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Awesome Bath/Kitchen Remodel

A sweet friend of mine, Bernice and her husband, have been so busy with their home improvements! I am seriously blown away by what the both of them have accomplished! Bernice just sent me some photos of their work, and I am so very proud to post them for all of you to see.

They bought a 1960 home. Bernice disliked (very much) her narrow kitchen. She said she could extend her arms and touch each side. Now let me just say, her husband is the greatest. He worked so hard on this kitchen remodel, and it turned out beautiful.

Here is the kitchen before it was gutted:

first kitchen picture

kitchen 7

This is a typical galley style kitchen. Notice the fluorescent lighting above, popcorn ceiling, and cabinets. All terribly outdated. Notice the fridge on the right? That’s the wall they decided to tear out! Aren’t they amazing!

wall 2

With the wall is torn down, this was the perfect time to lay new flooring. Hubby lifted up the carpet in the living room, exposing those beautiful hardwood floors:

hubby removing carpet.jpg

But, as you can see, the kitchen needed flooring:

2nd picture of no kitchen floor

Now the floor is laid in the kitchen, it’s time to stain. I just love how well the floor matches to the old…beautiful!

With the floors done, it was time to start putting in the cabinets.

floor done putting in cabinet.jpg

Now this is what it looks like now with the new cabinets in.

3 Bernice kitchen

Isn’t it pretty! Notice the fridge now on the same wall. Bernice wanted an island,  so hubby put one in,

1 kitchen bernice

thumbnail (2)

Hubby also removed the popcorn ceiling! I have done it myself, and it is one messy job!


Notice they also got rid of the dated fluorescent lighting.

completed kitchen.jpg

Notice the gorgeous glass backsplash? Bernice just loves her new kitchen!!!You know what they say…happy wife, happy life!

after kitchen.jpg

So here are the before and afters:

So….what do you think? Aren’t they a talented couple, they are really amazing. They even remodeled their bathroom. It had one of those walk in tubs. Bernice hated it! This is the bathroom before.

1 bath

Notice where the cabinet and toilet were placed in the picture above.

2 bath.jpg

This was a total gut job! Here the guys are removing the walk in tub. They did the work themselves to save money on a plumber.

This is usually when you start to worry if doing it yourself was worth it!!

bathroom first b4 guy

Wow! Hubby is still going strong…


This is how the bathroom looks now….prepared to be wowed at the shower!

thumbnail (7)

Didn’t they do a fabulous job! Looks so awesome Bernice!!The cost for both kitchen and bathroom was approx. $20,000. Think of the cost it would have been if had been done professionally. They had never done this big of a remodel before, but hubby was knowledgeable and did a lot of research first. Bernice wrote, “We worked with a designer at Home Depot on the kitchen. In the space we had she did a terrific job of guiding us. We did not want to pay to have electrical or plumbing moved”.

My thought to all of you thinking of doing this yourself. Just be sure you know what you are going to do. Research on U Tube, or websites showing bath and kitchen remodels. Get help from the designer at your home improvement store like Bernice did on the planning out the floor plan, including the cabinet and appliance placements.

I must tell you, Bernice has acquired a love with the glass filler/gems you usually use with vases. Well, Bernice has taken it to a whole new level. You can purchase the gems in assorted colors at the Dollar Store. The vases are a dollar each there also.

Ready to see what Bernice created with the gems??? Here are the vases and light fixture covers that she used.

thumbnail (4)

thumbnail (2)

Remember that vase sitting on top of her new island?  I bet it looks pretty with a tealight timer candle inside. Very pretty!!!

Bernice created this on her mirror:

bernice mirror

thumbnail (8)

Isn’t that soooo pretty!!!!

thumbnail (3)

thumbnail (1).jpg

thumbnail (10)

thumbnail (11)

thumbnail (12)

I am so proud of you Bernice, and your hubby too! Your remodels came out so beautiful! You both should feel so proud each time you walk into your home. I am in love with your new shower, gorgeous remodel honey!

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23 thoughts on “Awesome Bath/Kitchen Remodel”

      1. A friend is moving and selling his home. He gave me almost all of his tools and benches. I went crazy! Half the stuff I didn’t even know what they were used for. But he gave me a jig, and that is perfect for making cabinets. So I will be busy, even though I will be down come April 3. ☺️❤️️


      2. With the hip graft probably 1 week, I don’t know. The foot several months. But I bought a knee scooter, and it’s so much. I painted it pink, with silver basket! Thank you☺️❤️️❤️️ for asking. I have been off my right foot for a little over a year now. So, I know how to maneuver around. Plus, I have help!


    1. Ah, you liked that mirror! She loves those gems, and has made so many things with them o er the years. You can pick them up at the dollar store cheap! I hope you have a beautiful day. I will relay the message to Bernice! ☺️❤️️

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  1. Hi kelley…Thanks for posting our adventure . It was fun looking back once I got all my photos together. It WAS a big job wasn’t it? The planning and purchasing took the longest. You don’t just measure a kitchen and then you are done. You have to figure out every footstep and move. That takes time.
    But soooo worth it.
    At first I was just going to keep the old cabinets and remove half of the wall so I could join the grownups in the other room,while slaving over a hot…something! But hubs insisted it was better this way. And it is. With the island movable,we can pull out the table for more company.
    As far as the shower glass,I would not do it again. Too much cleaning when you have hard water.
    Thanks again for posting! 👏👏🤗


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