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Broken Rake

A friend, who knows me a bit too much, came over yesterday to see how the progress was going in the kitchen. She brought me a gift….a rake. No ordinary rake! This ones handle was broken, the metal rusted, and bent up. Now to know Carol, is to know she  likes to bring me a challenge! So I took that old rake….and just a few minutes later turned it into this:



After her initial…loving it….She asked politely if I would remove the sunflower…


There is a lesson to learn from this….well perhaps more than one. The lesson I would love for you to take from this is: DON’T DISCARD BEFORE YOU THINK OUT OF THE BOX. I’m not recommending you to start hoarding things…but…try to look at it in a different way. Not as a piece of trash, but as a treasure you can up cycle or re purpose!

You may not know this but I started this blog when I won first place in a Trash to Treasure Challenge. It was my first challenge, and being among other crafters. It was truly exciting to win. But what was even more of a compliment was when I was asked by another blogger if I had any other projects completed. When I sent her some pics of them…she asked why I don’t have my own website…so that is how it all started!

Did I get off track? Carol took home her Re purposed rake with a smile 😉



36 thoughts on “Broken Rake”

    1. I am so happy we share the same love…repurposing! I find so much stuff left on the curb when I take my doggies for a walk. Stuff that is great stuff, it just needs some elbow grease, or made over into something else. I found a pretty fountain on the side of the road. It was broken in a few pieces. I turned it into a beautiful succulent garden.
      It’s amazing what gets thrown out!

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      1. you are a woman after my own heart! LOL
        I love finding those treasures. I have a rocking chair that I picked up twenty plus years ago and made new rockers for it. It is still in use.


      2. I like the gel stripper. It sticks and does not run so much. The head of the rocking chair had hair gel that deteriorated the six inch head piece, so I only stripped and re-stained that piece and then coated everything with poly. It is great when it works.


      3. I have a dining set that is new…but too dark. I want to lighten it. I remember stripping furniture with that runny stripper. What a mess! I have to use a stripper because of all the ‘distressed marks’. A sanding would ruin. I’m kinda dumb-founded on this one.!

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    1. I just hate throwing things into the landfill. That’s actually how this all started. I turned my granddaughters play house into a temporary spook house. It’s one of those little tikes playhouses. It’s cute.


    1. I was holding it and thought it would be great storage holder for my grill. I have those magnetic hooks on the grill, but when I put the cover on, they fall off. So there you have it….not so creative. Just a need to keep my stuff by the grill.

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