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Hacks For The DIYer

The average person may just see a rubber band, a bucket, and a piece of PVC, but a DIYer see's all different kinds of possibilities for using everyday items for useful tasks. Spray-Clean Roller Spin most of the excess paint off your roller sleeve by holding the roller frame inside a bucket and hitting it with… Continue reading Hacks For The DIYer

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Handy Tips For a Successful Garage Sale

You've finished your spring cleaning, and now you have a section of the garage filled with items your ready to toss! If you are considering having a garage/yard sale, here are some handy tips and tricks you may find useful. Jamie Hooper/Shutterstock Pick Your Time and Day Saturday is the most popular day for a… Continue reading Handy Tips For a Successful Garage Sale

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Hacks For Women!

This is a special post for all those women out there that want to make life easier for themselves. We all want that!! So here we go with lots of ideas you may have never known before… Break in your flats in 5 minutes! I Just Love This one!!! Step 1: Put on thick socks, and… Continue reading Hacks For Women!

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Why Didn’t I Think Of That??

Have you ever happened upon something on the internet and said to yourself ...that's so simple," why didn't I think of that"??? I have said that many of times. Simple solutions for yourself in your home. After seeing these photos, I know many of you are going to be thinking..."why didn't I think of that?"… Continue reading Why Didn’t I Think Of That??

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Thursday Is Kids Craft Day!

Hi everyone! It's Thursday, which means Kids Craft Day! I love having neighborhood kids stop by to create crafts with me. Children are so much fun. PAINTED LETTERS Last week Mariah painted letters to her name for her wall... you can see here: So today we painted her sisters letters to her name: These… Continue reading Thursday Is Kids Craft Day!

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Awesome Hacks

I've posted some hacks for all around the house, but these are sooo awesome, and I just had to share with you!               This next one is a good idea also. You can use a rake to hold many things. I hung one up out by my barbecue to hold… Continue reading Awesome Hacks


Gardening Hacks That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

DIY Seed Tape: Image: Garden Betty Would you like a quick and inexpensive way to make your own seed tape? Well, all you need is some flour, water, and toilet paper. Make a paste with the flour and water, 1prt flour, 3 prt water, and gently paint it onto the toilet paper. Then space out… Continue reading Gardening Hacks That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous