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Coffee Anyone?

Coffee, it gets me started in the morning, and clears out all the cobwebs! First, please forgive the pics. My Iphone drowned so I am using an old phone to take the pics.

I recently was given an Espresso Machine to review. I love it! As I sat the espresso maker beside my coffee maker, I realized I have a coffee bar in the making.

With the wine rack hung one side, the space over the coffee and espresso machine looked empty. It was screaming for a sign….Coffee Sign!


I wanted to compare these two products, I haven’t stained in a long time. This is one of those projects that I’m not sure of the outcome.

thumbnail (18)

I liked the lighter wood stain with the metallic gold that I was going to paint the letters. I painted the letters with Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint. As you know, I love Rust Oleums products, I use the spray paints all the time on my projects.


This is a fabulous Spray Paint. I had some craft rope and stapled on the backs to create a hanger for each.

IMG_20181111_102912 (1).jpg

I had seen a ‘coffee’ phrase that I wanted to use, so now it was just picking out the letters.ย  I used 2 different sizes of letters that I purchased at Walmart!


I painted the letters with the metallic gold on a puppy pad. (use what you have..haha) Doesn’t this look pretty!


After the letters dried, I hot glued them onto the wood piece


Do you like it?? I wish you could see how much it sparkles!

On the other board, I put a cup of coffee on (again, using what’s on hand) these pins you use on cabinet shelves.


I glued the pins in 3 places on the back of the ‘coffee’ so it would stand out away from the wood piece.

IMG_20181111_075337 (2)

Here is a better pic:


So, what do you think of my coffee signs? Seriously, I really want to know! Also, how do you think I should hang them?


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56 thoughts on “Coffee Anyone?”

      1. I can answer…I always learn from mistakes. I used my camera, but when I lost my phone, and purchased a newer model, it was so much easier taking photos…your phones always with you. Of course I drowned that phone, so back to old camera till phone comes tomorrow. Life is beautiful!

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      2. Just a few years ago, the camera was the way to go for quality. Now you can take beautiful pics with your phone! th Plus..You always take your phone with you, so camera is always there. Just my opinion though. I have been busy changing the letters on the one sign. Spaced ‘COFFEE’ a little, looks better. Gotta put the foot up….good night!

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      3. At the Extension Office. A manager from one of our local cell phone stores spoke a t a Homemakers meeting last month, and he said he’s give instruction, no matter where we bought out phone. But of course this is a small town. I can find someone to help me, if I buy a fancy phone. I just hate learning new technical stuff. lol


      4. hahahaa…your so funny. I dropped my phone in water…its gone. Then my computer died this morning. I am so sorry Robin, please send me your address again, I will get it out tomorrow with my girl (helper). Thank you, I am still signed out of other email. No phone so it can’t send me activation key…my luck..but I am happy…it’s the holidays, Yay!

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      1. Im in the chair for another week, then I get to go to a cast, then a boot. That other dr. really messed up my foot. A friend put my craft table up in the living room, so its easy. I can’t wait till I’m out of this chair and can go upstairs in my own bed! We moved here Oct, and I haven’t been up there since. hahaaa. Sick of the living room! But, next week my grandaughters coming down, and I’m going to ride her all over the place…hahah. Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

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      2. Ohh, your too sweet. Thank you so much honey, but I’m not any different from others. Thankfully, It will get better, it is what it is, life keeps slamming me down lately, I just have to become a ‘weeble wobble’. Remember those??

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      3. I didn’t know they were called that in English, but we did have them under a Russian name. An excellent metaphor, darling!
        You certainly are different, as we are all different in our own ways. I so appreciate your “differentness” and your fighting spirit!

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      4. No, it is so sad because they don’t want to go without me, so they go about 20 steps and thats it. They want to come back. I feel awful about my babies. I’m trying hard not to overfeed any of us!!!

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