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Cranberry Crafts

The first thing I think of when I think of decorating with cranberries is of course…popcorn and cranberry garland for the tree. Children love to string popcorn, just add a little cranberries for color. Or you can also make these:

Idea 1: Indoor Cranberry Candle


Lay cut greens in the bottom of a hurricane glass.
Fill with water.
Float cranberries on top.
Put a floating candle in the middle.
Idea 2: Outdoor Cranberry Candle

Pop a candle into a glass hurricane.
Pile faux snow around the candle.
Top with cranberries.
Make several and line them up along a path.
Idea 3: Sugared Cranberry Candles (This looks so scrumptious)

1. Line a narrow tray with five colorful candles

2. Fill the space around the candles with sugared cranberries.

3. Pop in a few pine sprigs for flair.

Idea 4: Mini Christmas Tree Bucket

1. Position mini Christmas trees in a tin bucket

2. Fill the bucket with cranberries until you reach the rim.

3. Decorate the mini Christmas trees with garlands, tiny ornaments, and other decorations.

Idea 5: Cranberry Napkin Ring Wreath

1. Shape 2 inches of wire into a circle for the base.

2. Twist rosemary sprigs around wire until covered.

3. Hot-glue three cranberries to the wreath.

4. Store wreaths in the refrigerator until ready to use.

5. Slip the mini wreaths onto rolled napkin

Fun Bird Feeder That Children Can Make:

Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

  • 8–10 large pinecones
    • 1 (8-yard) spool of red ribbon, cut into 8–10 24-inch lengths
    • 1 cup peanut butter (heated in a microwave oven 20–30 seconds)
    • 1 cup Ocean Spray Craisins Original Dried Cranberries
    • ½ cup birdseed

Tie a 24-inch-long ribbon to the end of each pinecone. Coat each pinecone with peanut butter. Let your child sprinkle a mix of Craisins and birdseed on cones. Hang cones on tree branches, and with your child, watch the birds feast!

[Note: Bird experts say there is no evidence that birds choke on peanut butter.]

Cranberry and Holly Silverware and Napkin Ring Wrap

Whimsical Cranberry decor by SouthernLiving

Orange and clove scented holiday centerpiece - found at

Cranberry covered star (or shape of our choice) by OceanSpray

Simple handmade fresh cranberry napkin rings by

Cranberry Candle Arrangement and Vase Filler for the Holidays - by BH&G

Cranberry-Covered Christmas Ornament Balls - by BH&G


Christmas candles Layer the bottom with greenery, and then add a handful or two of cranberries. Pour water into the jar, causing the cranberries to float to the top. Insert a floating candle.

How to Keep a Cranberry and Popcorn Garland Fresh. Will have to read....I love the way this looks but always worry about it's life span.
Spray cranberry and popcorn garland with acrylic sealant to help keep garland fresh throughout the holiday season.

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  2. Awww…we used to make the pine cone feeders when I was a little girl. I’m going to have to make some bird feeders to put outside my office window for my little patients to watch!


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