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Sunburst Mirror

I know…these mirrors are everywhere…I love them. It looks so pretty on my wall! The finished size of this mirror is 36″in diameter.


This is what you’ll need:  46-50 paint stir sticks; wood base, 7” embroidery hoop, 7” circle mirror, gorilla glue or hot glue, paintbrush, Xacto knife, plastic spray paint (optional, and not necessary if you use a wood hoop), craft paints in various colors; picture hanger

supplies-for-mirror_thumb (1).jpg

First you will need to trim off the curved part of the paint stick.


Take your paint sticks and put them around the mirror to see how many you will have to paint. I used two different colors.

You can paint the stir sticks whatever color you like with craft paint.  Mine are painted with two colors, Metallic Sahara Gold and Metallic Taupe (mixed with a little gold), both colors by Folk Art.  You’ll need two coats.


Attach the sticks with either Gorilla Glue or hot glue.  I used Gorilla Glue because it dries slower so I could move the sticks around a bit if I needed to.  Only a tiny bit though because it foams!  I painted over the plastic spray paint on the embroidery hoop with a first layer of the darker sahara gold craft paint.


Add your second layer of sticks right on top between the other sticks.image_thumb

If you get glue anywhere you don’t want it, use your exacto knife to remove the excess.

But a hanger on the back…and there you go…all ready to hang.


I also made a skewer mirror using the same techniques but with skewers.


On this mirror I added a strand of beads all around the inside of the mirror:


I liked it so much I added the beads to my sunburst mirror!



26 thoughts on “Sunburst Mirror”

  1. I remember one of those with a concave mirror in the hallway of the great grandparent’s home, where the main hallway ended at a perpendicular hallway. It was something like the concave mirrors on sharp curves of mountain roads. Someone coming down the hallway could see around the corners to avoid running into someone approaching in the perpendicular hallway. The mirror was too small (and disfigured) to function as a mirror, or to see any detail of who was coming down the hallway, but just showed that ‘someone’ was there. Merchants use larger versions to watch patrons if shoplifting is a concern. I also sort of wonder if that is where the tradition of the gazing globe in the center of a garden courtyard got started.

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    1. I know what your speaking of. I just came up with an idea….I’m trying to process the words ..hmm. think of like your grandparents. A dome shape, but 3/4 up the back, it’s open. I could put water inside and a fish!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh! But I think they are all by their lonesome because they like it that way. ‘Two’ would be prettier than one, but ‘they’ might not be happy about it. (Goodness. I am talking about it and its reflection as if it has dual personality disorder.)


      1. Yes. It’s in several hotel rooms and some other locations. The mug like glasses they used in the bars used to be available at the Dollar tree lol.

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      2. Same, I very clearly watch it too much lol. I am so excited for the new series, but still enjoy watching the old ones as well. That’s how I’ve noticed several props in rooms and such are recycled and reused like lamps clocks and cups etc. I have wanted one of the mirrors so it was great this tutorial showed up to give me an idea of how to do it.

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      3. Well, I’m about 6 or 7 months off before looking. I am finishing school so after that then I’ll be able to look. It’s hard to find places, hopefully luck will come through for you and you’ll find something soon.

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      4. It is. What makes it harder is I can’t drive right now….still!! So it’s hard to get out there to really drive around and look. I hired a girl to help me after the surgery, but I need to get out there myself. The prices are ridiculous!


      5. I imagine that would make it much harder to look. Hopefully you will get well enough to be able to soon. Wishing you a fast healthy recovery. But it definitely is hard with the way the rent economy is. When you can buy cheaper than rent, there’s a problem lol.


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