This is Embarrassing….



…..if that is the correct usage for these circumstances. Now you know I run a Monthly Appreciation Giveaway for a little over a year now. After I notify each winner (with their email address they had given in raffle copter),  I wait to hear from them to give me their home address for mailing.

Well, I announced the winners on the 31st, and have not as yet heard from one of the winners. Embarrassing? This has never happened.

So my dilemma, what do I do now? (and yes I have emailed) So do I:

  1. Add another Echo to this months giveaway?
  2. Give more time to respond?
  3. Pull another winner now ? (rafflecopter)
  4. Stop the Giveaways

You readers decide, vote in comments, Monday I’ll tally it up! Also, anyone that does vote receives entry on this months giveaway!

Thank you so much!



52 thoughts on “This is Embarrassing….”

  1. Definitely either draw a new winner or put the prize to a different month. It’s been over a full week so maybe your email went to their spam folder and they didn’t know it was there? Or perhaps they just decided not to reply? But I totally wouldn’t give up on the giveaways if this is the first time it’s happened.


  2. Maybe in the future, add in the giveaway post that if a prize isn’t claimed in “X” amount of time, another name from that month will be drawn, or the prize will be added to the next months drawing? I say do what’s easiest for you. Sounds like add last months unclaimed prize to this month’s pool of prizes 😉

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  3. I have done giveaways in the past, which towards the end wasn’t seeming popular and so I don’t do anymore giveaways. But what I always did, I would give a deadline for winner to respond to email, when needing to know where to post it, like 7 days from me sending email to respond. If they didn’t respond by then, I would be another name out.

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  4. I would draw another number and contact that person. In the future I would add a winner has X time to respond to email or the next person gets it. And I would draw 2 or 3 numbers on the day of the drawing, those being the back ups. That being said kids are now out of school it is possible the person is on vacation and not checking their emails. For most of us that is unheard of but there are a few who like to unplug.

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  5. Well, that’s just strange. There has to be a reason…??? If you ever find out, oh god, it wasn’t me! I didn’t enter for the echo. Oh! You’d have emailed me. I’m so deep in moving boxes right now I don’t order anything! And I haven’t entered a give away either… unless your giving away free movers…😊😉🥴

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  6. Maybe the winner is on vacation or something. You never know but it’s odd they haven’t checked their email. I think most people would use an email they’d check if there’s a chance of winning something. Just my 2 cents worth. Maybe contact one more time with a deadline…like 2 more days or something like that, reminding them of how long it’s been already. 😬

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  7. id say its been almost 2 weeks, pull new winners. I’ve been MIA for a week due to health I didn’t enter in May but I can see giving a week or so for contact but you don’t need to be chasing anyone down lol

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  8. I agree with others that say to pull a new name and state a deadline to respond going forward (if that wasn’t done already). Giving them a little more time with a deadline now is fine too. Definitely don’t stop your giveaways, unless of course you just don’t want to do them anymore.

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