in drainage. Fill the container to near the top with potting soil and add the plant. Water and fill the remaining space with more potting soil. Press into place.


Snorting Pig

This little guy is made from a juice bottle. The legs are wooden rings and beads. His tail is a pipe cleaner and his ears are cut from craft foam. Drill holes in the cap for the plants coming through the nose.


I just love this little pig! The succulent inside the nose…one of my favorites!


Powdered drink mix containers glued end to end form the body of this cute caterpillar. Colored beads make the legs and eyes, and a large pom pom forms the nose. The cactus plants make the antennae.


Screaming Lady

A soda bottle painted like a face with yarn hair creates a funny character. Kids are always suckers for bodily function humor! This is fun…


The Minion

This popular character is easy to create from a peanut butter jar. Spray paint the bottom of the jar blue, tape a line to avoid color mixing, then paint the top portion yellow. Add details with acrylic paint. The glasses are split rings and the plant is called a “live wire.”


Angry Man

A simple laundry detergent bottle finds new life as a tribal inspired planter. Flattened bottle caps, googly eyes and a plastic bead mouth complete the look.He looks pretty angry!



Plant selection is important for this creation. Succulents require little soil or water to survive and can be utilized very well in small plastic containers.


So the next time you are about to throw those containers in the recycle bin….look at them in a different way…I would love to hear your ideas and see your creations from recycled items….Please send to my email…

2149_10005395 USA, LLC

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Springtime Bottle

Spring will soon be in the air! This is a really sweet craft project for spring that is very easy to do. This would be a fun project for your children to make.

To make this Springtime Bottle all you need is:

  1. Bottle  (you can use any glass bottle, or even a vase)
  2. 1/2 Napkin
  3. Mod Podge (You can also use liquid starch)
  4.  Raffia ribbon
  5.  Jewels
  6.  Foam Brush

You can purchase all these items (except the mod podge) at a dollar store.

I found these adorable napkins at the dollar store…couldn’t resist the napkins and matching plates….they are so pretty! I only used half a napkin for this project.


I started by cutting one napkin in half. It was the perfect size to fit from the bottom of bottle up to the neck. I cut a rectangle the same length of the neck, and enough to wrap around the whole neck of the bottle. I mod podged the neck , added the rectangle piece, and wrapped around neck.2

I then took a foam brush and applied some Mod Podge to the bottle. I then laid the half napkin face down and placed the bottle on top. I then slowly rolled the bottle over the napkin.I tucked the ends at the bottom of bottle and applied mod podge.


When you wrapped the bottle, apply mod podge over the entire bottle. While you are waiting for it to dry…

I wanted to somehow add a pic of the baby. I thought of a tag..So what I took a small piece of scrapbook paper that matched the napkin. I then added the Mod Podge to the back of the scrapbook paper. I cut out a flower from the pattern on the napkin that was the perfect size of the picture I had.I wasn’t sure which flower I was going to use so I added mod podge to both, the let dry. This made them stiffer, and a lot easier to cut out.


This one is the perfect size…I cut out the flower


I cut out the flower. I put mod podge on the top of the piece of scrapbook paper,then  placed the flower on top, and covered with the mod podge.


I glued on a little sparkly flower (also from a dollar store). On the back of the flower, I glued on the pic of baby. Then I surrounded it with rhinestones.


Then I wrapped the 2 different raffia around the neck of the bottle.4

This is the finished bottle with flower…


This is the bottle with the flower turned around to show baby!

springtime-bottle-for-the-new-mommy--crafts-decoupage-seasonal-holiday-decor.1 (1).jpg

You can add any pic or whatever else you want to use as a tag…You can even do without a tag.

It is really amazing what you can do with a empty bottle and mod podge.


You can purchase it here… USA, LLC

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Memories in a Bottle

This is my most favorite original idea! I made this craft a few years ago and posted on Hometalk, and everyone that sees it loves them, so I made more to show a tutorial for you.

When my sons were young, we spent a lot of summer vacations at the beach. They collected a lot of shells! I kept them all these years.


I started by gathering all the items I would need for the project. These are the items you will need for this easy project….

you’ll need: Clean clear wine bottle, Sand, Shells, Photo, String, Funnel and Cork


I used a funnel to transfer the sand into the bottle.


I added the shells. I remember when my sons were collecting shells…they always found these small ones. The hole is small, so it worked out perfect. My sons always seemed to find those small shells.


