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Coffee Sign

Hi! I finally finished this project…it was like a puzzle, with small pieces. So here it is…I hope you like it ! I made it with black and white beans! You don’t necessarily have to put the beans on a piece of wood. You can make a smaller project using a picture frame, and make… Continue reading Coffee Sign

Crafts, Fun & Easy DIY

Coffee Anyone?

Coffee, it gets me started in the morning, and clears out all the cobwebs! First, please forgive the pics. My Iphone drowned so I am using an old phone to take the pics. I recently was given an Espresso Machine to review. I love it! As I sat the espresso maker beside my coffee maker,… Continue reading Coffee Anyone?

Crafts, Fun & Easy DIY

Laundry Room Sign

This is such a easy little project that looks so nice when finished... This was such a fun Project to do....and it's so easy! For this project you will need: 7 Cardboard shoe box tops 7 Scrapbook pages 8 Letters Paint Hot Glue I collected the tops of shoe boxes,and I collected some from friends. I started… Continue reading Laundry Room Sign