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Bunny Hunt Spring Wreath

Winter is almost over….I know some of you are looking forward to Spring. To welcome spring…I decided to make a Spring Wreath!DSCN4495.JPG
I had purchased the white basket….filled with hydrangeas. I found it at a garage sale for $2. Those flowers are so expensive to purchase at a craft store.This was a great find. I started pulling them apart. I used the greenery all around the twig wreath I was going to use.
Lots and lots of great stuff I can use on the wreath.
I had this neat little bunny I had from a few years ago….pushing her little one in a cart!
I just love how cute they look….I used thin floral wire to hold it on. I attached it to the bottom right side of the wreath.I added some more greenery I had from a grape vine. Aren’t they adorable. Then a idea struck!!!DSCN4498.JPG
I looked around for something round. I found a empty ‘painters tape’ roll…perfect. Then I grabbed up some lavender grass.
I then put the lavender grass inside and held it down while the glue dried. I applied hot glue to the sides to hold the grass in place…and there you go…DSCN4501.JPG
I made a nest! I put in some pretty eggs!dscn4503
I attached the nest to the wreath. I then started adding the hydrangeas, butterfly and hid eggs among the greenery!
This is what it looks like on my door!
You can buy these vine wreaths at Walmart. You can add anything you already have to the wreath. Just use thin floral wire to attach.
I hope you like this and it inspires you to create a Spring Wreath for your front door!


Seasons · Spring

Bunny Pot

A young friend came over to my home to create a cute springtime craft!This is what you will need for this cute project. Kids will love to make this!!!!

I purchased the following at Walmart…love that store!
Terra Cotta Pot
Pink yarn
Easter green grass
Cotton ball
1 Sheet of Felt in White, Green, and Pink
1 sheet of Orange Foam
Hot Glue


We put some styrofoam in the pot to have something to stick the ears, sign, etc into. We then glued the green plastic grass in the pot.


We cut out 4 ears with the white felt

Next we drew some pink for inside the ears, and copied it onto the pink felt.We glued the pink onto the front of 2 ears.


We took one of the plain ears, placed the thin wire around the edge of the ear and added hot glue on top of it. We quickly took the front ear (with the pink), and placed on top of wired piece. Repeat with other ear. I made two 2 long U shapes with the same wire and glued to the bottom of inside ears.
Look at those cute ears…..and we made a sign, in shape of a carrot, with orange foam paper and wrote ‘carrot patch’ on it. With the green felt she cut the carrot top and glued on carrot.


We made the same U wire and glued onto carrot and stuck it in the pot,into the styrofoam to hold securely.
With the pink yarn, I started wrapping around my hand. I tied a small piece of yarn in the center. Then I cut all the loops, so the yarn was nice and full . We added a cotton ball for it’s tail


She cut out the bunnies feet with the white and added pink for the pad. We glued them to the to rim of the pot by the bunnies bottom.
Isn’t this adorable….Such a fun and easy project for kids!!

If you make one…would love to see!!!

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