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Reindeer Crafts For Kids

What’s better than watching children creating something awesome! I love watching children when they are focused on a  little project. Their little faces and expressions are so memorable. Working so hard on it, yet having so much fun! When they are finished, the proud look on their faces, when they present it to you.

Here are some really easy crafts for little kids. They will have so much fun creating these. they can place their little hands on brown paper and trace out their hands for the reindeer’s antlers. My sons made these when they were small. I still have them. Their hands were sooo small.


Aren’t those adorable! You can hang them on the tree! Plus you have a memento from when they were small…watch their hands grow. They grow up so fast. You can make a template of their hands….then cut it out on thin corkboard. Or you can use construction paper. Add the pipe cleaners for their antlers. Sprinkle the reindeer’s with glitter…

Now don’t laugh….but how about their feet? This one may be messy…but to a lot of kids, it will be a blast! The first one is a outline of a their foot then their hands.

The second one above…how cute!  The next ones…are so cute! Is there a cook in the house? Make a reindeer on a mason jar, and fill with a hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, etc. Or a favorite jam, cookie ingredients, candy…whatever you can think of.


Do you have any leftover corks from the wreath we made?   All you need is 3 1/2 corks for this little reindeer. So cute for a wine lover you know. Place on their package…how cute. Stick a ribbon or string loop for hanging.

How about that mom that loves to garden? These potted reindeer’s are so cute, and you can feel them with anything you like for a sweet gift. All the pots, eyes and noses can be found at the dollar store.  The second one is cute. Paint a reindeer on poster board or cardboard…add a bow and a couple of clothespins for the legs…cute.

So here are some more reindeer ideas….




Most of these can be made for preschool children on up. Just watch those scissors! Mom’s can help the smaller hands with their reindeer’s .

That’s it! I would LOVE to see what your kids created…perhaps I could put all of them on a post!!!! That would be fun!!!

Did I get your creative juices flowing!


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