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DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments


Most of these projects are easy to make and require few supplies and materials. For example, to make something similar to the decorations showed in the picture, you’ll need ivory felt, a hand-sewing needle, red embroidery thread, cotton balls or fiber-fill, pinking shears, scissors, straight pins, a marking pen and a small paintbrush or pen.


For this next project you’ll need the mistletoe template one sheet of green felt, a sharpie or fabric pencil, pearl embellishments, hot glue or fabric glue and a ribbon. First cut out the templates and trace around them on the felt. Cut out the felt shapes and arrange the springs as you wish. Then glue the stems and leaves where they overlap and add the pearl embellishments to resemble berries. Tie a ribbon around the stems and you’re done.{found on stayathomeartist}




The star is an important symbol for Christmas and it has remained almost unchanged over the years. But this doesn’t mean you can’t improvise a little when it comes to materials and small details. For example, you can make some felted star ornaments for your Christmas tree using templates or improvising. You can add beading or all sorts of other decorations if you like and you can use any color you want.{found on purblee}.



For this fun project you’ll need peach felt, white felt black, red, green, yellow and blue scraps, black perle cotton, a hand stitching needle, templates and a marking pen. Cut out the felt shapes and stitch the topper pieces for each ornament along with Snoopy’s ears, Lucy’s hair, Charlie’s shirt stripe and Linus’ hat. Draw the faces and details and embroider them on each piece. Add the perle cotton pieces and glue them to the inside of the back pieces. Place the fronts and backs together and stitch all the way around them.{found on alittlegray}.



For this project you’ll need red, white gold and black felt, black embroidery floss, dental floss, wire, glue and black buttons. Cut out the shapes from the templates and stitch them together. Make the hangers using wire. Glue the cuffs on the jacket and pants, the belt buckle and all the toher tiny pieces. Add the tiny black buttons and the finishing touches.{found on womansday}.



Make ornaments for each member of the family with their initials on and make sure everyone is happy with year’s Christmas tree. Here’s what you have to do: Choose some colorful pieces of felt and trace the ornament shapes. Cut out the pieces. Print out the letters you want to use, trace them onto the felt and cut out the felt letters. Sew the letters to the front pieces of the ornaments and then sew the fronts and backs together. Don’t forget the hanging loop.{found on sayyestohoboken}.


These are a perfect way to make special memories….put the date on the back


If you want something simple and yet personalized, you can try embroidering the hand prints of your children, friends or family members and turning them into ornaments. Trace the hand prints on paper, cut them out and trace them onto felt. Embroider them and personalize them with monograms or anything else you want.{found on emptybobbinsewing}.



Even though this seems like a tedious project it’s actually easier to make than it looks. The materials needed are a piece of wool felt in bright pink, one in ecru, a water soluble marking pen, a ruler, two spools of cotton thread in the two colors mentioned earlier and template plastic. First trace the circle and triangle onto he template plastic and cut them out. Trace the circle on both the white and pink felt and cut out the shapes. Cut a strip of felt for the hanging loop. Trace the lines as shown on the white piece of felt. You can also improvise. Sew along the marks and trim out the thread ends then cut to within 1/8th of an inch around all of the stitching.{found on purlbee}.


Some projects are just too cute to ignore. I mean, how can you resist these cuddly little faces and these cute little Christmas trees with their tiny branches and felted bodies? Decorations such as these ones will definitely put a smile or everyone’s face making Christmas a holiday full of joy and cheer. We’re not saying that you should put up a felt Christmas tree instead of a real one although that could be an interesting option. Just find a place worthy of these unique decorations.


We’ll start with this collection of cuddly felt characters. One of them is a Christmas tree and its friends are the reindeer, elf and Santa. You can find out how to craft each one of them by following the tutorials on Homanathome. For the felt Christmas tree you’ll need some yarn, small pom poms, green felt, yellow felt, a glue gun and scissors.


The tree ornaments featured on Buddlycrafts are really cute too. They’re made of green and brown felt and they’re decorated with colored buttons that look like ornaments. You can either hang these in your actual Christmas tree or insert a craft stick or skewer into the base of the trees and then into a large wooden bead or sewing bobbin.


