Winners of December Giveaway

Can we have a drum roll please..





Wow! I am so happy for the winners! Congrats! I have sent an email out to each of the winners! I am so excited!!

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24 thoughts on “Winners of December Giveaway”

    1. Thank you so much….and hoping yours is the best! I’m hopeful all this will be a wonderful year. Plans this next month: How to make a headboard, how to make a desk, and sidetable/vanity. Already have the wood and ready!

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      1. Diesel is my best friend. He has been beside me for a long time.You know that love and devotion I am speaking of. I had a doctor fly in from out of state to do the surgery. Diesel is recovering fine. There were hard decisions, I felt my world crumbling down. I’m sorry I was silent, but it was a long month. Thank you so much Dolly for you love and kindness, God Bless you honey!

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      2. I am very happy to hear that the little cutie is recovering! I know how it feels, believe me – been through it more than once, and it doesn’t get easier, so it’s wonderful that you were able to save him!


      3. Thank you honey, I was a wreck, it was so hard for me to keep it together, I thought my insides were going to blow up! Seriously, I have almost never felt worse. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or 100th, you love them like their your babies. I was feeling better, and better about life so I started writing. I felt like suddenly a blast went off in my head and I came up with all these neat ideas for articles. I’ve written 3 but I want to try some furniture ideas. Feeling so good, got all the wood for furniture I’m going to do tutorials on, garage all set up with my tools. Go to dr. today, boot off! But then xray showed screw broke, so cast again.I had them put extra padding by the toes, cause it’s not a walking cast, but at least I can stand and work the saw. I’m very determined to make these projects.

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      4. That’s the spirit, darling! I think all these doctors have a screw loose somewhere, if a screw broke again!
        Have fun with your projects – looking forward to read all about them!


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