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Memento Shell Box

Hi there! When my sons were young we spent many vacations at the beach! It was so much fun building sandcastles, body surfing, and collecting shells. Well here is another idea I had with what to do with some of those shells you have been holding on to.


All you need for this project is shells, wooden box (you can find at any craft store) more shells, and get your hot glue ready! You can also use a old cigar box, or really almost any box you have!


I started by finding a large shell for the center of the top and the 4 sides. Once I glued those on….I just started adding the shells they collected. Just keep adding in the empty spaces..


You can fill in by adding shells slightly on top of each other.


Be sure to check when adding the shells that they don’t interfere with opening the box. You can keep all your mementos inside the box. Looks so pretty and each time you look at it, the memories will make your heart smile! USA, LLC 

12 thoughts on “Memento Shell Box”

  1. My Alisia has been collecting shells for years and now has tons of them. I am forwarding this to her and hope she finds time to put them to use and make these pretty things.
    Thank you, darling!


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