You can decide how to display the felt Christmas tree featured on Thenerdswife later. For now, let’s see how you can craft something just like this. You’ll need light green, white, red, orange, yellow, blue and dark green felt and scissors. You can also use glue although it would also be fun to turn this into a project for the kids and let them redecorate the trees as many times as they want.



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My Christmas Wish

I’m sitting here and looking out the window at the beautiful blue skies above. The mountains surrounding my city is filled with beautiful white snow. It’s Christmas eve, and I just wanted to send you a quick note to wish you all a magical, wonderful, Merry Christmas!

I started my blog Aug 28, and in the few short months, I have met some really fabulous, interesting people through my site and my reading others. I am so thankful to all of you who have been following my journey! I love all your comments and your interesting ideas.

Beginning the New Year I have big plans. I will be trying the Rustoleum Cabinet kit first, as I promised some readers..I will also be painting sinks, scrapping off popcorn ceilings, applying tile, staining concrete, more countertops, among my regular crafts.

Merry Christmas….and my wish to all of you is a healthy, fabulous New Year!

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Snowflakes ‘Updated’

I have had such a wonderful day! I am filled with the Christmas spirit! First I had a young friend of mine come over and do snowflakes with me! Then, a couple came over with their precious 1 yr old baby girl….ahh..I just melted holding her. Showing her all the musical stuffed animals and snow globes. Her eyes were as big as saucers, as she was so fascinated with everything! Her visit made my year!

So back to the snowflakes…the first one is one you are already aware of… snowflakes out of coffee filters…right? This is Mariah…flattening out the coffee filter….


Fold in half, and keep folding till you have a small triangle

You then cut little triangles or circles…

this is what it looks like when your finished…dscn4056

and that turns into this

The next snowflakes are awesome!!!!


What do you think of this one? Tomorrow we are adding fluorescent glitter all over it!

Here is what you need….pkg of brown paper lunch bags, and glue..we used white glue….both found at the dollar store..It’s better if you can find the white lunch bags…they were out, so we used the brown.


The second one we made came out fuller…we used 10 bags. Start by laying out one bag, front side up, and make a line of glue across the top then down…forming a T. .


Then put the next bag on top of the glued bag. Continue with glue, then bag until you reach the last bag

This was the hard part….getting Mariah to wait for the glue to dry.

When dry, cut a ‘tree top’  through all 10 bags at the top. If you can’t cut through all 10, just lift up some and cut a few at a time.

It will look like this…


I was getting excited…I forgot to take pictures of the next step. But all you do is cut 2 small triangles below the larger one you just cut out. Then you carefully spread the bags apartdscn4075

….oops, still wet glue….and like a fan, you connect the ends with glue. See above how she is spreading the bags. Spread out to make a fan….


Then you will meet both sides together of the fan…to form a circle…See how glue was added to one side…




These are big stars. Cover with glitter…Big and beautiful!!!

What do you think?

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Last Minute Ornaments


One – Melted Snowman

3″ clear ornament (dollar store)
1/3 cup white bath salts or white styrofoam fillers at dollar store
3-inch by 3-inch piece of black felt
3/4-inch by 3-inch piece of red felt
Small funnel or rolled piece of paper into funnel shape
Black permanent marker

Top Hat – Cut round circle about the of a quarter and another the size of a nickel from the black felt.
Cut a strip about 3/4 inch by 2 1/2 inches from the black felt.  Add glue around the edge of the small circle.  Wrap the rectangle piece around the edge and seal the ends together.  Add glue to the bottom edge a place in the center of the larger circle, leaving a brim.  Note if any glue seeps out, sprinkle bath salts for snow on the hat.
Scarf – Cut 5 or 6 3/4 inch cuts into the short end of the red felt rectangle for fringe.
Eyes and Buttons – Cut small circles or pieces from the black felt.  I cut five pieces.
Carrot – I didn’t do this but a viewer suggested it and it would be adorable!!  Cut a small piece of orange felt or use an orange marker to make a carrot nose from white felt.
Add elements – Remove the top of the ornament.  Small wires hold the top in place.  Use the funnel to add bath salts to the ornament.  Don’t add too much, the eyes and buttons might get buried in the snow!  Add the top hat and scarf, then add the smaller pieces.  Squeeze the wires together and replace the top.
Add saying – Using the marker add a favorite saying like, “You Melt Me!”

