Golden Pumpkins

Finally, fall is here! That means it’s time to start the fall crafts…and nothing speaks to me more at fall then pumpkins! I was hauling in the ‘fall’ bins from the garage yesterday, and I noticed this sad little pumpkin…..


Doesn’t it look so sad 😦    so……..

I got out my box cutter and cut off the top. I then took a can of Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint….painted it….filled it up with flowers and ribbons….and here it is now….


Then I painted another with white chalk paint….then took a round pouncer and it came out like this…


Only another dozen to decorate….did I mention I love the fall!

Share your thoughts! If you’ve made some really creative pumpkins…..please send me a pic! I would love to see them! ….thank you for looking


Here is a awesome pumpkin made by: https://craftysurf.com/

 Isn’t this adorable! Love, love the creativity….thank you for sharing!!


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61 thoughts on “Golden Pumpkins”

      1. Hmm the idea is to see the fall colours in Vermont. It is yet way too warm in New Jersey. It feels like summer yet with all the humidity. I am hoping Vermont shall take care of that. What about you? I did try on some fun beard masks today in a store and feel appropriately silly 😉

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      1. Ohh…I did!! My heart is filled with so much happiness! She is so precious. She called me Grandma!!!! We were playing in the pool and she said” I love you Grandma and kissed me. I exploded in happiness!!!!!Words cannot express how happy I was then and now!!!!

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    1. These were so easy Patty, anyone could do them. Those pouncers you can find at any craft store, or Walmart, better price. I used the pouncers on so many of my projects.


  1. I like the golden pumpkin idea. I’m hosting the Thanksgiving dinner this year, so I’m going to decorate the house a little bit. I may get a whole bunch of different sizes of pumpkins and decorate them. Thank you for the great ideas,

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    1. Great idea! Painted pumpkins look so pretty! Easy way to dress up the table with a few thrown in here and there with greenery and and gourds can be painted also…kids can draw funny faces on them.

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    1. That was done with faux pumpkin. Just make hole at top, they cut pretty easily and hollow inside. Such a fast craft to do. You can get artificial plants at the dollar store, and ribbon too! That would look pretty on your table!

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      1. I have no one to do it with or for this year, darling, and I don’t go to stores – I am in high risk group. We just had another surge of numbers.
        I liked metallic paint more than the white one, and the fishy one is cute, but somehow doesn’t spell Fall to me.


      2. I haven’t been going out either. End of Feb, I was in hospital for a while. Coughing, light headed, terrible shortness of breath. I couldn’t walk to restroom without almost passing out. Food had not taste. I had several transfusions, of both blood and iron. They said I was bleeding internally somewhere, and released me, after getting my levels up.
        I was tested for the virus 3 months later, they test prior to surgeries. Tested negative To this day, I am still coughing. My body aches.
        But…life is good….

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