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Earthing! The health of walking barefoot — Beauty castle

I came across this beautiful, post by Hoon that I just knew you would love to read it as I did.

The pleasure of walking barefoot along the shore of the beach, treading on the grass or the land of the countryside and feeling its freshness is more than just a funny moment or an anecdote. The organism is really revitalized, it relaxes and the energy flows inside it. But this is a gesture as simple and essential as forgotten; It seems […]

via Earthing! The health of walking barefoot — Beauty castle




34 thoughts on “Earthing! The health of walking barefoot — Beauty castle”

  1. If I lived close to the beach I would be walking barefoot in the sand every. But my yard is full of pokey tree needles and it’s too dang hot for me to enjoy being outside. So for anyone who wants to do earthing but doesn’t want to go outside you can get indoor earthing stuff. I bought a sheet to sleep on. It has silver threads running through it and you connect it to the ground in a 3 prong outlet. I love it. There are also mats you can rest your bare feet on while at your computer or watching tv etc. And a bracelet, I got one of those with my sheet but I haven’t tried it yet

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      1. When I had a desktop computer I had a ball… One day my kitty decide to slap the ball while I was sitting on it… It popped the cat go so scared he craped on the the floor and I bruised a hip when I landed. be careful those things are dangerous. I still laugh at that image. I almost wish I had it on video.

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      1. No. I was born in Finland. Migrated to Oz with my parents as a 7 year old. And moved around quite a bit following Dad’s work. Settled here in Adelaide in 1970 and have not left!


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