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Thursday Is Kids Craft Day!

Hi everyone! It’s Thursday, which means Kids Craft Day! I love having neighborhood kids stop by to create crafts with me. Children are so much fun.


Last week Mariah painted letters to her name for her wall… you can see here:

So today we painted her sisters letters to her name:


These look so pretty with the side edges are painted a contrasting color.


We finished that and decided to make charms. For this you will not need all this…just gather what you want your charms to look at,


Step by Step tutorial in case I didn’t explain it right


If you already have those, you won’t need the wire and cutters.You take about a 1 1/2″ of very thin wire.  You make an needle eye, then twist the bottom. I’m sorry I don’t know the ‘real’ name. You use them in jewelry making.


So we started by putting a empty jar upside down, (you can use anything with smooth glass) Then made a big ‘glob’ of glue on the glass. Make the ‘glob’ of hot glue as big as you want the charm to be.


Quickly you put the wire piece into the side on the top, then put whatever you want your charm to be. Mariah wanted this cupcake. You can use almost anything that will stick to glue. Just not paper.


Let it sit and dry almost completely. Then you carefully peel it off from the glass:20170706_140416.jpg

This is what it looks like:20170706_140442.jpg

She was looking through my embellishment drawer and found baseball designed letters. So we did the same thing with the letters.20170706_142103.jpg

You can also put glitter on your ‘blob’. Look at that concentration….


Look what she did next……


That is so sweet. Each week she surprises with a gift.


We used three different colors of yarn, a skewer, and a green paint.


We started by painting the skewers with the green paint.


Doesn’t she look cute! Then the fun part . I save almost everything that could be used in a future project, a prescription bottle. The pom pom comes out the diameter of whatever your using to wrap the yarn around20170706_120558

Then you wrap and wrap…at least 100 times. If you want a bigger pom pom. You could put 2 empty toilet paper rolls side by side in your hand and wrap the yarn around both of them. If your going that big, wrap around at least 200 times. To make a smaller one, you can wrap around a fork.

Here is the steps wrapping it around a piece of cardboard:


We used that same technique with the bottle. This is what they looked like:


So we made a few more , wrapped the jar with some pretty burlap. Here they are at Mariahs home., Inc. 





She didn’t want to trim them, she wanted the shabby chic look! No we’re not finished. Another friend came by and we made:


You know those balls that you squeeze when your tense. They even use them for hand strengthening.


We only used one of the paints. No food coloring. We added glue to the bowl


You don’t need to add color, but wanted color. You just add a little.

20170706_131024.jpg USA, LLC 


This is the time to add color or glitter if you like. Then you stir, and stir20170706_131031.jpg

When it’s all mixed, you add a capful of Starch to the mixture. This is the hardener20170706_131406

See how it’s getting sticky?? It’s almost done. What you are actually making is Slime…the easy way.


You will need a little help with this next step. One to hold the lip of the balloon, and the other to put in the slime. Now you need the thicker balloons for this project.  The thin balloons will tear. If your by yourself, you can wrap the lip of the balloon around a small jar of some sort. But it will be hard. You tie the balloon like you would normally. But be sure you made enough slime to fit in the balloon.




Look at her happy, proud look on her face! She is adorable.This is what they look like.




You wash them off, and enjoy. Oh it feels so good to squish…makes my fingers feel good.




Mariah playing with hers. It was really a fun day with the girls. I hope you are inspired to make one of these little crafts with your kiddos! USA, LLC 


38 thoughts on “Thursday Is Kids Craft Day!”

    1. You know what Karen?? It really feels sooo good. You should. You don’t need to add a color to it because it’s going inside the balloon.
      So all you really need is starch or shaving cream to the glue. Be sure to pour into the glue just a little bit…little capful.


  1. So you ‘borrow’ kids for play time! We used to do that when we went to watch the new release Walt Disney animated movies. These days we just go kids free – or I go by myself !! All the kids are grown up and play different games….

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Yeah, it’s fun. I had a making day with my neighbour;s daughter a while back 🙂


    1. Thank you Tami. You probably aren’t wrapping it enough times. I’m going to start making this when I’m down a couple weeks. The 2 TP roll…Nice big ones…then I am going to attach to a crochet throw I have. I think it will be beautiful!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. These are so cute to hang in from of a window or on the curtains, even baskets! So much fun stuff can be done with these! I have a feeling everything at my house is going to turn to pom poms!

        Liked by 1 person

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