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Coffee Sign

Hi! I finally finished this project…it was like a puzzle, with small pieces. So here it is…I hope you like it ! I made it with black and white beans! You don’t necessarily have to put the beans on a piece of wood. You can make a smaller project using a picture frame, and make your design on the glass…then hang!

Aviary Photo_131122389726026515.png

It all started when I found this piece of wood. It was left over from another project. Perfect size for my idea! 9″x 24″.


I started by drawing , with a ruler, a picture of a stove top espresso maker on copy paper. When I had it all drawn out, I made the cup of coffee, I used a candle holder to draw the cup.


When I drew both I cut them both out and traced along the edges.


I started gluing the beans on. Now this is a very time consuming step, so turn on a movie and enjoy while making. I made the cup and the espresso maker both white.


After I was done I started thinking about where to put what. I decided to put ‘Brewed Fresh’ up on top. Then I just put the names of my faves


I had written the words, then traced over them with the glue. As you can tell below, the beans had a mind of there own.


Then it was time to fill in with black beans. With a small brush, I painted around everything with black paint.
This is going in my kitchen above the coffee zone!


there are so many varieties and colors of beans….let your imagination flow….enjoy!!!




45 thoughts on “Coffee Sign”

      1. You are such a funny girl, darling! “Just draw a picture” indeed! 😻
        In fact, I do draw pictures of cat (how did you know?), but I am thinking more of an elegant black and white one, like my Beba. Another great activity to do with grandkids – thank you!


    1. About 7 movies long…hahaa I did it while watching TV, News, Movies, etc. This is a pretty good size. You could think smaller. Like (3) 12″ size. I had this thought of making them that size next. Each one with a different pic. In my new house I am going to be making a coffee bar. So watch for that. Thank you for looking and let me know what you decide. There are so many different kinds and sizes of beans. One person mentioned doing in coffee beans!

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