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Let’s Celebrate 4th of July!!

Over the past few days, I have been putting together a couple of centerpieces, Firecracker Centerpiece on the left of the picture, and the Flower Centerpiece on the right. I also made 2 candle holders from wood posts, and a pinwheel garland…lots of fun and easy for you to also create! Almost everything was recycled items.

For this project you will need Scrapbook pages in patriotic colors. I chose blue and white stripe, red, blue, and red and white stripes. How many pages depends on how many pinwheels you want on your garland and how many firecrackers you want to make. you want on your garland. I purchased 10 pages all together.

Let’s start with the firecrackers and pinwheel centerpiece above on the left side of the table. It is decorated with firecrackers, pinwheels and a huge rocket getting ready to take off with 3 solar lights to keep it lit up at night.


For the firecrackers, here’s what I did… for the 3 smaller firecrackers in front, I used 4 Toilet paper rolls. Three of them were used for the firecrackers and 1 to cut lengthwise and use to trace the circles for the tops. I put a hole in each circle and pulled the rope thru.

I took 3 coordinating papers and cut and glued them onto the 3 TP rolls. I then made the pinwheels that are in the Firecracker Centerpiece.

great 4th
I had some 4×4 post pieces left over from building the pergola. I cut 2 to the size I wanted. I then took Rustoleum White Blossom and sprayed the whole post. Tip: I always spray white first so the colors that I paint on top will pop!
I made stripes with Frog Tape 1 7/8″ where I wanted to paint the red stripes.
I removed the tape. Then painted the top blue.
Ahhh….the final reveal…
I then added white stars to the blue
These are the paints I used:
I think it is adorable and makes a cute centerpiece full of that 4th of July patriotism!
To make this you will need to start with about 8 empty toilet paper rolls, or a couple of paper towel empty rolls.
As you can see below. To make the flowers, you cut the toilet paper roll in half width wise. I then cut each in half again to make 4 pieces. There you have your petals. You put 4 of them together with white glue, pin with paper clip or a clothespin, etc until they dry. For the leaves, you cut one of the petal pieces 3 times.
You can see above…the thin ones to the far right are the leaves, and the thicker ones are the flower petals!  I painted them easily with acrylic paint. I tried once spray painting, but didn’t take the color well. After gluing them together,  I put a Rhinestone, coordinating paper in the center of flowers.
 For the Stems:
You can use a skewer, straw or stick for the stems. I then shredded up leftover paper from the firecrackers and previous projects to put inside the bowl as a filler between flowers.
Patriotic Flower Bowl:
I took a Pretzel container, you know those big plastic ones, and cut off about 2/3. You can use any type of container, or cut a bleach bottle or something like it in half for the bowl. (Be sure it’s completely clean. Then I used a flag paper napkin from….you guessed it, the dollar store. …. I then took Mod Podge and spread on the outside of the plastic. I then took a couple of napkins with the flag on it, and placed them on careful not to wrinkle too much.
Q-Tip Sparkler:
You will need: QTips, glue, skewer or straw, foil shreds and paint
To make the Q Tip sparkler….. You glue 5 Q Tips to the end of your skewer/straw at a angle. Paint one color. Add some of the foil shreds inside between the Q Tips. You can get the foil shreds for gift packages at your dollar store. Or shred up some of your own foil. I used a bag of Christmas foil I had left over.
 For this project you will need Scrapbook pages in patriotic colors. I chose blue and white stripe, red, blue, red and white stripes. How many pages depends on how many pinwheels you want on your garland. I purchased 10 pages all together. You start by cutting the paper in half. Take one half and start at the widths end, and fold under and fold back over like you’re making a fan;

 Then you fold it in half again, and press down on the folded part really hard with your fingers to strengthen that fold. Be sure the ends line up with each other and glue the ends together. You can use ‘Aleenes’ tacky glue or hot glue.
Now take the two ends and bring together and glue…it will look like this:
Then I decided a star would be perfect in the middle:
Added glitter around the edges!
Then I started making a bigger one….
This one is bigger. What I did was cut the blue scrap paper in half again, make the folds on both, then glue them together. You glue them just in the middle, making a bigger fan. Then you do the same with a contrasting paper. Then you glue the blue to the red on both sides.Then of course I added glitter!
I continued to make a few of these with different scrapbook pages. I added a couple to the firecracker centerpiece, and the rest went on a garland I made in the background.
So that is all of the different crafts I did to make this wonderful table setting.
Also check out this easy wreath you can make: USA, LLC


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    1. Thank you so much Rosemarie.I had so much fun coming up with those ideas…I was really in a ‘zone’. So many ideas were invading my brain all at once. One of those really ‘creative days’. Did you sign up for my giveaway yet?

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      1. Glad to hear it. Mine was fine, just spent working haha. It’s not celebrated here so just a normal day.


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