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How To Make a Christmas Bow Tree Topper

Decorating your Christmas tree with a bow topper has become very popular. You can spend a small fortune at a craft store purchasing a large bow topper. Here is the way to make it yourself .

Now don’t be intimidated, in just 3 easy steps you will be tying bows like a professional gift wrapper at Macy’s!


If your making the bow for the top of tree, be sure to use the wide ribbon. Wired ribbon works great, and I found you can maneuver it better, and the ribbons can be fuller.

Step 1. Fold your ribbon into an accordion shape. I went back and forth 5 times. This is where you decide how big you want your bow to be!

I am showing you on smaller ribbons you can place on your tree branches or on packages!


how-to-tie-a-christmas-bow-in-3-easy-steps-how-to (1).jpg

Step 2. Place your pipe cleaner in the middle of you folds and twist. This is closing the bow and keeping it in place. You can also use wire for this step, but pipe cleaners are easier to handle in my opinion.




Step 3. Fluff! This is where you give your bow shape. Pull the loops side to side to achieve your desired fullness. This ribbon does not have wire, but if yours does this is the step to mold it to your desired shape.
 To secure the bow to your tree, use the left over pipe cleaner ends and twist them around a branch.
So…that is how to make a pretty bow! Easy to do, once you get the hang of it…you won’t buy bows again!
I would love to see pics of your creations! USA, LLC 


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