Just a Thought, Summer

Hello Summer Vacation!!

Summer is officially here, and I hope you are all having a great one. Summer is the time for traveling, and I am so ready to get away! Time for that summer vacation I have been dreaming of. So, I am saying goodbye to the palm trees and heading to Europe! It's been a long… Continue reading Hello Summer Vacation!!

Storage & Organization & Hacks

Recycled Creamer Containers

Just a short and sweet post to let you know of a really nice recycle. I have been saving my coffee creamers for a while now. I use them to hold some of my glass filler gems. These containers are so great in your craft room to hold gems, beads, all kinds of stuff. But… Continue reading Recycled Creamer Containers

Just a Thought

Hmm, What Are You Doing This Summer?

I'm getting so excited that the cold weather is gone and I can start working on my projects outside. So many fun new ideas I have for this Summer! So, I would like to know.. What are you doing this summer??? Is this when you and yours go somewhere to relax and unwind... Or perhaps… Continue reading Hmm, What Are You Doing This Summer?