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Vintage Cork Wreath

Looking for a wonderful gift for those wine lover friends? Have you been saving your corks? Well, I have the perfect little project for you, that your friends would love!



1. Tie twine around straw wreath for hanger.

2. Using craft stick, apply Tacky Glue liberally around top of wreath for first row of corks. Allow glue to set for approximately 5 minutes or to tacky stage. Place corks horizontally around top of wreath. Repeat with next 3 rows below the first.  Use painter’s tape to hold together if they begin slipping.

3. Glue a row of corks next to the top row inside of wreath. Use painter’s tape to hold in place if needed.

4. For inside wreath, apply glue and let set for few minutes. Place corks vertically on glue. Tape to hold.

5. For bow, cut piece of burlap approximately 4”x7”. Stitch ends together using needle and thread. Turn right side out and pinch in center. Tie a piece of twine around center to hold.

6. Cut small piece of burlap to go around the center of bow. Glue in place.

7. Cut two pieces, 4” x 3 ½”. Glue to back of bow.

8. Glue bow to top of wreath.

9. If desired, decorate with raffia and/or embellishments of choice.


  • Burlap fabric ¼ yard
  • Straw wreath, 12” or desired size
  • Strong twine
  • Masking tape
  • Wine corks, approximately 150
  • Craft sticks
  • Needle and thread
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How To Make A Burlap Wreath

Buy some burlap. You’ll need two yards (1.8 meters). Cut it into 8-inch-wide (20cm) strips. Alternatively, you could purchase several rolls of loosely woven garland (at a higher price.)

Image titled BW 1 cut strips

Obtain a wire wreath base. These often can be found for a dollar or two at the craft store;

Image titled BW 2 TYWN

Roll or gather the end of a burlap strip. Weave it through the wires of the wreath base to start your wreath. This serves to hold the end in place while you assemble the rest of the wreath:

Image titled BW 3 Start end

Pull a loop of burlap strip through the wreath slats:

Image titled BW 4 pull loops

Lift the loop. Fluff it out to the size you want the wreath to be. This is generally a 2-3 inch (5-7.5cm) high loop;

Image titled BW 5 Size loop

Pull the next loop through the next slat over. Repeat back and forth until you completely hide the wire frame. This can be done with as little as 12 ft (3.6 meters) of burlap strip or as much as 36 ft (11 meters), depending on how thick and full you want your wreath to be. The wreath shown used two yards (1.8 meters) of burlap, cut into 8-inch strips;

Image titled BW 6 pull 2nd loop

Slide the loops firmly together. This will make space on the frame for more loops and “puff out” the wreath some more.

Adjust the loops to make your wreath look even:

Decorate the wreath with seasonal colors and floral sprays. You can reuse the base many times so long as you avoid gluing anything to it. Instead, use decorations you can wrap around or wire to the frame so that you can easily replace them from season to season:Image titled BW 9 Embellish best

Remember:  The wreath is a circle, so whatever point you start at will be the “right” one.




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Straw Heart

I wanted to make a special gift for my best friend. Her favorite color is turquoise…’s easy to make even for kids!


I had a 12″ straw heart that I had purchased from a craft store. The only other items you will need is a box of pins, and 1/3 yard of material, pinking shears, ruler. Be sure the material is a small pattern, and you can see the pattern a little on the back. You don’t want the back to be white. If you don’t want to use pins…especially with children…you can puch them down with a flat head screwdriver or a pencil.
straw-heart-crafts-valentines-day-ideas-wreaths (1).jpg
 Pinking shears work great for this project because it keeps the cut ends from raveling. Lots of pins! the first thing you do is lay out your material. Fold your material in half, good side facing each other. Then you want to make 2″ squares with a pencil.
Then you get to cut them all out! It goes pretty quickly. You end up with loads of squares! You can start anywhere on the heart. There are no right or wrong ways. Now you are going to start adding the squares you cut. This is the time consuming part. Easy…but something you can do watching a movie.
You start by taking one of the squares, and push a pin through the front side in the center of the square. You then push the pin into the heart. When you add the next square leave just a little space between. Don’t bunch them too tight or you will run out of material and it won’t look as nice when your done. It doesn’t look that great when you startstraw-heart-crafts-valentines-day-ideas-wreaths-4

But it fluffs up and looks better as you go. Don’t be discouraged. Just keep adding to the front and sides.


It’s getting there…..You can add a flower, bow, or anything you want. Another idea popped just in my head, , this is pretty awesome…I love it…. I added 2 lines of a contrasting color to the sides….love it!


This is such a easy project….and it looks so pretty….isn’t this a wonderful gift!

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Starfish Wreath


A friend was over today, I suddenly had a idea what to do with a green wreath I had. I held the wreath and the burlap in my hand and said “I have a idea for these”! Instantly she said ‘I want it”. I hadn’t even started with it…oh well.


Here is what I used….


Plus the shells and turtle. I started wrapping the rolled burlap around the wreath.


I wrapped it all around to hide the wreath. Oh, and I used my glue gun at the beginning and at the end. It was nice using my glue gun again. So fast. Anyway, after it was wrapped all around I sprayed it with this to keep the wreath unraveling…really it helps!


I then started doing the same with the net like burlap wrapping it all around.


I knew I wanted a starfish in the corner, so that is where I started. I just added the starfish, then the shells. It needed something, and I remember Arlene saying she wanted it for her beach themed bathroom. So, I had been making the turtles for another project and thought it would be perfect for her. I made it out of material. I then sprayed it with the clear sealer so it would be a little stiff.
I then added the netting I had used to wrap around the wreath. I took a piece and started in in the front of the Starfish went up and wrapped around top to back of wreath, and then down. I also added the small rope to use for hanging. I hot glued the rope on, then stapled.
I added shells and that’s it. I’m sorry I don’t have any pics to show you…she’s coming back later to pick up. Lol.
If you have any questions at all, just ask and I will respond quickly…thank you!