Two – Yarn Ball

Old round ornament
Approximately 3 yards of yarn
2 toothpicks

Start wrapping the yarn around the ornament into a yarn ball.  When covered tuck in the end into the ball.
Add toothpicks like knitting needles.

Three – Snow Globe

3-inch clear plastic ornament
Small 2″ bottle brush tree – craft store, dollar store
1/4 cup of glitter
Small funnel
Craft glue

Remove the ornament top.  Check if tree bottom fits through the top.  If it does add glue to the bottom and push tree through the top and set on the bottom of the ornament.  If it doesn’t {mine didn’t} rock the bottom back the forth until the bottom pops off.  Then add glue to the bottom branches.  Push the tree through the top and set on the bottom of the ornament.  Let dry upright.  Note, you will have glue around the top edge.  That’s fine the top will hide any glue.  When the glue dries add glitter using the funnel.  Add the top.  Shake the glitter to cling on the sides like snow.

Four – Clothespin Star

10 spring-type clothespins
Craft Glue

“V”  The clothespins have a “clip” end and a “handle” end.  Make a “V’” by attaching the clip end of one clothespin to the handle of the other.  Note, only clip to one handle.  Make a total of 5 “V’s.”
“W” Next make two “W’s” by adding the clip to a handle a “V.”
Now combine all the pieces to make a star shape by attaching clips to handles.  The clips may need to be pushed open some.  You may need to flip over some to match up correctly.  When in place add a small amount of glue to hold in place.

Five – TeaLight Snowman

1 Battery tealight- dollar store
Red Felt
Black marker
Piece of ribbon
Craft Glue

Glue a loop of ribbon on the back of the tealight.  Make sure you can turn on and off the tealight and add a battery if needed.
Using the marker add two eyes and a mouth.  Cut a piece of red felt about 1/4 inch by 2 inches.  Glue over the top head of the snowman.  Cut to small circles of felt and glue on the ends for ear muffs.

Six – Mason ring wreath

Mason jar ring
Approximately 24-inches of ribbon
Craft Glue

Add a dollop of glue on the end of the ribbon and glue to the inside of the ring.  When dry start wrapping covering the ring.  When covered add a dollop of glue and let dry.  Tie on a ribbon or for a rustic look…twine!

Seven – Farmhouse pine cone

1 pine cone
Burlap ribbon or regular ribbon
Craft Glue

Make a simple tie with the ribbon.  Run the burlap through the tie and glue on top of the pine cone.  If you have 5 hands you can tie everything on top of the pine cone…Lol!

 Eight – Ribbon Tree

I had trouble explaining this knot during the live workshop so I added a link below to help.

8 to 10-inch stick
Small pieces of different ribbons.

Start at the small end of the stick.   Cut about 4 inches of ribbon and make a square knot.   The square knot makes the ribbon stand out from the stick.  Continue adding different ribbons each about 1 to 2-inches longer than the last piece.  Space the ribbons about 3/4-inch.  To finish the tree trim and ribbons for a tree shape.

Nine – Sled

Handful of craft sticks
Craft Glue
Craft Paint
Loop of ribbon

Lay three crafts sticks on your worktable with middle about 1/2-inch higher.  Break two pieces of craft stick about 1-inch long.  You can use wire cutters or tin snips, but I simply broke off pieces the size I wanted.  Glue the two pieces across the three along the top and bottom.  When dry, glue additional craft stick along the “bottom” edge to resemble the sled blades.  I added two more stick along the inside to stick out the back of the sled.  Then glue a small piece approximately 1 1/2-inches across the blade in front.  Add a loop of ribbon to hang.

This was first seen on ‘Country Design Style’



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Cookie Cutter Mobile n’ Ornament

I recently went to a neighbors garage sale. I spied these all these Christmas themed cookie cutters…10 for a dollar…wow! I really don’t need anymore…but I couldn’t pass these up, I could do something with them..


Now I had found this also at a garage sale months ago. I still have no idea what it is, or what it’s used for.But,  I liked the shape, so I got it for a dime. Actually, that fits how I think at garage sales. I look at the shape, and see if something clicks in my head. My love for architecture probably has nothing to do with it, but I always go for the shape.


