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How To Clean Microfiber Furniture

Do you have Microfiber furniture that you just can’t seem to get clean. When you do try to clean…it leaves more stains from being wet.In my family room I have a microfiber couch. Well over the years with kids, doggies and everything that goes with them…my couch really needed some cleaning. I had a couple of spots that just wouldn’t come out. I tried so many products to no avail.


See the spot above….stubborn stain! Well guess what I did? I put some Rubbing Alcohol on a white rag then started rubbing the stain with it. Every spot came off with the rag…yuck! No way was I going to show you a pic of the wash cloth afterward…You should have seen the rag! It made me cringe thinking how dirty it was. With this particular stain above…it was being more stubborn, so I took a soft bristle brush and lightly went over the stain. Be sure to test on an inconspicuous area first!


Stain is gone!! The Rubbing Alcohol dries so quickly…it doesn’t leave those stains you get when it’s dried. Fabulous!!!! Instantly clean!!!

This really works great! USA, LLC 

14 thoughts on “How To Clean Microfiber Furniture”

    1. No, not at all. Using a spray bottle puts out a fine mist of the alcohol. Because the alcohol dries so fast, it doesn’t leave ‘water stains’ or circles. It does not have a slimy feel at all. Try this method Beth, it really works. Just remember, one section at a time. Clean white/light cloth to clean. Let me know how it came out Beth….thank you! Remember to enter monthly giveaway!!


  1. I despise that microfiber stuff. I don’t have furniture made with it but I have comforters and sheets and I hate every stinkin’ one of them! Lol. I’d rather throw them away or give them away than try to clean them….but of course, I’m not made of money so in the washer they go. 😮

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    1. I gave that microfiber couch away when I moved. It may be durable, but it sure makes me uncomfortable to lie down on it. I don’t know why there are Microfiber sheets?? They feel so hot, I guess they would be great in cold climates, but I just have to believe that it’s a fad, and will disappear. I had been shopping for sheets and that’s all some of the stores carry. I don’t blame you Deb. This post was made because of a mystery stain I had on the microfiber couch that was almost impossible to clean without staining. Hey Deb, have you entered the giveaway yet? You can enter every day!

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