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Battle of the Birds

This is such a frustrating tale. It’s about my battle with birds, and pomegranates are the prize.

I have always loved pomegranates. I remember when I was young and had a ‘club’ that consisted of friends in the neighborhood. Anyone that wanted to join would have to bring a pomegranate. It wasn’t a hard task. They just had to ask the lady in the neighborhood who had a huge pomegranate tree in her yard.

When I purchased this home a few months ago, I ignored that there was a large pomegranate tree in the backyard. Now don’t get me wrong, I love pomegranates.

In my last home I planted an orange tree, lemon, fig, and a pomegranate tree. All of them grew and gave fruit. My problem was the birds. As soon as the pomegranates ripen on the tree, the birds would get them. You have to remember that pomegranates don’t ripen once picked, so I had to come up with an idea to keep them away. My first plan was to stop filling all the bird feeders, that just attracted them. I tried hanging CDs on the tree, and all the diy ideas I found online….no luck. It was frustrating! Year after year…no poms for me!

Now I was still ignoring the pom tree, but I can see it from my desk, and as I watch the pomegranates growing larger, of course I started craving the poms. I told myself it’s a new house, perhaps it will be different. I knew though I had to try something. Once again, I looked online, same old ideas as there was 5 years ago.

I was thinking of wrapping each pomegranate with some kind of soft mesh, even thinking of shade cloth material. The pomegranate still needs air and the sun. I went online and looked up mesh cloth. Then I found these:

These bags are close to what I was thinking, so I started wrapping each of the poms on the tree.

I still have to get the ladder out there for the tall ones. I was thinking of not wrapping all of them so the birds can enjoy too. But, if I do that, will it draw more birds?

So tell me please. Do you have a pomegranate tree? How do you keep the birds away? They seem to be waiting on the Ocotillo

If you have tried, and won, please let me know your secret!

20 thoughts on “Battle of the Birds”

  1. I know that in Israel where they grow lots of pomegranates to get them ready for High Holidays, they wrap them individually, just like you did, but they use plastic mesh of some sorts that the birds hate.


    1. I was thinking of plastic netting. I would have to close up the sides and kinda twist then tie. I don’t feel comfortable up on the ladder for that length of time. I can just imagine me falling off into the pom tree….hahaha…wouldn’t that be something to write about! haaha
      If it was a shorter tree, hmmm, perhaps I should prune to smaller, rounder, top. Then I can throw a net over the whole tree! Now you got me thinking about next year.

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      1. They are all red, except for one side. Greenish yellow. Are you thinking late October they will be ready? I double bagged a bunch of them after I saw the roadrunner. I think he comes over to chase lizards. There are 2 of them. Wish I could grow a tree inside!

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    1. Yes, they do!! Easy to grow and maintain. What I am going to do with this one is prune it down so it is round at top, this way next year I can throw a net over the whole thing. The flowers I think are absolutely gorgeous. You could get young ones and plant next to fence or wall making the poms a hedge. GORGEOUS when flowers and you have all those beautiful yellow red orange flowers.

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