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Springtime Bottle

Spring will soon be in the air! This is a really sweet craft project for spring that is very easy to do. This would be a fun project for your children to make.

To make this Springtime Bottle all you need is:

  1. Bottle  (you can use any glass bottle, or even a vase)
  2. 1/2 Napkin
  3. Mod Podge (You can also use liquid starch)
  4.  Raffia ribbon
  5.  Jewels
  6.  Foam Brush

You can purchase all these items (except the mod podge) at a dollar store.

I found these adorable napkins at the dollar store…couldn’t resist the napkins and matching plates….they are so pretty! I only used half a napkin for this project.


I started by cutting one napkin in half. It was the perfect size to fit from the bottom of bottle up to the neck. I cut a rectangle the same length of the neck, and enough to wrap around the whole neck of the bottle. I mod podged the neck , added the rectangle piece, and wrapped around neck.2

I then took a foam brush and applied some Mod Podge to the bottle. I then laid the half napkin face down and placed the bottle on top. I then slowly rolled the bottle over the napkin.I tucked the ends at the bottom of bottle and applied mod podge.


When you wrapped the bottle, apply mod podge over the entire bottle. While you are waiting for it to dry…

I wanted to somehow add a pic of the baby. I thought of a tag..So what I took a small piece of scrapbook paper that matched the napkin. I then added the Mod Podge to the back of the scrapbook paper. I cut out a flower from the pattern on the napkin that was the perfect size of the picture I had.I wasn’t sure which flower I was going to use so I added mod podge to both, the let dry. This made them stiffer, and a lot easier to cut out.


This one is the perfect size…I cut out the flower


I cut out the flower. I put mod podge on the top of the piece of scrapbook paper,then  placed the flower on top, and covered with the mod podge.


I glued on a little sparkly flower (also from a dollar store). On the back of the flower, I glued on the pic of baby. Then I surrounded it with rhinestones.


Then I wrapped the 2 different raffia around the neck of the bottle.4

This is the finished bottle with flower…


This is the bottle with the flower turned around to show baby!

springtime-bottle-for-the-new-mommy--crafts-decoupage-seasonal-holiday-decor.1 (1).jpg

You can add any pic or whatever else you want to use as a tag…You can even do without a tag.

It is really amazing what you can do with a empty bottle and mod podge.


You can purchase it here… USA, LLC

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Memories in a Bottle

This is my most favorite original idea! I made this craft a few years ago and posted on Hometalk, and everyone that sees it loves them, so I made more to show a tutorial for you.

When my sons were young, we spent a lot of summer vacations at the beach. They collected a lot of shells! I kept them all these years.


I started by gathering all the items I would need for the project. These are the items you will need for this easy project….

you’ll need: Clean clear wine bottle, Sand, Shells, Photo, String, Funnel and Cork


I used a funnel to transfer the sand into the bottle.


I added the shells. I remember when my sons were collecting shells…they always found these small ones. The hole is small, so it worked out perfect. My sons always seemed to find those small shells.


I didn’t want that panoramic view, so I cut the sides of picture just to see in back of bottle. Then you gently roll your photo, printed side in. I used a skewer to poke it down and position it.


Next, I took some string and wrapped it around the top.


On the bottle to the left, I took a piece of string and a larger shell, glue both ends to inside the shell. It forms a hoop, to hang on bottle. Pic on right, I just left a long piece of string dangle after wrapping around the top. I hot glued larger shells along the string.


What is so special about this is the pic of the kids at the beach, searching for the shells that are actually in the bottle! Perfect keepsake for memories. You can create your own memories..


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Rag Rug

Hi there! I am finally done with this rug!! A friend asked if I would make her one for her bedroom. Of course, I have nothing else to do …right?!

This is a really easy craft, even your kids could help you.You only need 3 things…



You can purchase these non skid rug helpers at home improvement stores, craft stores, Walmart…very inexpensive. Three different colors, 1 yrd each.of a lightweight, almost sheer poly. Be sure it has some stretch to it. You can use any kind of fabric…this is just what I used. You can use one of these hook tools, crochet hook,  or any kind you have.Here’s how I did it.

First you need to make long 1 1/2″ strips using all the material. Then you need to make 6″ strips. You can do this by wrapping it around something 6″…I used a book. Try a picture frame,etc. Keep wrapping around and around and around. When you come to the end of the strip, cut each end….like making a pom pom..

Starting from one corner, go inside down  into one opening, then back up in the next opening…


It will look like this:


Pull each end tight and tie a knot:


This took hours and hours. Do this while watching a movie…every night for  a couple of weeks.


It is very easy to do, just a bit time consuming…but I think it’s worth it!


The happy look on her face  was so worth the effort.


