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How to Decorate With Leftover Wallpaper!

So you just decorated a room with wallpaper. But what can you do with that extra paper you have left? Or maybe you found some pretty paper on sale that you just love....but don't know what to do with it. Well I have found some fantastic ideas for that wallpaper, so hang on, here we… Continue reading How to Decorate With Leftover Wallpaper!

Trash to Treasure

Ways To Upcycle A Dresser

I was searching the internet for ideas that you/I could up cycle a dresser. I love that you can take a thrift store, garage sale old dresser  and up cycle it into something else. So the next time you see a old dresser, grab it, even it's the ugliest dresser you have ever seen. Even… Continue reading Ways To Upcycle A Dresser