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I was at the dollar tree today, and as I was scoping out the aisles for ideas, I saw this plastic bowl.
Difficulty: Easy
mushrooms, crafts, gardening
I instantly thought of a mushroom. I then came upon this
mushrooms, crafts, gardening
These together looked like a mushroom! If your children are making this, use plastic. I did have Rustoleum Red Spray paint, brown spray paint with metallic in it. I used Acrylic paint on this, because I knew I was going to put a clear coat spray that seals and protects. If you don’t want to apply a sealer, then be sure to use outdoor paint. Anyway…I sprayed the bowl then the vase.
  • mushrooms, crafts, gardening
When the bowl was dry, I took a pounce and dipped it into the white acrylic paint then onto the bowl, randomly.
  • mushrooms, crafts, gardening
I cleaned it up a bit…the white…then applied another coat of the white circles. It was easy to do with the sponge pounce.
I used ‘Goop’ multipurpose glue. It would be better if I used Goop Marine glue, but I didn’t have it on hand.
  • mushrooms, crafts, gardening
You could use a branch for the bottom, but that might have a problem with water.
Thank You For Looking….Enjoy!
  • mushrooms, crafts, gardening

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Plastic Bowl/Vase bottom  (dollar store)
  • Outdoor Red, Brown Spray Paint  (home improvement store)
  • White acrylic paint, pounce  (walmart)

67 thoughts on “Mushroom”

      1. There are so many fruit and veg. farmers in this area. I love seeing them selling the fresh produce right out of the back of their pickup. Fresh and delicious. It’s nice to know your food is coming to you locally grown.

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      1. Be sure to use the clear primer first. I have some chairs I did this with and they are perfect after 2 years in the 115 degree summers. I would love to see your before and after pics!


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