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Dragonfly Update

I have been busy working on the cabinets for the past few days, so in between, I like to do little projects.
This project shows you how you can take a  plain piece,  and turn it into something sparkly and pretty!
I have this tea light dragonfly. I’ve had it for many, many years. I decided it’s time to give it a makeover. Now my friend, the one who claimed the starfish wreath, was here and fell in love with it. After I cleaned it,I poured a cup of coffee and started figuring out my strategy for this cute dragonfly. When I went back into my craft room she already had the paint out! She wanted purple! At this point I knew it was gone. So I started painting it with the purple and played around with colors, before painting the whole thing white.
Tip: I always paint things white first. The color you put on top just pops better! Below is what it looked like before painting…She said she wanted it blue, purple, and turquoise…..Waited for it to dry, and then I painted the wings and body the acrylic purple.
 At this point I thought it was looking pretty good. I had this sea glass that I had been wanting to use on a project…and this one would look good with it.
I put it on with Gorilla construction adhesive. On this project I wasn’t doing it with thin set, or grout. It was like putting together a puzzle. When I was done, it looked pretty good. She was thrilled. Then someone got the bright idea of putting some glitter on the body. I had purple glitter, I covered the other parts with newspaper, I then sprayed with a spray adhesive and put on the glitter.
After I was done with the glitter, I sprayed the whole thing with matte Rust oleum Clear Coat to protect it. this is what it looks like…
Here’s another pic of her…has to be a girl with all that sparkle!
I’m so glad I take pictures so I can remember my work. Well that’s it! I really am blessed to have such great friends who love my work. So it’s okay if they claim my projects. Besides, can you imagine my home if I kept all this stuff. I also want to thank all of you who are following my creativity, it’s such a compliment to me…thank you!
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Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint has so many fun uses, both playful and practical. The only downfall is it comes at a steep price and the color selection is somewhat limited. Now you will be able to get all the fun, for a lot less, by making your own.

Chalkboard paint lets you transform any wall into an endlessly reusable writing surface. Although it’s readily available online and in stores it usually sells for about $25 per quart, it doesn’t come cheap. Plus,the colors are limited. When you make chalkboard paint yourself, first of all….it’s cheaper—but even better, you can create virtually any color you want!


  • Flat finish latex paint
  • Unsealed tile grout
  • Mixing tray or bucket
  • Paintbrush or roller
  • Drill/driver with paint mixer drill attachment or take a whisk and attach to drill
  • Chalk
  • Dry Towel


Sometimes in the paint department of large home improvement stores they have discounted paint that other customers returned/or didn’t come out right. If they have a discounted can that you like…pick it up!

Unable to purchase discounted paint in the perfect color for your space? Don’t fret! You can close the gap between what you have and what you want by mixing in white paint to create lighter tones. In this way, a rich brown can be coaxed into a soft tan, or a deep purple can be softened into a lavender shade.

How to Make Chalk Paint - Mix

Once you are happy with the paint color, add the magic ingredient: grout. For a successful batch of chalkboard paint, one to eight is the recommended ratio of grout to paint. So if you’re working on a small project involving only a half cup of paint, then expect to use one tablespoon of grout. Meanwhile, if you’re covering a large wall in a half gallon of paint, you’ll mix in a full cup of grout.

As thoroughly as you can, mix the grout into the paint. That means stirring for a minimum of five minutes, breaking up any clumps that start to form or stubbornly linger. Bear in mind that once you finish stirring,chalkboard paint tends to harden rather quickly, and you cannot seal the stuff for later use. In other words: Be ready to apply the paint as soon as you are done making it.

Apply the first coat, let it dry for several hours, then follow up with a second coat. After that, let the chalkboard paint dry for about three days, at which point the chalkboard should be cured and ready to use. Many people, however, suggest one last prep: conditioning the chalkboard by running a piece of writing chalk lengthwise over the surface until it’s completely covered. Finish by using a dry towel to wipe the chalked-over surface clean, and you’re all done!

It’s wonderful being able to make chalkboard paint yourself—quickly, cheaply, and easily—because there are so many fun ideas, and you never know when inspiration will strike. Just go where the chalkboard muse takes you! Today, turn a kitchen cabinet into your family’s shopping list and reminder hub. This weekend, devote part of the garage to visualizing complicated auto repair and construction projects. Next month, put your work calendar up on the wall to accommodate your expanding business.

I am currently painting cabinets and plan to paint one of the inside cabinet doors with this.


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Yardstick Crafts


Fashion modern office supplies with vintage personality using yardsticks. To make the clipboard, remove the clip from a purchased clipboard by drilling out the rivets. Cut yardsticks into approximate lengths to cover the clipboard, then use wood glue to secure them to the board. Clamp and let dry. Trim excess yardstick from the edges using a router. Use screws to reattach the clip.