I didn’t want that panoramic view, so I cut the sides of picture just to see in back of bottle. Then you gently roll your photo, printed side in. I used a skewer to poke it down and position it.


Next, I took some string and wrapped it around the top.


On the bottle to the left, I took a piece of string and a larger shell, glue both ends to inside the shell. It forms a hoop, to hang on bottle. Pic on right, I just left a long piece of string dangle after wrapping around the top. I hot glued larger shells along the string.


What is so special about this is the pic of the kids at the beach, searching for the shells that are actually in the bottle! Perfect keepsake for memories. You can create your own memories..


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DIY Glow in the Dark Projects For Kids

This morning I received this wonderful article from DIY & Crafts by Vanessa Beaty. I just loved this fun article and wanted to share it with you.So here we go with 25 Amazingly Fun Glow in the Dark Projects for kids. There is definitely something in here that you will want to do with your kids.From glow in the dark bowling to calming bathtub activities – that also glow in the dark – your kids are going to flip when they see these projects! I have to say, I got a little excited myself.

Glow In The Dark Bowling


By sticking glow sticks into ordinary water bottles, you can create a fun game of glow in the dark bowling. You just use empty clear bottles and then add an activated glow stick. You can get glow sticks at the Dollar Tree and they normally come two or three to a package. Once you have your “pins” set up, just use any ball you want to knock them down. This is a super fun game for late summer nights and would be perfect to take along on camping trips.

Glowing Bedtime Bottle


This is  a great bottle that glows in the dark, which helps to calm children down before bedtime. This is perfect for active children who need to tone it down just a notch so that they can easily fall asleep. The empty water bottle is filled with hair gel, glow in the dark paint, and glow in the dark mini stars. The stars “dance” around, which mesmerizes children and helps them to calm down and get ready to drift off into dreamland.

Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

Glow In The Dark Bathtub Fun


These fun glow in the dark balloons are perfect for bath time fun. You just blow up balloons, add activated glow sticks, tie the balloons up and then let the kids have a ball. Warning – this could get messy as kids throw the balloons back and forth. Water may hit the floor – but that’s what makes it such a fun activity. If you don’t want to clean up water in the bathroom, this is also a great outdoor activity or maybe a fun pool game at night.

Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog


I have so much fun with kids and sidewalk chalk. Not only does this sidewalk chalk glow in the dark, you save money because you make it yourself. I love the idea of making sidewalk chalk. Although it’s not terribly expensive, any time you can save money is a great time, right? So, you need plaster of Paris, glow in the dark paint, and an ice cube tray to create these amazing chalks. There as much fun to make as they are to use, and kids will adore making messages on the sidewalk that will glow when nighttime arrives.

Tutorial: growingajeweledrose

Out Of This World Constellation Jar


This constellation jar is made to house the Big Dipper and it’s amazing! This is a great project to use up one of those mason jars that you have ready for crafting. You’ll need to get an image of the Big Dipper and draw it on the jar – there are a few other steps, too. When you’re finished, you’ll have captured the galaxy, particularly the Big Dipper part of it. Or, choose your own favorite constellation – or even make them all!

Tutorial: momdot

Awesome Glowing Dream Catcher


This amazing dream catcher is a paper plate with glowing mini stars throughout. I love this idea for decorating a little one’s room. It makes wonderfully homemade décor during the day and turns into a glowing dream catcher at night, complete with soothing stars to help lull little ones to sleep. You could add glow in the dark paint to the actual paper plate itself or just attach glowing mini stars for the glow in the dark effect.

Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

Glow In The Dark Cotton Candy


My favorite part of the county fair growing up was cotton candy. I still love it to this day. I also really love these glow in the dark cotton candies – and kids will adore them, too. You don’t actually do anything to the cotton candy itself. The glowing comes from LED cotton candy sticks that you can buy online. They’re made by Glo Cone and they are FDA approved, so they’re perfectly safe for your little ones. I love this idea of making glowing cotton candy – almost as much as I love eating cotton candy!

Tutorial: livinglocurto

Galaxy Jar


Here’s another great out of this world glowing jar idea that kids will love. This galaxy jar is made with an old mason jar and glow in the dark fabric paint – which you can pick up at just about any craft or fabric store. Kids will adore making their own version of the Milky Way and you’ll love how fascinated they are with their own little private galaxy.

