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Fall Decor Ideas

Hello Everyone! I’m back!! Are you ready to start decorating your pumpkins for the fall season…if you haven’t already here are some ideas for you…


Isn’t that cute!! Here’s some more I’m sure you will like…


So easy to do with any jar…mod podge and a foam brush.



Isn’t that cute! Adding glitter to acorn tops.


I just love these…I did these last year…


These are so beautiful….and a easy project!




And one of my favorites…not mine..but I just love this..


Isn’t that a beautiful sunflower wreath!13-flower


Well I hope I have given you some ideas! Thank you for looking!



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  1. I have done the canning ring pumpkin. I spray painted a zip tie orange and used that to hold it together and used a piece of branch from a tree as the stem. I love that thing. Oh I had some felt leaves that I had bought at the dollar store to use as stencils to make a pillow. they weren’t needed once the pillow was done so I glued one to the canning ring pumpkin. I have a bunch of leaves left from making my dollar store scarecrow wreath maybe I will use them on a jar. I need to make more candles so maybe on the outside of that jar. Great ideas. keep them coming. 🙂

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    1. No to What???? What did I ask you? Your home is so beautiful Bernice, really beautiful job you and hubby did. So worth it though, I bet. You get such a proud feeling when you have accomplished a project, big or small, just looking at it or passing by it each day, just makes your heart smile…Yo should be so proud of your work. It’s now truly..SWEAT EQUITY !!!


  2. I love these ideas! I absolutely love fall and am always looking for fallish crafts and these are perfect. Do you know how to make the one on the 21 Candle ideas and it’s the top left in the picture? It almost looks like sticks in water or something. Also, suggestions on how to gather/store acorns so they don’t rot and get all gross? Last year I gathered a whole bunch, but they would never dry out! :/

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    1. Hi Abbey. The first one you are asking about is a a glass candle holder with a piece of craft birch wood wrapped around it. The birch wood comes on a sheet, you can cut with scissors. You can purchase it on amazon, hobby lobby, joannes, almost any craft store.After you cut sheet to fit around the candle holder.. You would use ModPodge to adhere it. Trace a heart on a piece of paper, then onto bark, cut out the inside of the heart. Now saying this to you I came up with another idea..(this always happens) If you know a couple in love, I would take a sheet of paper the size of a glass holder. I would put out with a pin… Cathy Erik …(like you would carve in a tree) then Modpodge it to the glass. Stick in a candle and watch it light up the names!
      Now for the acorns:
      First you need to clean the acorns to remove any dirt. I used a little bowl of water and some old rags to scrub the dirt off the acorns. To do all 300 took awhile, so I did it one evening while watching a movie.

      Sort through your acorns and throw out any that have bug holes in them or show signs of rot. Little bugs called weevils can still be inside the acorn, so you will still need to heat them up in the oven to kill anything inside. Most of the caps fell off my acorns, so I lined them up together on a large tinfoil wrapped baking sheet, which had a bit of a lip to it and prevented the acorns from rolling off. Bake in the oven for 2-3 hours at 200°F. Check them every hour or so and give them a little shake to prevent burning on the pan.
      Let the acorns completely cool before you touch them. I would just left them on the baking pan overnight.
      Hope these help…thank you for asking.

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      1. You can make clear, gel-style filler, similar to those available in a craft store floral department, at home using a secret crafting ingredient: unflavored gelatin.
        Pour a packet of clear gelatin powder into a bowl. Use more than one packet if the vase for the floral display is large and wide.
        Fill a teakettle with water and set the kettle on the stove to boil.
        Pour boiling water into a glass measuring cup, measuring out the amount recommended on the gelatin package, which may vary by brand. For the firmest gel vase filler, use half the recommended water, which creates a consistency similar to the “jiggly” flavored gelatin recipes designed so you can hold the treat in hand, without a bowl.
        Stir the gelatin mixture with a spoon for three minutes or until the gelatin powder is completely dissolved.5
        Pour the hot gelatin into the vase until the solution reaches the desired vase-filler level, such as three-quarters the volume of the vase. Set the vase in the refrigerator to chill for at least 30 minutes, or until the gelatin is firm.
        Arrange the silk flowers in your hand until the display is visually pleasing; practicing this outside the vase is important because pulling flowers out of the gelatin to reposition them would leave a mark.
        Push each silk flower stem individually down into the gelatin in the desired position until the arrangement is complete.

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      2. You got me thinking. If you use the timers, you don’t have to lift and turn on each time.Do you have a piece of styrofoam? Doesn’t have to e big. Place the twigs in the styrofoam in the amount of area they would be in the glass. Play with them a little bit seeing how their shapes look the best together. be sure you have 2 Y so they can hold the candle. Think bushes for the twigs. Your working with a small space inside the vase, the ones in the pic just look big.
        Now you have me all excited about your project. You best be showing it to me when your finished. Oh, if we lived closer we could work on it together…hahaa.

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      3. Ohh Abbey, yes! I too am so glad they finally put timers on them!!! I love the timers. I use them outside on all my lanterns, water fountain, etc. I have children who come over to craft, the candles on the coffee tables, I never have to move when children are here.
        Anyway, I don’t know that you can find them at the dollar store. I know they have at Amazon, Walmart and craft stores.

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    2. Abbey, Those are glass cylinders with round tea lights. Purchase a package of clear gelatin powder mix with boiled water. Directions are on package,or contact me and I will give you complete directions. I have done this many time for floral arrangements. Pour carefully into vase, you don’t want bubbles. If you have a skewer you can pop bubbles…but don’t let it harden with bubbles. Take small sticks from garden…anything…push them into the gel how you want them. After it has hardened the sticks won’t move. Now you take a small candle and you can attach with small jute as pictured.
      If you need full instructions, let me know, but these are the basics.

      Arrange a few silk flower petals, matching the types of flowers in your arrangement, by pushing them down into the gelatin while it sets up for a festive display inside the vase. A skewer or knife can be used to position the petals along the vase walls.

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    1. Looking at it more carefully I believe they filled the vase with the mixture stuck in the sticks and when getting a little hard, put the candle in. But this way it would only be good until the candle is melted down. I think I would do the other way and put a led candle inside…..I’m not sure. You need to realize the candle will melt away, so don’t put a lot of money into them.

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