Do you know what it is? I’ll just call it round piece, so I don’t confuse anyone. Well, don’t think you can’t do this project. Use a embroidery  hoop. Whatever size you want. If you only have 4 cookie cutters…get a smaller hoop. You can even use a wire coat hanger, as long as it’s not flimsy.

So back to my idea….I  took out all the cookie cutters and put ribbon around them with hot glue. I bought ALL these ribbons at the dollar store. Some shiny, and the others with little rhinestones creating a ribbon…


When I was finished with them all with the ribbon around them…


they are going to sparkle and look so pretty.

I took some string, you can use ribbon if you want, and cut 4 equal lengths. I attached them around the round piece in 4 places. Be sure before you tie a knot on top, that it’s hanging evenly. If not adjust the strings/ribbon.


After I was done with that..  I had this mono filament illusion cord (that’s a mouthful) left from my baby mobile  projects…. and  You can get tutorials from there, using ribbon instead of the strings.


I tied one side of the cord to the center of the  figure, and then the other end to the round piece.Hang each one the length you want. I hung mine in random lengths. I put the largest, which was an angel, in the center. Then I worked around the mobile, hanging the rest.



Those cabinets in the background are getting painted in Jan….with the Rustoleum Cabinet Kit…so stay tuned for that


Isn’t this a cute gift for that baker you know??? Or for yourself if you love to bake. Perhaps if a gift…you can coordinate their kitchen colors with this idea. This is just a really adorable mobile.

Now I had a couple more repeats of shapes so I made ornaments for the tree. I started from the bottom, I worked up one side, putting little dabs of hot glue in the creases of the cutter. When I got to the top, I made a loop for hanging it, and then back down the other side so ends meet.


This is so pretty…and when the lights shine on it, the sparkle is so pretty. I think I will put one of these on each of my bakery gifts.

I was making these outside….I then looked over at my fig tree…not ready yet…but look at the beautiful rose in all her glory!



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18 Christmas Hacks

I love these ideas! Love, love the Christmas Tree napkin!


Its the most beautiful time of the year,

Lights fill the street spreading so much cheer.

Hey FriendsMerry Christmas in Advance.I think its the right time to prepare for Christmas. Preparations for Christmas can be very hard but this time it won’t. Here you go friends 18 hacks coming on your way:


  1. Christmas Tree Napkin218416a622d6b722bd9f978d4d6a9de9.jpg -Its the best napkin fold for Christmas and its too simple to make.

View original post 320 more words

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Creative Money Gifts

With Christmas right around the corner, sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge finding a gift for your loved ones. Money is the ultimate gift to give. When money is given, it can be spent on exactly what the recipient wants. I wanted to share with you some Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift not only for Christmas but for Birthdays, Graduation, or just because.

I’m going to start with a wonderful way to give kids quarters! Quarters come in handy at the newsstand, campus laundries, and video arcades. Cover their utilitarian wrappers with candy cane hues.


What a great idea! Wow…and this one…fill a balloon with wrapped bills and confetti. This is a great idea for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, etc.


How about this one from Christmas Cash from It’s Written on the Walls


Remember those clear ornaments you can get at the dollar store? I used them in a few of my projects…how about rolling up bills, some small pieces of red and green ribbon inside. Top with a bow..and their name on the outside…such a cute gift you can hang on the tree Christmas Eve. See if your recipient notices it …


This one is a cute gift idea….


Isn’t that cute!! Remember my ‘Gumdrops and Lollipops’ …well this isn’t topped with candy…


this next one is so cute…Grab a frame from the dollar store..“In an Emergency” Money Gift from Sendo Invitiations


This is a great one for a graduation gift. But…you can change the tag to ‘ Here’s to a Merry and Bright Christmas’


This next one is for your pizza lover….this one is very creative from Pizza Box Money Gift from Making Memories with your Kids


Wouldn’t you love this Christmas Tree!


Do you have someone special that loves play-doh?


Money Headband from Big Ideas


I remember saving all my gum wrappers when I was young. I would make long chains like above with them.

I just love this next one….so pretty…you could attach this to the outside of a gift..or hang on tree.Christmas Wreath from My List of Lists


the last one is cute too…for the McDonalds lover…aac7c18e4586539a3609053e207b689a.jpg

So…did I give you any cute ideas?