Just a Heads Up!

Hi everyone, I am back, rested and ready to start creating! I just moved into my next fixer and have so many plans for it.  

I wanted to give you a heads up on my giveaways. They will start again in December, just in time for the holidays. So don’t forget to check it out on the first of December.

I would just love to see some of your Holiday DIY. It would be so much fun sharing with others your creativity!

Don’t be shy, please send your photos to:

Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!





33 thoughts on “Just a Heads Up!”

    1. It’s been raining…alot. Have had some problems outside…of course, but nothing too awful. Of course at my age getting on the roof in the rain to fix a leak on a overhang in the patio is ridiculous. No kidding, I thought ahead and got the fire going and hot chocolate awaiting. It’s so typical, you look to fix one thing, and little surprises pop up!!
      So thank you for the luck…..I have about a dozen fruit trees on the property….I’m worried about rats trying to find shelter in the home.I had to put some metal mesh over the roof vents, chimney, and any hole over a 1/4″. They are scary!

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