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Patriotic Heart Wreath

Tomorrow is 4th of July!   I wanted to make a easy, fast wreath that kids or anyone can really do. You’ll need about 3/4 yd of any fabric of your choice, just looks better with 3….or more! You can mix it up any way you want, or use colors that go well with the room.


I purchased the wire heart wreath …really inexpensive! This will work with round shape wreath also. While I was there, I purchased the red, white and blue fabric, 1/4 yd each.
The first thing I did with this project is to get out my pinking shears to cut the fabric. I cut 8″ L x 1 1/2″ wide strips in each color.


I’m sorry about the bad pic above. As you can see I started with the bottom of the heart. I made a couple of the red and white strips a little longer so they can go around bottom of heart. I tied the strips around the three wires making the heart. I put blue and white in the upper left hand corner.


I then started the blue and white at the top left side.


I just kept on wrapping the strips around the wreath. I didn’t tie in a knot. If you want to tie in a knot, then I suggest making them 1/2″ longer. This is how it looked when done.


I had put some red and blue beads I had purchased from the dollar store. I hot glued them to the back of heart on top



This is such a fun & Easy wreath you can make for so many patriotic holidays! USA, LLC 


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