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Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint has so many fun uses, both playful and practical. The only downfall is it comes at a steep price and the color selection is somewhat limited. Now you will be able to get all the fun, for a lot less, by making your own.

Chalkboard paint lets you transform any wall into an endlessly reusable writing surface. Although it’s readily available online and in stores it usually sells for about $25 per quart, it doesn’t come cheap. Plus,the colors are limited. When you make chalkboard paint yourself, first of all….it’s cheaper—but even better, you can create virtually any color you want!


  • Flat finish latex paint
  • Unsealed tile grout
  • Mixing tray or bucket
  • Paintbrush or roller
  • Drill/driver with paint mixer drill attachment or take a whisk and attach to drill
  • Chalk
  • Dry Towel


Sometimes in the paint department of large home improvement stores they have discounted paint that other customers returned/or didn’t come out right. If they have a discounted can that you like…pick it up!

Unable to purchase discounted paint in the perfect color for your space? Don’t fret! You can close the gap between what you have and what you want by mixing in white paint to create lighter tones. In this way, a rich brown can be coaxed into a soft tan, or a deep purple can be softened into a lavender shade.

How to Make Chalk Paint - Mix

Once you are happy with the paint color, add the magic ingredient: grout. For a successful batch of chalkboard paint, one to eight is the recommended ratio of grout to paint. So if you’re working on a small project involving only a half cup of paint, then expect to use one tablespoon of grout. Meanwhile, if you’re covering a large wall in a half gallon of paint, you’ll mix in a full cup of grout.

As thoroughly as you can, mix the grout into the paint. That means stirring for a minimum of five minutes, breaking up any clumps that start to form or stubbornly linger. Bear in mind that once you finish stirring,chalkboard paint tends to harden rather quickly, and you cannot seal the stuff for later use. In other words: Be ready to apply the paint as soon as you are done making it.

Apply the first coat, let it dry for several hours, then follow up with a second coat. After that, let the chalkboard paint dry for about three days, at which point the chalkboard should be cured and ready to use. Many people, however, suggest one last prep: conditioning the chalkboard by running a piece of writing chalk lengthwise over the surface until it’s completely covered. Finish by using a dry towel to wipe the chalked-over surface clean, and you’re all done!

It’s wonderful being able to make chalkboard paint yourself—quickly, cheaply, and easily—because there are so many fun ideas, and you never know when inspiration will strike. Just go where the chalkboard muse takes you! Today, turn a kitchen cabinet into your family’s shopping list and reminder hub. This weekend, devote part of the garage to visualizing complicated auto repair and construction projects. Next month, put your work calendar up on the wall to accommodate your expanding business.

I am currently painting cabinets and plan to paint one of the inside cabinet doors with this. USA, LLC


64 thoughts on “Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint”

      1. I can’t stand chalk paint on the wall, but I love the idea of it. haha! But once it’s been written on it just looks so sloppy and ashy to me, and requires constant upkeep which is just one less thing I have time for. But I would love to do tinier chalkboards for the kids to practice their spelling and arithmetic here at home, love the idea of customizing the colors to make it more fun!


  1. I have an old mirror along with a couple of old picture frames I’ve been wanting to turn into chalk boards and I never even considered making my own chalk board paint. Now I can choose a color that will compliment my home decor and make others as gifts. Thanks for the tip!

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      1. We just moved into our new home and I’m trying to incorporate farmhouse elements. I like simple and classy…timeless over trendy. I have lots of extra ribbon I could add as a way to hang them. I’ll have to show you a picture when I get them finished. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, they will have it!!! I love the Hallmark ornaments. I have collected a couple of the lines every year.. since my early 20’s. I had to come up with other clever ways to display since there are too many for the tree!

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