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Under $5 HACKS

Just about everyone enjoys a good bargain, especially when it saves you the time and trouble when your working on a home improvements. I hope you will enjoy these cheap and handy ideas, that cost under $5 to reproduce to make your pockets smile 😉


Do you have plastic, droopy shelves inside your medicine cabinet? I came up with a good fix for that: Small paint sticks wrapped with contact paper then glue to each plastic shelf


Or if you want to keep clippers, eyelash curler, and odds and ends at close hand, I put up magnets along the inside door

of course you can use the same contact paper as you did behind the shelves and add to the back of the door. Add some pretty magnets for little reminders that you will surely see when you open the cabinet door

med 2


Ladder Hack: Magnet Extra Hand

Add a large flat magnet to the ladder to keep all your screws close and handy.

Use a Rubber Band to Grip Stripped Screws:

Use a Rubber Band to Grip Stripped Screws

Place a wide rubber band in between the screw driver and the tripped screw head, then apply hard, but slow force as you turn the screw. The rubber band should grip the stripped screw head and allow you to extract the screw.


Coat Your Snow Shovel with Car Wax

Makes shoveling snow a whole lot easier!

WOBBLY TOILETS:   Use a penny as a shim:

Use Coins for Toilet Shims

DIY Car Mats:

Here’s an easy automotive hack: buy carpet squares from a carpet store, or a home improvement store(they’re always under $2) and use them as car mats in your back seats.

Pipe Insulation for Baby-Proofing

Pipe Insulation for Baby-Proofing

Cut a slit down the center, and wrap around sharp corners of tables. The pressure of the curved foam will keep it in place for an easy-to-remove baby-proofing solution. Or, use the adhesive strip to hold the insulation in place for a more permanent safety fix.

PVC Razor Organizer

PVC Razor Organizer


ChapStick for the Toolbox:

Chap Stick for the Toolbox

If you enjoy working with hardwoods, you know how important it is to lubricate screws. It’ll make driving the fasteners easier and reduces the amount of heat produced. But what if you don’t have a bar of soap or a pile of beeswax nearby? Reach for your tube of ChapStick!

Bobby Pin Nail Holder:

Bobby Pin Nail Holder

Seal Outdoor Furniture Feet:

Seal Outdoor Furniture Feet

Keep wood outdoor furniture kicking for as long as possible by protecting the surfaces that come in contact with the ground—especially end-grain pieces. Mix up a batch of epoxy and spread it evenly along the feet of, in this case, a wood bench. Allow the epoxy to dry completely, forming a weather-resistant seal, before placing the bench outdoors.

Remove Hard-Water Buildup with a Lemon:

Remove Hard-Water Buildup with a Lemon

Remove hard-water buildup on your faucet with this simple, natural solution: Cut a lemon in half, wrap a small plastic bag around the lemon and secure it to the faucet with a rubber band. After a few hours, remove the lemon and wipe the faucet clean.


HH walnuts wood scratch

Simply rub a walnut over a scratch in wood several times. Then, with your fingers rub the scratched area. This will help the wood absorb the oil from the nut. Lastly, use a soft cloth to buff the area. Now the scratch is sealed and gone!


ROUND_8 HH Wood dent iron steam wet cloth

Simply soak a washcloth in water and ring it out a bit so it’s not sopping wet. Put the damp washcloth on the affected area. The water will wick through the wood, and that’s fine. Now, with your iron on its highest setting, place it on the damp washcloth over the affected area, and make small movements back and forth and in circles. Press down firmly and continue until your wash cloth is dry. It won’t take long to evaporate. At this point, the wood fibers are absorbing the water and should expand back to where they were originally. Continue this process and repeat by adding more water until the dents rise up to be flush with the rest of the material., Inc. 


Rain-X in Snow Thrower Chute

Rain-X in Snowthrower Chute


Keep your snow thrower at peak performance by spraying Rain-X inside the chute as part of your tune-up routine. The Rain-X keeps the snow and ice from clogging up the chute!



Tag Your Tools: Not Pretty but Effective!

Keep your tools from walking off the job site by marking them with some spray paint. May not be pretty, but it sure helps you spot.


How to Make Tool Organizers with Gutters

Make inexpensive compartments for your tool bag using PVC gutter downspouts.Carefully cut down the downspouts into pieces  that will fit vertically inside the bag and glue them together. Then organize your tools inside the compartments.
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Pipe Insulation Car Hack:

Pipe Insulation Car Hack

Genius solution for preventing items such as keys or cell phones from falling between the seats and the console in a vehicle, which can be hard to retrieve and even dangerous if it happens while driving.

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What to Do When Your Glue Caps Keep Getting Stuck:

HH vaseline rubber cement glue caps lids

Caps on certain adhesives/glues, like rubber cement and super glue, have a habit of getting stuck or glued on no matter how hard you try and keep them clean. This can be prevented by simply smearing a little coating of petroleum jelly onto the threads of the tube or lid. You just need a small dab of the petroleum jelly to prevent even more of a mess. Be sure to smear a little bit on before putting the cap back on the glue and it should prevent the cap from cementing on over time. USA, LLC 


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  1. Hi Kelley! Thanks for the follow. I must say, we are in two different departments for content, but I do love a DIYer! I was reading through this article and really liked the hack about using the PVC gutter for tool organization! One of my tool bag is completely cluttered with wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, etc… It’s always hard to find the right tool for the job. I will have to implement your idea. Thanks!!!!

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    1. That’s awesome Scott, I’m so happy your going to implement the PVC idea. I have been using that little hack for a few years now, it’s so much better than having to search through the bag digging for it! Thank you so much for checking out my DIY site!!☺️

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