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Reusing Hangers, TP Rolls, and Rubberbands!

If you follow my blog, then you know I am all about recycling. This post is all about reusing hangers, toilet paper rolls and rubberbands! I hope you enjoy it!

Plastic Clip Hangers:


Save those plastic pants hangers to make your own bag clamps. Snip off the ends of the hangers with heavy-duty scissors. The clamps can be used on any bag around the house

Speaking of hangers. This is a tried and true trick I use in my closet:


Blouses slip down off the hanger? Simply wrap pipe cleaners around the clothes hanger. The pipe cleaners add a grippy stop to these otherwise slippery hangers.

Don’t have pipe cleaners? Here is another way of keeping your clothes from falling off the hanger:


Just wrap a rubberband around each side of a hanger.. It helps to twist it around at least two times and spread it out. That’s it!

Or…you can use your glue gun:


simply apply a bead of hot glue to the top arms of your existing hanger and let it dry completely. The rubber-like dried glue will keep your clothes in place, even when you’re in a rush and can’t decide what to wear.

Rubberbands and Painting?


Don’t you hate it when you get dried paint around the lip of a paint can and then it’s almost impossible to close without a mess? Before I start painting, I wrap a rubber band around the paint can so that it stretches across the opening. I use the rubber band to wipe excess paint from the brush instead of the can’s rim, which helps keeps my cans clean.

Unclog Sink with a Hanger

handy_hints_060418_017More likely than not, your drain will someday get clogged with hair. You can remove the clog of hair with a wire hanger.  First, untwist the wire under the hook. This leaves the hook at one end and a miniature “auger” at the other end. Push the auger end down the drain up to the clog. Bend the free end 90 degrees, forming a handle. Crank the handle so the auger bores into the clog, allowing you to pull it out.

Fix Rattling Fan Shades with Rubber Bands:


I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of this idea. If you have a fan that the light shades (like pictured above) and they rattle, you can fix it so easily. Take a rubber band and place it around the top lip where the screws grip it. The rubber band keeps the screws from loosening. Then place back on the fan. No more rattles!

This next one is great when your unloading groceries or supplies from the garage into the house.


To keep the door from latching shut, loop a rubber band around one doorknob or handle, then twist it once and loop it around the other knob. The rubber band holds the latch in. Now if the door closes, you can push it back open with your body whenever your hands are full.

Paper Towel Hanger Trick”


No need to purchase expensive padded hangers! Make a hanger for storing you dress pants crease-free. Use scissors to cut open an empty paper towel roll. Slip the tube over the bar of the hanger and tape the opening closed!

I use this next idea with all my wrapping paper:


This hint will save you from wasting wrapping paper each time you bring it out of storage. Rather than sticking a piece of tape along the loose edge,  all you have to do is cut a tp empty roll lengthwise, place it around the middle of your roll of paper. Secure the sleeve with a piece of tape. Next time you use the wrapping, you may rip the sleeve when removing it, but your wrapping paper will remain intact.


Store small extension cords neatly with this simple office supply hack: Attach a paperclip to a small rubber band. Then wrap the rubber band around the bundled cord and clasp the paperclip onto the rubber band again. No more tangled extension cords!

Rubber bands and Stripped Screws


This has happened to me more than once. A stripped screw is so frustrating. But, you can use a rubber band for a screw grip!

Rubber band and Cutting Boards


This is an awesome trick to keep your cutting board from slipping and sliding when using.Most cutting boards don’t come with any kind of rubber surface on the bottom to prevent them from sliding on a countertop, but with a couple of rubber bands, you can stabilize your cutting board and keep it from moving around during use. Slip on two rubber bands—one at each end of the cutting board—and you’re good to go. Make sure that the rubber bands lay flat and aren’t twisted when you put them on so the board will sit steady on your countertop.

Need to dry your paint brushes fast?


Using a hand-saw, cut a slanted slice out of the handle from the hole toward the bristles. After cleaning, hook the brush over a coat hanger and hang it from a ceiling joist.

Wrapping Paper Tube and Vacuums?


To make it easier to clean hard to reach spots use a left over wrapping paper tube as a vacuum cleaner extension. Now you have 3 extra feet to clean ceiling fans and cobwebbed corners.

TP Tubes and Gardening:


This is such a wonderful, thrifty way to start your seeds. Save your toilet paper and paper towel tubes. Cut the tubes into 2 in. lengths and set them in a waterproof tray. Fill the tubes with potting soil and plant your seeds. When the seedlings are ready to move to the garden, plant them right in their cardboard tube. The cardboard will decompose. Be sure to keep the tube below the soil surface, so it doesn’t wick moisture away from the roots.

TP and Fire Starters

HANDY_HINTS_060418_031-1 (1).jpg

Use the lint from your dryer to pack into a toilet paper tube. This makes a fabulous fire starter. Great for the fire pit and camping!

TP Rolls and Extension Cords:


To keep your small extension cords together and untangled this is a wonderful solution. Put as many TP rolls in a shoe box as you can, then place a small cord inside each. It keeps everything tidy and organized.

I created this using toilet paper rolls:


I hope you all have enjoyed this post, and I look forward to any ideas you may have that uses TP Rolls, hangers or rubber bands. USA, LLC       USA, LLC


40 thoughts on “Reusing Hangers, TP Rolls, and Rubberbands!”

    1. Thank yo so much! It was so easy. I love it when something sparks in my brain and it comes out pretty nice. Sometimes those sparks don’t work well though. They go to the back burner until I can figure them out.

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  1. I’d like to nominate you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. If you’d rather not be involved, let me know in the comments on my blog. What ever you choose, I hope you have a GREAT DAY!!!!!

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      1. Thank you for answering me back! Congratulations on the nomination! I’m working on the award post and will get it done as soon as I can. Your blog is SUPER CLEVER and very informative!!!! I hope you have a great rest of this day and a super great weekend!

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    1. Thank you very much! Now that the nights are a little cooler, I can start using the TP holders stuffed with lint from dryer to start the fire in outdoor fireplace. Also, you can start a fire and keep it going for a long time if you sprinkle Fritos on top and around wood. The oil in them keeps the fire going.


    1. Thank you so much Shelly, your really sweet, and so is kathy!
      I am always thinking of ways to save the landfills. Sometimes it’s such a waste what people throw out. The chairs, lounges, furniture, outdoor patio set, so much stuff left on the curb on the way to landfills. That is where I find some really GOOD stuff that just needs to be cleaned and painted.
      Thank you for looking!


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