Yardstick Vase

For the petite vase, we cut a yardstick into 3-inch lengths and used Gorilla Glue to secure the pieces around a small almond tin. A rubber band kept the sticks in place while the glue dried.You could also use a aluminum can.


  • 2 yardsticks
  • Table saw or handsaw
  • Drill and bit
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain and rag (optional)
  • Yarn
  • Yarn needle
  • Wood glue
  • Paper clips

Get out your power tools and sewing supplies to make this cute pencil cup in four easy steps.

Click here for the step-by-step how-to.



Table Topper

This table topper is sure to spark conversation. We used a planer to ensure our yardsticks were all the same thickness. If you don’t have access to a planer, select yardsticks that are the same thickness. We secured the sticks to the top of a purchased table with wood glue, letting the sticks overhang the edges and securing with clamps until dry. We used a router to trim the sticks flush with the table edge, and then sanded smooth. If desired, top with a clear sealer.



On the Shelf

We used yardsticks to dress up a plain shelf. We cut a piece of plywood the length of the shelf by about 10 inches wide, then cut and attached yardstick pieces to it using wood glue and staggering the bottom edges. After clamping and letting dry, we secured coat hooks to the board and screwed the shelf on top of the board. We were able to use the shelf hardware to hang, but you could attach new hangers to the back of the board if needed.


Yardstick Wainscoting

A striking alternative to traditional beaded board, wainscoting fashioned from yardsticks offers one-of-a-kind architectural charm. Use 1-inch medium density fiberboard or desired wood for vertical stiles, cap, and base. We cut our base to 6 inches wide and nailed it in place. Next we trimmed and sanded all yardsticks to the exact same length, and cut our 4-inch-wide vertical stiles to that length as well. Then we nailed 12–14 yardsticks to the wall above the baseboard, followed by a vertical stile, then more yardsticks, vertical stile, and so on. To finish, we topped with a 4-inch horizontal board, then a 1×2-inch cap. Varnish if desired.

TIP: Depending on condition and character, expect to pay $1–$4 each for yardsticks at flea markets and antiques stores. Or snatch large lots on and pay less per stick. You can also purchase at the large home improvement stores.


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Cookie Cutter Mobile n’ Ornament

I recently went to a neighbors garage sale. I spied these all these Christmas themed cookie cutters…10 for a dollar…wow! I really don’t need anymore…but I couldn’t pass these up, I could do something with them..


Now I had found this also at a garage sale months ago. I still have no idea what it is, or what it’s used for.But,  I liked the shape, so I got it for a dime. Actually, that fits how I think at garage sales. I look at the shape, and see if something clicks in my head. My love for architecture probably has nothing to do with it, but I always go for the shape.


Do you know what it is? I’ll just call it round piece, so I don’t confuse anyone. Well, don’t think you can’t do this project. Use a embroidery  hoop. Whatever size you want. If you only have 4 cookie cutters…get a smaller hoop. You can even use a wire coat hanger, as long as it’s not flimsy.

So back to my idea….I  took out all the cookie cutters and put ribbon around them with hot glue. I bought ALL these ribbons at the dollar store. Some shiny, and the others with little rhinestones creating a ribbon…


When I was finished with them all with the ribbon around them…


they are going to sparkle and look so pretty.

I took some string, you can use ribbon if you want, and cut 4 equal lengths. I attached them around the round piece in 4 places. Be sure before you tie a knot on top, that it’s hanging evenly. If not adjust the strings/ribbon.


After I was done with that..  I had this mono filament illusion cord (that’s a mouthful) left from my baby mobile  projects…. and  You can get tutorials from there, using ribbon instead of the strings.


I tied one side of the cord to the center of the  figure, and then the other end to the round piece.Hang each one the length you want. I hung mine in random lengths. I put the largest, which was an angel, in the center. Then I worked around the mobile, hanging the rest.



Those cabinets in the background are getting painted in Jan….with the Rustoleum Cabinet Kit…so stay tuned for that


Isn’t this a cute gift for that baker you know??? Or for yourself if you love to bake. Perhaps if a gift…you can coordinate their kitchen colors with this idea. This is just a really adorable mobile.

Now I had a couple more repeats of shapes so I made ornaments for the tree. I started from the bottom, I worked up one side, putting little dabs of hot glue in the creases of the cutter. When I got to the top, I made a loop for hanging it, and then back down the other side so ends meet.


This is so pretty…and when the lights shine on it, the sparkle is so pretty. I think I will put one of these on each of my bakery gifts.

I was making these outside….I then looked over at my fig tree…not ready yet…but look at the beautiful rose in all her glory!