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Sea Glass

Summertime I think of the ocean. Thoughts of putting my feet in the sand, looking for shells, building sandcastles, and listening to the surf.

I have seen different tutorials online on how to create the sea glass effect. I purchased the paint  I had purchased a glass cylinder at Dollar Tree, and made a cut out of a sea horse. I didn’t have any tape, which I would suggest you use, so I used some Elmers glue, and just put little dabs of it around the sea horse:


Isn’t he cute! I used Krylon Sea Glass Aqua .I’ve used this little guy in a lot of projects. I shook the can really well, and sprayed on a light coat. It’s a semi-translucent, frosted finish. This is how it looked:


I love the color! So pretty. I peeled off the seahorse. (Again, use tape not glue, it will be so much easier to remove)


I put some colored crushed sand (Walmart) inside with a led candle. Pretty! So I searched for something else, and came upon these Dollar Tree candle holders:20170704_085506

I love, love the way they turned out…don’t you? I love that color. When I purchased the aqua color, I also picked up the ‘ice’ color. It looks so much clearer in person. It looks more like a gray, I didn’t particularly care for how that color turned out.


These long led taper candles I found online at the Dollar Tree. It is so convenient to order online, then the order is shipped free to your nearest Dollar Tree to pick up.

This spray was easy to use. Just apply two light coats! I just love this color! USA, LLC


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