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8 Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts




Oh No! Just noticed I have a crack in the charger….time to head back to the dollar store for more chargers. Here is something beautiful I made last year I just wanted to share with you. I purchased the cone and sequins at Walmart. Now you can get a shorter cone at the dollar store, along with the charger and ornaments. They also have sequins at some dollar stores you can use, that will look pretty too. I also purchased some rhinestones at the dollar store in red and green in little bags, that I’m using for another project, that you also can use.

This next one is for a fellow reader who has a beautiful collection of a snow village…


You can put some of the houses on a charger, mod podge, glitter and what a difference. Houses, and the charger from the dollar store…mod podge and glitter at Walmart.

Mason Jar Snow Globes


Glue trees to the underside of lid. Be sure to add glitter or small snow flakes to the jar inside. Shake and enjoy….another easy project for kids!

Gem Icicle Ornaments


Sandwich a piece of wire between 2 of the jewels and use Aleenes Tacky Glue or hot glue. Leave a inch n half on top to make a hook to hang….So easy and the jewels and hot glue are at dollar store.

Spoon Snowman


Wooden Spoons, paint and some ribbon from the dollar store….and you can make these. These would be cute gifts, with a mason jar filled with everything to make hot cocoa. Or even bag some cookies and wrap around the spoon with ribbon.

Sequin Balls


You can pick up all the supplies at the dollar store. I would hang from those sequin ribbon I used for my window garland…

In a window. they would sparkle really pretty!



These balls are so easy to make. You see them everywhere in all the magazines, and HGTV. All you need is a couple of boxes of toothpicks and a styrofoam ball from the dollar tree. Spray paint is the easiest to use. So easy. You can even use the half circles or cut one in half, put the toothpicks all around up side of ball, a soda clip top thingy, and hang on the wall. Group a bunch of them on a wall, painted to match your decor.

Here is one…I know I couldn’t do well…I don’t draw well…



Remind me sometime to show you what I did to a bottle. A friend knows I collect bottles. She gave me a beautiful blue vodka bottle. I painted the NY skyline on it. For the windows I put rhinestones….long story short…I can’t draw well. USA, LLC


26 thoughts on “8 Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts”

      1. Oh my gosh I do need to find some time to make one. I am in the process of doing a 12 days of Christmas crafts on my blog starting December 11th(my daughter’s birthday) and didn’t realize it would involve so much work. There is no way I could handle Blogmas, that is amazing that you guys can post so much…I love reading all these DIY’s and traveling sites. This is my first year blogging.


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