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Halloween Coloring Pages

I found some pretty cool Halloween coloring pages for your kids! Just download and print out for the kids.

Aren’t those fun??? I hope your kids enjoy coloring these pages.

I know I always took my kids to their school for a Halloween carnival. It was so much fun, and safe. With the COVID, and schools around here closed….no carnivals.

So my question……how are you and your family celebrating Halloween this year? Doing anything differently?


15 thoughts on “Halloween Coloring Pages”

  1. Our children are grown up but we still decorate the house (steaming cauldron, remote control tarantula, spooky music etc). We’ll stay COVID safe this year and won’t be giving out sweets to trick-or-treaters but at least they’ll still be able to enjoy our handiwork.


    1. Isn’t that a shame. I decorated my house a little spooky. My son told me I shouldn’t give out candy, greeting all the children. After talking to my friends, I took it all down, I now feel so sad, this fun event is cancelled at my house. This just happened yesterday so I haven’t really thought about what to do. I feel sad for the kids. I also enjoy seeing their happy little faces at the door and all their costumes!
      I was thinking if some of my neighbors and I sprinkle candy all over the block, like a Easter egg hunt.

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      1. I think the plan in our neighbourhood is for the children to still dress up and go for a walk around to see the decorated houses, but not knock on doors. There’s a “best decorated house”competition to encourage this. It’s a good safe compromise to reduce contact without spoiling all the fun. Patents are just being encouraged to escort their kids and buy them sweets instead.


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