Tutorial: momdot

Two Ingredient Glowing Glue


Kids will love creating with their own glowing glue. You can easily create glue that glows in the dark by just mixing white glue with fluorescent paint. You just add a few drops of paint to your glue and shake well. Many stores offer school glue for under a dollar, especially during the fall, so you could afford to make an entire rainbow of glowing glues. Then just give the kids some construction paper and let them create pictures that will glow when the lights go out. This is a great project idea for cold, snowy or rainy days when you just can’t get outside.

Tutorial: growingajeweledrose

Glow In The Dark Shirts


These glow in the dark star shirts are perfect for your Fourth of July celebrations this summer. Not only will they thrill kids who are wearing them, they make it a bit easier to keep an eye on your little ones when it’s dark outside because the shirts glow. You can use iron on appliques to get that glow in the dark look, or if you don’t want a shirt for the Fourth of July, you can buy glow in the dark fabric paint and create a shirt in any design your little one wants.

Tutorial: dukesandduchesses

Glowing Spider Webs


I really don’t like spiders, but I do like these glow in the dark spider webs. These will be great for making your Halloween decorations just a bit spookier. There are a couple of reasons why I love this project. First, it glows in the dark. Second, gluing together the wooden craft sticks is a great project for younger children as it helps to develop fine motor skills. To make these, just hot glue craft sticks together and then use neon rubber bands to help them glow.

Tutorial: stillplayingschool

Glowing Volcano


This one looks like so much fun for kids! The next time your child needs to do a simple yet amazing science project, don’t just go for a boring old volcano. Make it a volcano that glows! You could even do this at home, even when you don’t need a project for school. This volcano erupts with glow in the dark lava – sure to excite kids, teachers, and parents alike. It takes basic materials – those that you would use to build a regular volcano – but it glows! Imagine your child’s excitement when they present this at their next science fair.

Tutorial: growingajeweledrose

Glow In The Dark Rice


You can’t eat this rice…moms have to watch the younger ones. This is an easy project and one that is going to thrill your children. It’s also a great idea for sensory play, which is important in growing children. To make each color, you need four cups of raw rice, neon paint, and rubbing alcohol. Let your child mix the ingredients together in a freezer bag and they can play to their heart’s desire. The rice really glows if you put it under a black light.

Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

Glowing Yard Game


This game is very reminiscent of Toss Across – you do remember that retro game, right? Anyway, it glows in the dark! Kids will be up half the night tossing their bean bags or small balls through this sheet turned game board. The numbered shapes on the board all glow in the dark, so it’s just as fun after the sun goes down as it is in the daytime. This is definitely going to be a must for summertime fun.

Tutorial: thecountrychiccottage

Glow In The Dark Slime


If you remember my post on how to make  Slime. It was a different recipe then this one. This particular slime will glow in the dark. You’ll begin by making a basic slime recipe – which is great anytime, even if it doesn’t glow. To make it glow in the dark, you just add glow in the dark gel, neon food coloring and borax. Kids will love playing with their slime, and they’ll love it even more after dark when it begins to glow a bright, neon color.

Tutorial: momdot

Glow In The Dark Bath Time Fun


Kids will adore bathing in this glow in the dark water. It has vitamins in it, so it’s perfectly safe and even a bit healthy for kids. You add the water to your tub and use a black light to activate the glowing effect. Kids of all ages are going to love playing in this glowing water. I mean, who wouldn’t want to take a bath in a glowing tub? And, the ingredients to make this glow water are really cheap – you’ll literally be spending only pennies per tub.

Tutorial: funathomewithkids

Glow In The Dark Bath Paint


You use fluorescent paint and shaving cream to create these amazing glow in the dark bath paints that kids are going to adore using at bath time. If you’ve ever had trouble getting your child to take his bath, this is the perfect solution. Any child is going to love painting it up with glow in the dark paints that you activate with a black light. Plus, the supplies to make these are really inexpensive so you can make an entire rainbow of colors.

Tutorial: pagingfunmums

Glowing Tic Tac Toe Game


Tic tac toe is such a favorite game for many children. You can make their favorite game even more exciting when you turn it into this awesome glow in the dark version. Kids will love playing this at night outdoors during summer, or you could just let them play in the kitchen floor during colder months. You just need some glow sticks and squares – kitchen tiles work wonderfully for this. Or, you could use tape to make a board, whatever works for you.

Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

Amazing Glowing Science Project


This glowing science project is a great way to explore the different densities of water and oil – or ice as the case may be. You need baby or vegetable oil, an ice cube tray, water, and some fluorescent or glow in the dark paint to make this project. You make glowing ice in the ice cube tray and then watch as your child learns how ice and oil don’t really mix. This is a fun and educational game that children of all ages will enjoy.

Tutorial: growingajeweledrose

Glowing Bouncy Balls


These glow in the dark bouncy balls are so very easy to make and kids are going to love them. You will need borax, corn starch, and warm water to create each ball, as well as white glue and fluorescent or glow in the dark paints in whatever colors you want to create. You make the entire ball with this one – you’re not just painting over an existing bouncy ball, so you could actually make them any size that you want.

Tutorial: instructables

Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs


This is a great one to make with Easter coming up!! What fun for children. What kid wouldn’t want to hunt these amazing glow in the dark Easter eggs? They’re so colorful and even older children will want to get in on the hunting fun when you make these. This is such an easy project – but note that you won’t really be able to fill the eggs with candy. To
make them glow, you just snap a glo stick and place inside a plastic egg. Even after your main Easter egg hunt, kids will be at it all night with these wonderful glow in the dark eggs.

Tutorial: isavea2z

So there you have it!! Lots of ideas for you mom and dads to make with your kids!!! So much fun. Let me know if you decide to do any of these…would love to see!!!

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Baby Clothes UpCycles

You could always donate that clothing to a charity to give to someone less fortunate. I’m a firm believer in paying it forward. However, if you have a favorite little outfit or something that you just can’t let yourself get rid of, I’ve got a great collection of 30 adorable repurposing projects that you can make from baby’s clothing. Whether you’ve got a onesie that’s stained and not suitable to use again or you have a little outfit that’s just too adorable to let go, you’re going to have a blast making these amazing little stuffed toys that your little one will enjoy for years to come! Oh, and be sure to check out these amazingly simple baby clothing sewing tutorials – you can make your own baby clothes and then turn them into stuffed wonderfulness when they’ve outgrown them.

From teddy bears to elephants, and so many cute little animals in between, you’re going to love all of the stuffed toys in this collection and your little one is really going to love them. Note that you’ll need to sew these – some more than others – but these are great DIY projects for those cold winter evenings when you just don’t want to get out of the house. Instead, you can sit at home in the warmth and make stuffed toys to your heart’s content.

I really love the idea of upcycling baby clothes into something that they can keep with them for years.  I can’t wait to see what you create! Let me know which of these adorable little stuffed creatures you made!

1. Onesie Polka Dot Elephant


Elephants I love how easy this one is to make and you don’t have to use polka dots. You can use any onesies that you have on hand. You just cut out the cute little elephant pattern, sew it all together and then stuff with pillow stuffing or old blankets. Sew on buttons for the eyes and that’s it.

Tutorial: saturdaynightstitch

2. Baby Clothing Memory Bear


This memory bear is made from a short onesie – the ones without the legs in them. The adorable little bear even has a bow in her hair. You could totally leave that out if you’re making a memory bear for a boy, though. I really love how easy this is and your little one is really going to adore his or her own little teddy bear that’s made with clothing they wore as an infant. You’ll also love being able to keep those favorite outfits and put them to use once baby outgrows them.

Tutorial: pacountrycrafts

3. Baby Clothing Memory Quilt




I absolutely adore the idea of turning baby clothes into a quilt. This way, your own baby can give his or her baby a handmade quilt using clothing that they wore as infants. It’s a cycle that keeps on handing down that baby clothing from generation to generation, and you can use all sorts of onesies and other outfits to create a quilt. This is such a wonderful idea for those of you who are becoming grandparents for the first time. Imagine giving your child a quilt for his or her new baby that’s made from their own baby clothing!Tutorial: marthastewart

4. Baby Clothes Pillow


You can take some of your outgrown baby clothes and turn them into an amazing pillow that your little one will enjoy for years. This project is so easy. You can take an already finished pillow and just add baby clothes for the design. I love the tree design on this one – you may even want to take it a creative step further and make a family tree from it. Use old clothing pieces from all of your children and make a memory pillow for yourself.Tutorial: somedaycrafts

5. Baby Clothing Ribbon Block5-ribbon-baby-clothes-projects-diyncrafts

This block is soft and cuddly and a great toy for little ones of all ages. You can make it with old baby clothes and baby blankets. The ribbons make it easier for your little one to grab and give her something to draw her attention. Plus, the block is really soft so it’s great for teething babies who tend to bite on their toys. Stuff it with leftover quilt batting or even old blankets if you don’t have any batting on hand.


