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Christmas Door Decor.

Yesterday I spent most of the day stringing lights outside. It was fun! I have a ocotillo plant that I string crazy lights on. The thorns are large, and mean. It stabbed me many times. I must have looked funny though. At one time my body, then hair got stuck in the thorns. LOL it must have looked so funny, seeing me try to untangle myself.

So on with the decor. Have you decorated your door yet? I remember I always made my door into a gift. I would use regular foil on the door…two vertical pieces. Tape large ribbon from side to side and top to bottom. You can put a bow in the center or a wreath. I then spray  little lightly with a can of spray snow.Very pretty!

Here is one of my favorites


Isn’t that pretty!


Here is a easy idea…Just a ribbon and a giant tag.


Another simple to make swag like decoration..


Simple…Burlap Ribbon and a pick. You can make the letters with red felt.



And for all of you who love to knit or crochet…


And what is Christmas without reindeer…


Don’t you love the red glitter nose!




Very pretty…


Yummy Monogram for your door! Reminds me of my Gumdrop and Lollipop craft.

This next one has been around for years….so easy to do. You get these little ‘gift’ boxes at the dollar store.


I will leave you with this next adorable wreath to hang on your door…

12-santa-wreath USA, LLC


69 thoughts on “Christmas Door Decor.”

    1. Isn’t he cute! I have a easy one I did that looks so cute. Get a dollar store box of baggies, the ones with no zipper…just the flaps. Get a wire hanger and stretch it out to make a circle, with the top still shaped as a hanger. Start anywhere and tie the center of the baggy to the hanger.You just keep tying them all the way around. What you will end up with is a adorable, fluffy wreath. You can make the snowman out of it, or just add a bow at the top and hang. Cost…$1 for baggies


  1. Wow – again just so many great ideas! I don’t know how you do it, I’m always just so blown away with your projects. That snowman wreath is adorable and the red sparkling nose is just too cute!


      1. Thank you so much! Do you have any holidays in India coming up? My most favorite about the holidays is the people. 🤗 Everyone seems so much happier and friendlier.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing, these are all so incredibly pretty looking door decoration ideas that it would be challenging to pick just one. I really loved a ribbon and a giant tag suggestion, I might try that one. Happy Holiday season. Aiva


    1. I remember my first door was Reynolds Foil. I then put ribbon on (like a present) and a big bow in the center. Then I lightly dusted the door with spray snow. It was actually very pretty. Gosh, that was a lon….g time ago!


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