Storage & Organization & Hacks

Storage and Organizing Hacks

There are a lot of creative people out there that come up with the neatest ideas. Here are some handy ideas I found that are so unique and helpful. I hope you find some of these as helpful as I did!
is a clever idea in the kitchen…

clever-ideas-and-lifehacks-76Start saving you toilet paper rolls. I have used this same idea for my extension cords..and it keeps them neatly together.


Aren’t these ideas cute to use with tennis balls!


Do you Knit??? This is a wonderful storage idea for your yarn…wow love this one!

and here we go again with another idea for toilet paper rolls. I love this one too!



and look what you can do with those soda pop tabs..



I have done this next one….It is so easy…and keeps all your garden tools in one place, just remove the drawers and paint..


You can use the drawers out in your garden…just rust proof them with a spray paint ….Rust oleum makes several.




Do you have dozens of T-shirts and get tired of having to dig through them…look at this idea…



Sometimes something so small…can make such a helpful solution…


And who doesn’t like this idea for that artsy person …useful storage solution and keeping the milk jugs out of the landfills!




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Need storage for your spaghetti..51-pasta

I came up with this one a few years ago….What to do with those plastic file holders….screw it on to the inside bottom cabinet in your kitchen…


yes…that was my idea….so was this…


I put that on the door where I keep all my mixing bowls…comes in so handy and is so easy…

Need Paint storage….check out:   it is free and easy!

Or do you need to keep your ribbons in view and organized…I made this;

How about installing a tension rod in the back of your shower and hang baskets from it to keep your shampoo’s , etc ….


This is another nice bathroom storage idea;


Use a kitchen lid rack to hold your clutches;


And what about those tall boots;


Women need shoe storage!! How about this idea…use crown molding to organize shoes!


Spice Rack for storing your nail polish…




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What about all those remotes?



Did you find this post useful? I hope this post has been helpful to you…thank you for looking! USA, LLC              


45 thoughts on “Storage and Organizing Hacks”

  1. That tennis ball idea was just the cutest thing! There are so many good hacks you put together! Shoes on crown molding? Genius!

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    1. I’m so glad you like the tennis ball one, It is very handy. Keep a watch out next week I’m having lots more hacks and storage ideas. Thank you for looking have a great Sunday

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      1. Most definitely. I love the shower idea to save space. I have a camper shower that’s hard to fit in anyway. I like the toilet paper roll holding the chords and I really like the measurements behind the cabinets. I never remember measurements and always have to Google them.

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