6. Upcycled Baby Clothing Headbands



Make your little girl’s clothing last from birth to teenager when you turn them into headbands. All little girls love pretty headbands and this is a great way to preserve some of those favorite little outfits. This is so easy! You just cut the elastic waistband out of her little pants and then embellish with a rose or ribbon that you make from the rest of the material. Elastic headbands are so cute but they can be costly. This way, you get the cuteness without spending a fortune for the headbands.

Tutorial: alisaburke

7. Learning Activity Book


I love the idea of turning baby clothes into an activity book! Toddlers can learn how to button, zip, and even tie when you take those clothing pieces and make this activity book. Plus, the book is really soft so it’s perfect for little ones, too. You could even put a pair of baby booties in there and teach your little one how to buckle. Depending on how big you want to make the book – how many pages – you could preserve several little outfits in this one activity book.

Tutorial: fortytworoads

8. Baby Onesie Christmas Stocking


So, you may not want to do this for baby’s first Christmas, depending on when your little one is born, but it’s a great idea for future holidays. Turn those baby onesies into these adorable Christmas stockings. This is a great way to get a personalized stocking for each of your children without spending money to do so. You can make a patchwork design out of different pieces of clothing and the overall look is rustic and beautiful.

Tutorial: prettyprudent

9. Baby Clothes Bouquets


I actually make these baby clothing bouquets for baby showers and let me tell you they are such a hit. If you’re looking for a way to preserve a few of your baby’s onesies and other smaller clothing pieces, you could totally create a baby clothing bouquet and just display it in the nursery. These are so easy – and you end up with a beautiful bouquet of fabric roses. You could stick to one color scheme to match the nursery or use different pieces in different colors for a rainbow bouquet.

Tutorial: hellobee

10. Plush Alphabet


Here’s another great toy idea that doubles as a learning tool. Turn those old baby clothing pieces into a great plush alphabet that will make learning the ABCs fun and easy. Depending on your preference, you may only need a few pieces of clothing – if you want the alphabet pieces to match in color and design. Note that this takes a bit of sewing but the end result is amazing. Plus, you could use fabric glue to attach magnets to the back and use these on the fridge.

Tutorial: chezbeeperbebe

11. Baby Clothing Baseball Caps


I love this idea for little boys and girls, too. Girls can wear adorable little baseball caps and these are so easy to make. This gives you a great way to use up clothing that has cute little images sewn on, too. Those appliques will be so adorable on the top of your little baseball cap. The great thing is you’re saving at least $10 or so over buying the caps and you can make them from softer material than what you typically find in stores.

Tutorial: mesewcrazy

12. Whimsy Clothing Animal


I’m not completely sure what type of animal this would be, but I am certain that kids are going to love it. You can use those thick, plush footy pajamas to make the body and then embellish with shorts, pants, or other clothing pieces. He really is cute with his one big eye and his floppy ears made from an old pair of shorts. You can be totally creative with this one and just make him however you want. kids are going to love the soft plushiness and you’re going to love how very easy it is to put together.

Tutorial: littlebitfunky

13. Outgrown Clothing Wall Art


If you are looking for something that you can decorate with, this wall art made from scraps of outgrown clothing is perfect. You just choose a design – I love the bird design on this one – and then use the scraps of fabric to give it color. You wouldn’t even have to sew this unless you wanted to. You could totally use fabric glue to hold your pieces to the canvas, which by the way you could substitute with a baby blanket that you wanted to keep and make the entire thing a memory art piece.

Tutorial: chasingcottons

14. Baby Clothing Heirloom Easter Eggs


How adorable are these heirloom Easter eggs that you can make from your baby’s outgrown clothing? You can use these to decorate for Easter and save them for your child to decorate their own home when they have little ones. They’re so easy to make and if you don’t want to sew them, you can just use fabric glue which will hold them together perfectly. Stuff with batting or with leftover pieces of clothing if you prefer.

