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Kids Bulletin/Chalkboard Board

Hi there! Mariah (11 years old) came over yesterday, she was on a mission. With a large canvas in hand, she asked if I would help her make a bulletin/chalkboard for her room.

We started by painting half of the canvas with Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint. Be sure to stir really well.


We put on 3 coats. So I was looking through my ‘stuff’ and found some  burlap with sparkles…so pretty.


Isn’t it pretty! So I started on one side…glued it down, and stretched tight to the other side and glued it down.20170719_121757.jpg

It looked pretty but, there was a small 1/2″ gap in the center. I was thinking cork across. The only cork I had was from these painted circles. So we cut a couple of strips and glued it to the middle.


Then we painted the yellow a more tan color to match the burlap. Then I had these empty ‘Crystal Light’ containers. Mariah cut them to size. She wanted one for pencils, and another for colored pencils, etc.


Then we took painters tape and made a diagonal shape.  Then painted below the tape a white.


We removed the tape, and Mariah put some pretty sequins on them.


If you notice in the center of the cork there is a line….we covered it with a pretty blue flower. On the right, we glued on magnets, so she can add this little container filled with pins. So what do you think?



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