Tutorial: nurturestore

15. Baby Clothes Sun Prints


These sun prints are the perfect way to preserve those adorable baby clothes and use them for decorating the nursery. You’ll need light sensitive paper and then you cover the paper with Plexiglas and expose it to the sun. It’s not as complicated as it sounds and it gives you a wonderful way to display and preserve those favorite newborn outfits like onesies, socks, and even the little outfit you bring your bundle of joy home from the hospital in.

Tutorial: marthastewart

16. Baby Sock Bunnies And Chicks


These little bunnies and chicks are too adorable and you can use them to recycle those mismatched socks. They’re pretty easy to make and you can use them as baby toys or just put them on display when you’re finished. They make wonderful Easter decorations – just add them all to a little basket or hang hooks on them and hang them on your Easter tree. Either way, you’ll have preserved those little pieces of clothing in a really adorable way.

Tutorial: inhabitots

17. Upcycled Baby Clothing Snack Bags


Please be sure that you are using clean and stain-free clothing for this one. You can take those old baby onesies and make the most adorable – and functional – snack bags. You can use these as reusable snack containers to hold all sorts of things from animal crackers to those little teething biscuits. This lets you do away with plastic bags and you can just throw them into the washing machine after each use to keep them clean and sanitary.

Tutorial: bornimaginative

18. Baby Photo Album Cover


What better way to preserve a favorite onesie or outfit than to create a quilted photo album cover? You can then use the album to store photos of your little one in his or her favorite outfit. I love this idea as it incorporates so many different ways to treasure those memories. If you’re like me, and many other parents, you have tons of pictures of new baby so you’ll be able to make several photo albums and store all of those pictures.

Tutorial: diynetwork

19. Baby Bag


You can use some of those little t-shirts to make a great bag for carrying baby’s things. These are also wonderful gift ideas for anyone you know who is expecting – just be sure that your little shirts are free from stains. I love the idea of repurposing baby clothing into something that you will use for the baby – you could even make a little bag for them to carry around their little toys when they get older.

Tutorial: mommypotamus

20. Baby Shoe Frame


This may actually be my favorite on the list. You can take those adorable little shoes that your baby has outgrown and put them into a vintage frame, which instantly makes them look antique. I love the idea of decorating with baby clothing, especially when it turns out so beautifully and gives you a great vintage picture look. You don’t even need an actual vintage frame. Just paint and distress a frame and you’ve got instant vintage!

Tutorial: vintiquities

This was a wonderful article from DIY Crafts…I fell in love with it! I wish I would have had this article when my boys were young!

Crafts · Fun & Easy DIY

Dragonfly Update

I have been busy working on the cabinets for the past few days, so in between, I like to do little projects.
This project shows you how you can take a  plain piece,  and turn it into something sparkly and pretty!
I have this tea light dragonfly. I’ve had it for many, many years. I decided it’s time to give it a makeover. Now my friend, the one who claimed the starfish wreath, was here and fell in love with it. After I cleaned it,I poured a cup of coffee and started figuring out my strategy for this cute dragonfly. When I went back into my craft room she already had the paint out! She wanted purple! At this point I knew it was gone. So I started painting it with the purple and played around with colors, before painting the whole thing white.
Tip: I always paint things white first. The color you put on top just pops better! Below is what it looked like before painting…She said she wanted it blue, purple, and turquoise…..Waited for it to dry, and then I painted the wings and body the acrylic purple.
 At this point I thought it was looking pretty good. I had this sea glass that I had been wanting to use on a project…and this one would look good with it.
I put it on with Gorilla construction adhesive. On this project I wasn’t doing it with thin set, or grout. It was like putting together a puzzle. When I was done, it looked pretty good. She was thrilled. Then someone got the bright idea of putting some glitter on the body. I had purple glitter, I covered the other parts with newspaper, I then sprayed with a spray adhesive and put on the glitter.
After I was done with the glitter, I sprayed the whole thing with matte Rust oleum Clear Coat to protect it. this is what it looks like…
Here’s another pic of her…has to be a girl with all that sparkle!
I’m so glad I take pictures so I can remember my work. Well that’s it! I really am blessed to have such great friends who love my work. So it’s okay if they claim my projects. Besides, can you imagine my home if I kept all this stuff. I also want to thank all of you who are following my creativity, it’s such a compliment to me…thank you!